Birds That Start With R

Birds That Start With R

Join us on a journey to explore the birds that start with R in today’s post.

With more than 10,000 species globally, birds are among the most diverse and celebrated animals on the planet. Their skill in navigating the air, dashing or graceful flight patterns, and mellifluous or raucous songs capture human imagination and intrigue. From the regal bald eagle to the prehistoric houbara bustard, their physical adaptations and behaviors never cease to amaze and inspire.

Compiling a list of birds was no easy task, requiring intense dedication and research to achieve an accurate and comprehensive representation of the avian world. With each new addition, I felt a sense of accomplishment, knowing that I was contributing to the body of knowledge and appreciation for these incredible creatures.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of birds starting with R!


109 Birds That Start With R

And here’s the list of birds that begin with R letter.

Racket-tailed Roller

This striking bird boasts long, ribbon-like feathers on its tail, which it uses to create a distinctive, rattling sound during courtship displays. The Racket-tailed Roller is often observed perched atop trees in savannahs and dry woodlands, waiting for prey to fly by. When it spots a potential meal, it takes off in a graceful swoop, snatching insects and small lizards on the wing.

Rainbow Bee-eater

One of the most vibrant birds in the world, the Rainbow Bee-eater earns its name from its kaleidoscopic plumage. These small birds are expert aerial hunters, zipping through the air with incredible speed and agility as they snatch bees and other flying insects out of the air. During the breeding season, males perform acrobatic displays to woo females, showcasing their sharp reflexes and impeccable coordination.

Rainbow Pitta

The Rainbow Pitta is a brightly colored bird native to the rainforests of Southeast Asia. These elusive birds are known for their striking, multicolored plumage and distinct calls often described as haunting or ethereal. Despite their vibrant appearance, Rainbow Pittas are experts at blending into their surroundings, making them difficult to spot in the dense underbrush.

Rapa Shearwater

The Rapa Shearwater is a seabird that breeds almost exclusively on Rapa Iti, a small, isolated island in the South Pacific. These birds have long, narrow wings and a streamlined body, allowing them to soar over the open ocean for weeks at a time while searching for food. During breeding season, they can be found nesting in burrows dug into rocky cliffsides.

Raso Lark

Endemic to the tiny island of Raso, a remote speck in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Raso Lark is a tough little bird that can survive in some of the harshest environments on the planet. Despite its small size, it has a distinctive, melodious singing voice that is often heard at dawn and dusk.

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Ratchet-tailed Treepie

A native of the tropical forests of Southeast Asia, the Ratchet-tailed Treepie is a striking bird with a long, graduated tail and a loud, piercing call. These birds are often seen flitting through the canopy in search of fruit, insects, and small animals. Their nests are carefully constructed from twigs and leaves, and can be found tucked away in the foliage high above the forest floor.

Red Goshawk

The Red Goshawk is a bird of prey found throughout the vast expanses of the Australian outback. These powerful hunters are known for their keen eyesight and lightning-fast reflexes, which allow them to swoop down from great heights to snatch up unsuspecting prey. Despite their ferocity, these birds are often threatened by habitat loss and are classified as a vulnerable species.

Red Lark

The Red Lark is a small songbird found in the arid deserts of central Asia. These birds are named for their vermilion plumage, which makes them stand out against the dusty landscape. Though they are not particularly skilled fliers, Red Larks are expert runners, able to dart across the sand dunes with incredible speed and agility.

Red Satinbird

These colorful birds are native to the tropical rainforests of Papua New Guinea and other nearby islands. They are known for their bright, iridescent plumage, which shimmers in the sunlight. Red Satinbirds are also talented mimic, able to imitate the calls of other birds as well as the sounds of frogs, insects, and other animals.

Red Spurfowl

The Red Spurfowl is a gamebird found in the grasslands and scrublands of India and Southeast Asia. These birds have a distinctive spiky crest on their head and a raucous, bubbling call that can be heard from a distance. They are usually found in small groups and feed on a variety of seeds and insects.

Red-and-white Antpitta

The Red-and-white Antpitta is a small bird found in the montane forests of South America. Despite its name, this bird boasts a range of colors on its plumage, including black, brown, grey, and yellow. It is often heard before it is seen, emitting a loud, bell-like call that resonates through the forest canopy.

Red-and-white Crake

This small bird is found in the wetlands and marshes of Southeast Asia and parts of Australia. Its distinctive red-and-white markings make it easy to spot against the drab background of the marshes. These birds are usually heard before they are seen, uttering a sharp, penetrating call that is often described as sounding like someone whistling for a dog.

Red-and-white Spinetail

The Red-and-white Spinetail is a small bird found in the Andes Mountains of South America. These birds are named for their distinctive red-and-white markings on the tips of their tails. They are usually found flitting through the underbrush in search of insects and other small invertebrates.

Red-backed Buttonquail

The Red-backed Buttonquail is a small, ground-dwelling bird found in Australia and parts of Southeast Asia. These birds are named for their distinctive, sparrow-like beak and vivid red plumage on their back. They are usually found feeding on seeds and insects in grassy meadows or open woodlands.

Red-backed Kingfisher

The Red-backed Kingfisher is a striking bird found in the dense, tropical forests of northern Australia. These birds have a distinctive red back and blue wings, making them easy to spot among the foliage. They feed primarily on insects and small invertebrates that they hunt from perches above the forest floor.

Red-bellied Macaw

The Red-bellied Macaw is a colorful parrot found in the forests of South America. These birds have distinctive red markings on their bellies, as well as blue wings and green bodies. They are highly social animals, often seen flocking together in large groups.

Red-billed Brushturkey

The Red-billed Brushturkey is a large bird found in the scrublands and woodlands of Australia. These birds are named for their distinctive red bill and their habit of using sticks and leaves to construct elaborate nest mounds on the forest floor. They are skilled runners and foragers, able to scavenge for food over a wide area.

Red-billed Malkoha

The Red-billed Malkoha is a species of cuckoo found in the forests of Southeast Asia and parts of the Indian subcontinent. These birds have a distinctive, curved red bill, which they use to hunt insects, small reptiles, and other small animals. They are also known for their loud, raucous calls, which can be heard from a distance.

Red-billed Oxpecker

The Red-billed Oxpecker is a bird that is well-known for its relationship with large mammals, particularly cattle and other ungulates. These birds feed on ticks, parasites, and other insects that are found on the skin of these animals. They have a distinctive red bill and are often found perched on the backs of grazing animals.

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Red-billed Pigeon

The Red-billed Pigeon is a large, stocky bird found in the forests of Central and South America. These birds have a distinctive red bill and feed primarily on fruit and seeds. They are often seen perched high in the treetops, where they can easily survey their surroundings and avoid predators.

Red-billed Streamertail

A bird commonly found in Jamaica known for its iridescent feathers and long tail feathers.

Red-breasted Parakeet

Small to mid-sized parakeet found in the Amazon Basin known for their colorful plumage.

Red-browed Finch

An Australian bird recognized for its red eyebrow and black and white striped wings.

Red-capped Parrot

A small, colorful parrot that is found in Southeast Asia known for their crested head.

Red-cheeked Parrot

A brightly-colored parrot found in South America with vibrant red cheeks.

Red-chested Flufftail

A bird native to Africa with a distinctive reddish-orange chest and small fluffy tail.

Red-crowned Crane

A large bird of the crane family, mainly found in East Asia with a distinctive red crown.

Red-faced Guan

A tropical bird found in Central and South America known for its red face and white throat.

Red-faced Liocichla

A small, colorful bird found in Southeast Asia with a distinctive red face and brown body.

Red-faced Warbler

A small songbird found in Mexico with a red face and black throat.

Red-fronted Coot

A species of bird in the rail family with a red frontal shield and white bill.

Red-fronted Lorikeet

A small parrot found in Australia with a reddish-orange forehead and blue head.

Red-fronted Parrotlet

A small, colorful parrot that is native to South America with a bright red forehead.

Red-headed Barbet

A brightly-colored bird found in India with a distinctive red head and black body.

Red-headed Lovebird

A small, brightly-colored parrot found in Africa with a red head and green body.

Red-headed Tanager

A colorful bird found in South America with a bright red head and black body.

Red-headed Weaver

A small bird found in Africa with a red head and yellow underparts.

Red-legged Cormorant

A species of cormorant found in South America with red legs and a black body.

Red-lored Whistler

A small bird native to Southeast Asia with a red patch on its head and chestnut-colored upperparts.

Red-naped Bushshrike

A bird native to Africa with a red nape and black mask.

Red-naped Ibis

A species of ibis found in South America with a bright red nape and black bill.

Red-necked Tanager

A colorful bird found in South America with a red neck and black body.

Red-pate Cisticola

A small bird found in Africa with a red crown and brown streaked body.

Red-rumped Swallow

A species of swallow found in Southeast Asia with a red rump and blue-black upperparts.

Red-rumped Tinkerbird

A small bird found in Africa with a red rump and green and brown plumage.

Red-shouldered Blackbird

A species of blackbird found in South America with a red shoulder and black body.

Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike

A small bird native to Southeast Asia with reddish-brown wings and a black head.

Red-shouldered Spinetail

A bird found in Central and South America with a red shoulder and brown upperparts.

Red-stained Woodpecker

A small bird found in Southeast Asia with a red-stained head and black and white body.

Red-tailed Bristlebill

A small bird with a distinctive red tail, native to Central and West Africa.

Red-tailed Greenbul

A stunning passerine bird with a melodious whistle that echoes through the dense African forests she calls home.

Red-tailed Minla

A sociable and colorful bird native to the Himalayas, often found in mixed-species flocks and recognized by its unique trilling call.

Red-thighed Sparrowhawk

A powerful bird of prey found in sub-Saharan Africa, known for its lightning-fast flight and striking reddish-orange legs.

Red-throated Loon

A graceful aquatic bird with a haunting call, found in subarctic regions of North America and Europe.

Red-throated Parakeet

A beloved pet bird with vibrant colors and a playful personality, native to South America.

Reddish Egret

A wading bird found along the coasts of North and Central America, easily recognizable by its long, shaggy feathers and unique hunting behavior.

Reddish Hermit

A tiny hummingbird found in the tropical rainforests of South America, known for its iridescent feathers and solitary nature.

Regent Honeyeater

A critically endangered bird native to Australia, famous for its striking black and yellow plumage and beautiful, complex songs.

Resplendent Quetzal

A sacred bird of the ancient Maya and Aztec civilizations, famed for its iridescent green feathers and long, flowing tail.

Rhinoceros Hornbill

A large, striking bird found in Southeast Asia, often associated with local folklore and traditional medicine.

Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

A stunning bird of paradise found in the rainforests of New Guinea, known for its long, flowing tail feathers and bright blue-green plumage.

Ring-necked Francolin

A game bird found in grasslands and savannas throughout Africa, prized for its tasty meat and distinctive call.

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Ringed Antpipit

A small, nondescript bird found in open habitats across South America.

Riparian Antbird

A secretive bird of the Amazon rainforest, often found near streams and rivers, with a distinctive white eyebrow stripe.

River Prinia

A small bird found near water throughout South Asia and Southeast Asia, known for its incessant and melodious song.

Rock Ptarmigan

A hardy bird found in subarctic regions of North America and Europe, known for its seasonally changing plumage.

Rock Sandpiper

A small shorebird found on coastal rocks and cliffs in the Pacific Northwest and Northeast Asia.

Rock Shag

A sea bird found along the coast of southern South America, with striking black and white plumage and a distinctive crest.

Rock-loving Cisticola

A small bird found in rocky habitats across Africa, with a distinctive call and subtle brown and white plumage.

Rodrigues Owl

A critically endangered owl found only on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean, known for its distinctive orange eyes and cryptic plumage.

Rodrigues Pigeon

A large pigeon found only on the island of Rodrigues in the Indian Ocean, with distinctive white head and neck markings.

Roraiman Flycatcher

A small passerine bird found in the misty highlands of the Guiana Shield, with subtle brown and orange plumage.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak

A striking migratory bird found in North America, known for its bold black and white plumage and distinctive rosy-red breast.

Rose-crowned Parakeet

An energetic parrot found in South America, with a distinctive pink crown and green body.

Rotuma Myzomela

An endemic bird found only on the remote island of Rotuma, with a bright red head and iridescent green body.

Rough-legged Buzzard

A bird of prey found throughout the Northern Hemisphere in Arctic regions, with a distinctive white tail and feathered legs.

Roviana Rail

A rare and elusive rail found on the island of New Georgia in the Solomon Islands, with cryptic brown and white plumage.

Rubeho Warbler

A small bird found only in the highlands of Tanzania, with a distinctive white eye-ring and yellow underparts.

Ruddy Crake

A small bird found in wetlands and marshes in Africa, with a distinctive buffy throat and chestnut-colored plumage.

Ruddy Kingfisher

A colorful bird found in South and Southeast Asia, with a distinctive red bill and turquoise feathers.

Ruddy Treerunner

This small, active bird can be seen running up and down tree trunks, searching for insects and spiders.

Ruddy Woodcreeper

With its long, pointed beak, this bird is an expert at prying bark off trees to uncover its prey.

Ruddy-breasted Crake

This secretive bird can be found skulking around marshes and wetlands, often seen only in brief glimpses.

Ruddy-capped Nightingale-thrush

With its melodious song and vibrant red cap, this bird is a favorite among birdwatchers.

Rufescent Darkeye

This small, unassuming bird may be hard to spot, but its distinctive, piercing call can often give it away.

Rufous Antpitta

This ground-dwelling bird is often best spotted by its bright rufous plumage.

Rufous Coucal

With its long, curved bill and striking chestnut coloring, this bird is unmistakable in the forest understory.

Rufous Monarch

This handsome bird can be seen perched high in the trees, flashing its bright orange belly feathers.

Rufous Shrikethrush

With its piercing stare and sharp, hooked beak, this bird is perfectly designed for hunting insects and small vertebrates.

Rufous Sibia

This social bird is often seen in large groups, flitting through the forest canopy in search of fruit and insects.

Rufous Spinetail

This small, brown bird may be easy to overlook, but its distinctive call is sure to catch your attention.

Rufous Treepie

With its bold black-and-white coloring and raucous call, this bird is a common sight throughout southeast Asia.

Rufous Vanga

This unusual bird is known for its habit of using sticks and twigs to pry insects out of tree bark.

Rufous Wren

With its bubbly song and distinctive rufous coloring, this bird is a favorite among backyard birdwatchers.

Rufous-and-white Wren

This tiny wren is easily spotted by its bright rufous plumage and bold white eyebrow stripe.

Rufous-backed Stipplethroat

This elusive bird is often heard more than seen, singing a low, mournful song from deep in the underbrush.

Rufous-backed Thrush

With its spotted breast and vibrant rufous coloring, this bird is a treat to see flitting through the forest.

Rufous-backed Wren

This small, active bird can often be seen darting through the understory, searching for insects and berries.

Rufous-banded Miner

This small, drab bird is easily identified by its distinctive rufous neckband.

Rufous-banded Owl

This elusive nocturnal bird is known for its haunting hoot, and is often hard to spot in the dense forest understory.

Rufous-bellied Antwren

This tiny bird is often best spotted by its distinctive rufous plumage and high-pitched call.

Rufous-bellied Chachalaca

With its raucous call and distinctive rufous belly, this bird is a common sight throughout Central America.

Rufous-bellied Euphonia

This small finch may be drab in appearance, but its sweet, warbling song is a joy to hear.

Rufous-bellied Heron

This wading bird is often seen stalking through shallow water in search of small fish and invertebrates.

Rufous-bellied Kookaburra

With its distinctive laughing call and bold rufous plumage, this bird is a favorite among Australian birdwatchers.

Rufous-bellied Nighthawk

This intriguing bird is often seen swooping through the air at dusk and dawn, feasting on flying insects.

Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe

This wading bird is known for its ability to blend into its surroundings, making it a difficult bird to spot.

Rufous-breasted Chat-tyrant

With its bright rufous breast and bold white eyebrow stripe, this bird is an eye-catching sight in the Andes.

Rufous-breasted Wren

This lively bird can often be seen hopping through the underbrush, foraging for insects and fruits.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of R birds.

As I journeyed deeper into the fascinating world of birdwatching, I quickly discovered that compiling an accurate list of birds for this article would entail a great deal of research and analysis. From the shape and size of each species to their unique behaviors, every detail was scrutinized and documented, leading to a final compilation that accurately reflects the incredible diversity of the avian world.

To sum up, birds are a critical part of the ecological web that sustains life on planet Earth. Birds provide a wide range of environmental services, from pollination to controlling pests, and their inimitable beauty and song make them invaluable cultural and economic assets. However, today, many bird populations are being compromised by human activities like pollution, habitat fragmentation, and global climate change. To prevent the loss of these remarkable creatures and preserve the value they bring to our shared world, we must take concerted efforts to reduce our footprint and promote bird conservation. The fate of birds is in our hands, and it is time we accept this responsibility.

Hope this post on bird names beginning with R alphabet has been useful to you!