[REVEALED] Animes That Start With S

Anime, a captivating and diverse form of animated entertainment, has garnered a global fan base for its unique storytelling, vibrant characters, and imaginative worlds. Within the vast realm of anime, there is a plethora of series that cater to different tastes and preferences. This article delves into a curated list of animes that start with the letter ‘S’, exploring the richness and diversity that this particular alphabetical category offers.

List Of Animes That Start With S

animes that start with s

Steins;Gate (2011)

Steins;Gate, a science fiction masterpiece, takes center stage as we explore an intricate narrative of time travel and its consequences. Set in Akihabara, the story follows Rintarou Okabe, a self-proclaimed mad scientist, and his eccentric group of friends who accidentally discover a way to send messages to the past. As they tamper with time, the consequences become increasingly dire, leading to a gripping and emotionally charged storyline.

Sword Art Online (2012)

Delving into the realms of virtual reality, Sword Art Online presents a gripping tale where players find themselves trapped in a full-dive virtual reality MMORPG. If they die in the game, they die in real life. Protagonist Kirito must navigate this perilous situation, forming alliances and facing challenges to survive and unravel the mysteries behind the game.

Shingeki No Bahamut: Genesis (2014-2015)

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis takes the audience on an epic fantasy adventure filled with gods, demons, and dragons. The story unfolds in a world threatened by the awakening of the colossal dragon, Bahamut. Fate intertwines the destinies of a bounty hunter, a fallen angel, and a half-demon as they embark on a quest to prevent the world’s destruction.

Serial Experiments Lain (1998)

Venturing into the realms of cyberpunk and psychological thriller, Serial Experiments Lain explores the blurred boundaries between the real world and the Wired, a virtual reality network. As protagonist Lain Iwakura delves deeper into the mysteries surrounding the Wired, the series raises thought-provoking questions about identity, reality, and the impact of technology on human existence.

Samurai Champloo (2004-2005)

Melding historical fiction with hip-hop influences, Samurai Champloo introduces viewers to the journey of Mugen, Jin, and Fuu as they traverse the Edo period landscape. The series masterfully blends swordplay, humor, and an anachronistic soundtrack, creating a unique and engaging experience that transcends traditional genre boundaries.

Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso (Your Lie In April) (2014-2015)

Your Lie in April unfolds a poignant and emotionally charged narrative centered around the world of music. Prodigy pianist Kousei Arima, haunted by a traumatic past, finds solace in the vibrant violinist Kaori Miyazono. The series beautifully weaves together themes of love, loss, and the transformative power of art, creating a touching and unforgettable tale.

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Space Dandy (2014)

Embark on a cosmic journey with Space Dandy, a spacefaring adventure that follows the flamboyant and alien-obsessed Dandy, along with his quirky companions Meow and QT. Each episode is a standalone escapade as they explore different planets, encounter bizarre creatures, and navigate the quirky and unpredictable nature of the universe.

Soul Eater (2008-2009)

Sou Eater immerses viewers in the world of Death City, where students at the Death Weapon Meister Academy train to create powerful weapons and wielders. The series follows three pairs of students – meisters and weapons – as they strive to collect evil souls to enhance their weapons and protect the world from supernatural threats.

Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai) (2012-2014)

Space Brothers takes a more grounded approach, portraying the journey of two brothers, Mutta and Hibito Nanba, as they strive to fulfill their childhood dream of becoming astronauts. The series explores themes of perseverance, camaraderie, and the pursuit of one’s passion, offering a heartwarming and inspirational narrative.

Spirited Away (Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi) (2001)

Directed by the acclaimed Hayao Miyazaki, Spirited Away stands as a timeless masterpiece in the world of animated films. The story follows Chihiro, a young girl trapped in a mysterious and magical world, as she navigates a surreal and enchanting landscape. The film’s breathtaking animation, rich storytelling, and profound themes have earned it universal acclaim.

Slam Dunk (1993-1996)

Slam Dunk takes the court as a classic sports anime, following the journey of Hanamichi Sakuragi, a high school delinquent with a talent for basketball. The series combines intense sports action with humor and character development, capturing the essence of determination, teamwork, and self-discovery.

Spice And Wolf (Ookami To Koushinryou) (2008)

Set in a medieval fantasy world, Spice and Wolf embarks on an economic adventure with the traveling merchant Kraft Lawrence and the wolf deity Holo. As they navigate trade routes, face economic challenges, and explore their growing bond, the series combines elements of romance, economics, and fantasy in a unique and compelling blend.

Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo (The Pet Girl Of Sakurasou) (2012-2013)

The Pet Girl of Sakurasou explores the dynamics of talent, hard work, and personal growth within the eccentric Sakurasou dormitory. Protagonist Sorata Kanda’s life takes a turn when he becomes the caretaker of Mashiro Shiina, a brilliant yet socially inept artist. The series delves into themes of friendship, ambition, and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

In the vast tapestry of anime, the selection of series that start with the letter 'S' offers a remarkable array of genres, themes, and storytelling approaches. From the mind-bending narratives of Steins;Gate to the emotional rollercoaster of Your Lie in April, each anime on this list contributes to the medium's rich and diverse landscape.

Whether you are a fan of science fiction, fantasy, romance, or sports, the 'S' category has something for everyone. The timeless classics like Spirited Away and the contemporary juggernauts like Attack on Titan showcase the enduring appeal of anime as a form of entertainment that transcends cultural and linguistic boundaries.

As the anime industry continues to evolve, it is certain that more remarkable series will join the ranks of those that start with 'S'. The exploration of different worlds, the depth of characters, and the emotional resonance of these animes contribute to the enduring popularity and cultural impact of this beloved form of storytelling. So, whether you're a seasoned anime enthusiast or a newcomer to the medium, the 'S' category is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered and appreciated.


Anime, a vibrant and dynamic form of Japanese animated entertainment, has captivated audiences worldwide with its unique storytelling, diverse characters, and stunning visuals. In the vast realm of anime, there are numerous series that have left an indelible mark on fans, and among them are those whose titles begin with the letter “S”. In this comprehensive exploration, we delve into the significance of animes that start with “S”, categorize them, analyze common themes, uncover interesting facts, and ultimately appreciate the diversity and creativity that these series bring to the anime landscape.

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The significance of animes starting with ‘S’ extends beyond mere alphabetical order. This grouping includes iconic series that have contributed significantly to the anime industry’s growth and popularity. From classic titles that laid the foundation for the medium to contemporary masterpieces that push the boundaries of storytelling and animation, the ‘S’ animes showcase the evolution and versatility of the art form.

Notably, many ‘S’ animes have garnered international acclaim, attracting a global fanbase. These series often serve as gateways for newcomers to explore the diverse genres and styles within anime. As we unravel the layers of animes starting with “S”, we gain a deeper understanding of the cultural impact and artistic brilliance embedded in these creations.


The world of anime is vast and diverse, spanning genres that cater to various tastes and preferences. Animes that start with ‘S’ encompass a wide array of categories, offering something for everyone. Whether you’re a fan of action, romance, science fiction, fantasy, or slice of life, there’s an ‘S’ anime waiting to captivate your imagination.

Action-Packed ‘S’ Animes

  1. "Attack on Titan" (Shingeki no Kyojin): A monumental anime that has redefined the action genre, "Attack on Titan" combines intense battles, intricate plot twists, and profound character development. Set in a world besieged by giant humanoid creatures, the series explores themes of survival, freedom, and the consequences of war.

  2. "Sword Art Online": Taking a unique approach to virtual reality, "Sword Art Online" thrusts players into a virtual world where life and death are determined by the game. With a mix of action, romance, and strategic gameplay, this series has become a cornerstone of the isekai genre.

Romantic ‘S’ Animes

  1. "Your Lie in April" (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso): This emotionally charged anime explores the intertwining lives of two musical prodigies. Fueled by the power of music and poignant storytelling, "Your Lie in April" takes viewers on a journey of love, loss, and self-discovery.

  2. "Say I Love You" (Sukitte Ii na yo): In the realm of high school romance, "Say I Love You" stands out with its realistic portrayal of relationships. The series navigates the complexities of love, friendship, and self-esteem, offering a refreshing take on the romance genre.

Science Fiction And Fantasy ‘S’ Animes

  1. "Steins;Gate": Blending elements of time travel and scientific intrigue, "Steins;Gate" delivers a mind-bending narrative. As a group of friends discovers the consequences of tampering with time, the series explores the ethical dilemmas and emotional repercussions of altering the past.

  2. "Soul Eater": Set in the fictional Death City, "Soul Eater" follows meisters and their weapon partners as they strive to create powerful "death scythes." With a unique visual style and a blend of supernatural elements, the series offers a gripping tale of friendship, courage, and the battle against evil.

Slice Of Life ‘S’ Animes

  1. "Silver Spoon" (Gin no Saji): Departing from the fantastical, "Silver Spoon" takes a grounded approach, portraying the life of a city boy attending an agricultural school. This slice of life anime explores themes of self-discovery, hard work, and the connection between humans and nature.

  2. "March Comes in Like a Lion" (3-gatsu no Lion): Delving into the world of professional shogi (Japanese chess), this series provides a poignant exploration of loneliness, friendship, and the pursuit of one’s passion. Its emotionally resonant storytelling and beautifully animated sequences make it a standout in the slice of life genre.

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Common Themes

While animes that start with ‘S’ cover a diverse range of genres, they often share common themes that contribute to their universal appeal. These themes, woven into the narrative fabric of these series, resonate with viewers on a deep emotional level.

Self-Discovery And Growth

Many ‘S’ animes feature protagonists on journeys of self-discovery and personal growth. Whether it’s facing existential dilemmas, overcoming trauma, or finding one’s purpose, these series delve into the human experience, offering viewers relatable narratives that inspire introspection.

Friendship And Camaraderie

The theme of friendship is a recurring motif in ‘S’ animes. From forging unbreakable bonds in the midst of epic battles to navigating the complexities of everyday life, these series emphasize the importance of human connection. The dynamics of friendship often serve as a driving force for character development and the overall narrative.

Existential Exploration

Some ‘S’ animes delve into profound existential questions, challenging characters and viewers alike to contemplate the meaning of life, morality, and the consequences of one’s actions. These thought-provoking narratives add layers of depth to the storytelling, elevating the overall impact of the series.

Struggle Against Adversity

Whether facing colossal titans, unraveling time travel mysteries, or confronting personal demons, protagonists in ‘S’ animes endure significant challenges. The resilience displayed in the face of adversity becomes a testament to the human spirit, instilling a sense of hope and inspiration in the audience.

Interesting Facts

As we navigate the vast landscape of animes that start with “S”, it’s intriguing to uncover lesser-known facts and anecdotes that contribute to the rich tapestry of these series.

  1. "Space Dandy": An experimental and visually stunning anime, "Space Dandy" stands out not only for its eclectic storytelling but also for its unique production approach. Each episode features a different director, allowing for diverse artistic styles and narrative experimentation.

  2. "Samurai Champloo": This critically acclaimed series seamlessly blends hip-hop culture with Edo-period Japan, creating a distinct and vibrant atmosphere. The soundtrack, composed by Nujabes and Fat Jon, has become synonymous with the show’s identity, earning praise for its innovative fusion of music and animation.

  3. "Serial Experiments Lain": A pioneer in exploring the intersection of technology and consciousness, "Serial Experiments Lain" remains a cult classic. Its avant-garde approach to storytelling and psychological themes set the stage for later anime series to push artistic and narrative boundaries.

  4. "School Days": Infamous for its unconventional take on the romance genre, "School Days" has gained notoriety for its controversial ending. The series subverts traditional romantic tropes, leaving a lasting impact on viewers who appreciate narratives that defy expectations.


In the vast and diverse world of anime, animes that start with ‘S’ stand as a testament to the medium’s ability to captivate, inspire, and challenge audiences. From action-packed adventures to introspective slice-of-life narratives, the ‘S’ animes cover a broad spectrum of genres, ensuring there’s something for every anime enthusiast.

As we reflect on the significance of these series, explore their diverse categories, and unravel common themes, it becomes evident that animes that start with ‘S’ have left an indelible mark on the anime landscape. The universal themes of self-discovery, friendship, existential exploration, and the resilience against adversity resonate across cultures and demographics, showcasing the power of anime as a storytelling medium.

Whether you’re a seasoned anime connoisseur or a newcomer eager to explore the vast world of Japanese animation, the ‘S’ animes provide a compelling starting point. From the iconic classics to the hidden gems, each series contributes to the rich tapestry of anime, further solidifying its status as a global cultural phenomenon. As we continue to embrace the creativity and diversity within anime, the legacy of animes that start with ‘S’ will undoubtedly endure, leaving an everlasting impact on the hearts and minds of fans around the world.