Cocktails That Start With L

Cocktails That Start With L

Our focus for today is on the cocktails that start with L.

Cocktails have been the go-to drink for those looking to elevate their drinking game. The bright and vibrant hues of these concoctions are enough to draw anyone’s attention, while the taste is what keeps people coming back for more. Some of the most classic cocktails, like the martini and the old fashioned, have stood the test of time and are still popular with the masses. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t newer, innovative cocktails that are carving a place for themselves on menus across bars and restaurants. If you’re a fan of drinking experiences that go beyond the usual, cocktails are the perfect choice for you.

Deciding on the perfect combination of flavors and ingredients for each cocktail was no easy feat. I tried and tested different mixes until I was confident I had found the perfect recipe.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of names of cocktail starting with L!

Cocktails That Start With L

And here’s the list of cocktail names that begin with L letter.

Leite de Onca

This Brazilian classic packs a punch! Leite de Onca roughly translates to ‘jaguar’s milk’, and true to its name, this cocktail combines potent cachaça with creamy condensed milk. Add in a splash of coffee liqueur for extra complexity, and you have a rich, indulgent treat that’s perfect for sipping after dinner.

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Lynchburg lemonade

Whiskey lovers, rejoice! This sweet and tangy cocktail is made with Jack Daniel’s Tennessee whiskey, fresh lemon juice, and a splash of triple sec. Top it off with fizzy lemon-lime soda for a refreshing summer drink that’s perfect for sipping on the porch. Garnish with a lemon wheel and enjoy!

Long Island iced tea

This potent concoction is not for the faint of heart. Combining vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec, and sour mix, this drink packs a serious punch. Top it off with cola and a lemon wedge for a refreshing, yet boozy libation that’s perfect for pool parties and barbecues.

Link up

This flavorful martini is perfect for gin lovers. Made with Tanqueray gin, elderflower liqueur, and fresh grapefruit juice, this light and refreshing cocktail is perfect for sipping on a warm summer evening. Garnish with a grapefruit twist for added visual appeal.

Lemon drop

Sweet, sour, and perfectly balanced, this classic cocktail is perfect for sipping at any time of day. Made with fresh lemon juice, vodka, and a touch of triple sec, this drink is sweetened with a bit of simple syrup and garnished with a lemon twist. Simple yet elegant, this cocktail is perfect for any occasion.

Lime Rickey

This classic cocktail has been around since the 19th century, and for good reason. Made with fresh lime juice, soda water, and a touch of simple syrup, this fizzy drink is perfect for sipping on a hot summer day. Top it off with a lime wedge for added zing!


This elegant cocktail is perfect for sipping at a fancy soirée. Made with cognac, blue curaçao, and a splash of lemon juice, this drink is perfect for those who prefer their drinks on the sweeter side. Garnish with a maraschino cherry for added luxury.

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Long Beach iced tea

Similar to its cousin, the Long Island iced tea, this cocktail packs a fruity punch. Combining vodka, gin, rum, tequila, and triple sec with cranberry juice and sour mix, this drink is sweetened with a touch of simple syrup and garnished with a lemon wedge. Perfect for sipping on the beach!

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of L cocktails.

Countless hours of research and experimentation were put into creating my comprehensive list of cocktails. I knew I had to consider every factor, from taste to visual appeal, in order to craft the perfect list.

To conclude, cocktails are more than just beverages to quench our thirst; they are a pleasure that engages our senses and stirs up our emotions. They have an incredible ability to transport us to other places and times, to bring us closer to the people we love, and to create unforgettable memories. The perfect cocktail is a mix of flavors and sensations that hits our palates just right. It’s a work of art that requires creativity, precision, and attention to detail. So let’s take a moment to appreciate the artistry of the mixologists and the unique flavors of these wonderful libations.

Hope this post on cocktails beginning with L alphabet has been useful to you!