Candy That Starts With A

Candy That Starts With A

Join us on a journey to explore the candy that starts with A in today’s post.

Candy is a type of confectionery that is loved by people of all ages. It typically comes in the form of bite-sized treats that are packed with sweetness and flavor. Some of the most popular types of candy include chocolate bars, gummies, hard candies, and lollipops. Whether you’re craving a sweet snack or looking for something to share with your friends and family, candy is always a good choice.

Compiling a list of candies is no small feat. It requires extensive research and a discerning palate. I have spent countless hours sifting through various candy options, scouring the internet for the latest and greatest sugary treats.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of candy starting with A!

19 Candy That Starts With A

And here’s the list of candy that begin with A letter.


Aakkoset, a delectable gummy candy derived from Finland, is a total burst of fruity goodness that is perfect for satisfying those sweet tooth cravings. These brightly colored little candies come in the form of letters, making it easy to spell out special messages or just enjoy them on their own. With a juicy texture that is both chewy and soft, each bite is a explosion of fruity flavors. Each letter is bursting with flavor, so you will never be left with a dull taste. Aakkoset is also dairy-free and gluten-free, making it a great option for people with dietary restrictions.


Abba-zaba is a classic American candy bar that has been around since the 1920s. This chewy taffy bar is packed with a creamy peanut butter center that melts in your mouth and leaves a delicious taste of honey. The thick texture is perfect for pulling and tugging to stretch the candy and create a wonderful flavor sensation. Made with only the highest quality ingredients, Abba-zaba is a perfect candy bar for those looking for a classic treat!


Aero is a British candy bar that is famous for its unique bubbly and airy texture. This chocolate bar is infused with small air bubbles that create a delicate and smooth texture with each bite. Made with rich, creamy milk chocolate or dark chocolate, depending on preference, Aero is the perfect candy bar for chocolate lovers. The bubbles in Aero are what sets it apart from other chocolate bars, adding a light crispiness to the already smooth chocolate. This candy bar is perfect for anyone looking for a light and creamy chocolate snack.

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After Eight

After Eight is a British mint chocolate candy made with a delicious dark chocolate outer shell that encases a smooth and creamy peppermint fondant center. This candy is perfect for after-dinner snacking, as it helps freshen breath while satisfying those sweet cravings. Each After Eight chocolate has a classic rectangular shape that simply melts in your mouth with a cool minty flavor. This candy is loved by many and considered to be a staple in any chocolate collection.

Ahlgrens Bilar

Ahlgrens Bilar is a classic Swedish candy that is shaped like cars and comes in a variety of fruity flavors. Made with only natural colors and flavors, Ahlgrens Bilar is perfect for parents looking for sweets that are not filled with preservatives. Each bite of these chewy, gummy-like candies is a burst of flavor, making it a great candy bar for those looking for a tasty treat.

Air Heads

Airheads is a tangy taffy candy that has been popular in America for decades. This yummy candy comes in a variety of flavors, such as blue raspberry, cherry, and watermelon. Its chewy texture makes it perfect for stretching and pulling, and it’s a great candy for snacking on the go. Airheads comes in a variety of sizes, including mini and regular, making it a great candy for any situation.

Almond Joy

Almond Joy is an iconic American candy that has been loved for generations. This candy is made with a creamy coconut filling that is wrapped in milk chocolate and topped with whole almonds. With its crunchy texture from the almonds and chewy coconut filling, Almond Joy is perfect for those who enjoy the contrast of textures in their candy. This delicious coconut candy is perfect for satisfying a sweet tooth while leaving you feeling satisfied.

Almond Roca

Almond Roca is an American candy that has been around for over 100 years. This candy is made with buttercrunch toffee that is covered in milk chocolate and then rolled in crushed almonds. Each bite of Almond Roca is an explosion of sweet buttery toffee with a crunch from the almonds. This candy is perfect for sharing during family gatherings or for indulging in a rich treat for yourself.

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Altoids are a popular American mint that are famous for their “curiously strong” flavor. The perfect solution to bad breath, these mints come in a variety of flavors, like peppermint, wintergreen and cinnamon. Known for their small, convenient size, Altoids fit perfectly in your pocket, making them perfect for on-the-go breath freshening. This candy is perfect for anyone who wants fresh breath and an intense mint flavor.

Andes Chocolate Mints

Andes Chocolate Mints are a classic American candy that are made with layers of rich chocolate and creamy mint filling. These bite-sized candies are both refreshing and indulgent, making them the perfect candy for any occasion. The chocolate is smooth and velvety, while the mint filling adds a fresh, cool sensation. Andes Chocolate Mints are perfect for those who prefer a minty twist on their chocolate.

Anis De Flavigny

Anis De Flavigny are French candies that are made with aniseed and come in a variety of flavors. These candies are small and come in a round shape. Each candy is bursting with flavor, and the aniseed gives it a licorice-like taste. This candy is perfect for those who enjoy strong flavors in their sweets.

Aniseed Ball

Aniseed Balls are British candies that are made with aniseed and come in a hard, round shape. These brightly colored little candies are packed with flavor and are perfect for anyone who loves licorice. The hard candy texture makes them perfect for sucking on, and they are great for freshening breath. Aniseed Balls are a delicious old-fashioned candy that has been loved for years.

Aniseed Twist

Aniseed Twist is a classic British candy that are made with aniseed and come in a twisted, hard stick form. These candies have a distinct licorice flavor and are great for freshening breath. The twist shape makes them perfect for sucking on and enjoying the intense aniseed flavor. Aniseed Twist is perfect for those who want a simple and classic candy with a strong flavor.

Anthon Berg

Anthon Berg is a Danish chocolate brand that specializes in chocolate-covered marzipan. Each piece is handcrafted and made with marzipan that is covered in a smooth, rich dark chocolate. This candy is perfect for anyone who enjoys marzipan and wants a luxurious candy experience. Anthon Berg is a high-end candy brand that is perfect for special occasions and gifting.

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Apple Drops

Apple Drops are a classic British candy that are made with real apple flavor. These hard candies have a crunchy texture, making them perfect for sucking on. Each piece is bursting with fruity flavor, and they are perfect for satisfying a sweet craving without being too heavy. Apple Drops are perfect for anyone who loves fruity flavors and crunchy textures.


Arcor is a candy brand that is based in Argentina. Their candies come in a variety of flavors, such as fruit, mint, and caramel. These candies are known for their long-lasting flavor and smooth texture. They are perfect for anyone who loves fruity and smooth candy flavors and textures.


Astros are a Canadian candy that are similar to M&Ms. These candies are filled with peanut butter and covered in a colorful candy shell. With a crunchy outer shell and smooth peanut butter filling, this candy is the perfect balance of textures. Astros come in a variety of flavors, including chocolate and caramel, making them a great treat for any candy lover.

Atomic Sour Balls

Atomic Sour Balls are a classic American candy that are known for their super sour flavor. These small, round candies come in different flavors, such as lemon, lime, orange and grape. With a hard candy texture, these candies are perfect for sucking on, slowly allowing the sour flavor to develop. Atomic Sour Balls are perfect for those who love a sour twist to their sweet candy.


Ayds are a type of weight loss candy that were popular in the 1970s and 1980s. These soft and chewy candies were designed to suppress appetite and help with weight loss. They were available in different flavors, like chocolate and caramel. While they were once popular, they did not stand the test of time and were eventually discontinued.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of A candy.

I must confess, curating this candy list has been quite the journey. It’s not just a matter of selecting any old candy; each treat must earn its place on the list through a rigorous testing process. I’ve tried and tasted dozens of candies, analyzing every flavor and texture to ensure that only the best make the cut.

In conclusion, candy has been a staple in many cultures throughout history. From the ancient Egyptians who used honey to make candy, to modern-day candy makers, it is clear that candy holds a special place in people’s hearts. While candy may not be the healthiest option, it brings joy to those who consume it. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a treat at the end of the day, candy has the ability to bring a smile to your face. So, indulge a little and enjoy the sweetness of life with a piece of candy.

Hope this post on candy beginning with A alphabet has been useful to you!