Vegetables Starting With Z [Full List]

Zapote. That’s it! We couldn’t think of any other when it comes to vegetable names that begins with Z. We believe there will be more of these vegetable names. So we got our coffee ready and begin our hours of looking through resources to find the full list. In this post, we put together a list of vegetables starting with Z letter.

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4 Vegetables Starting With Z at a glance

There are only a few vegetable names beginning with Z. A total of 4 of such names are found. Below are the vegetables beginning with Z.

  1. Zuzuland cycad (aka Encephalartos ferox)
  2. Zucchini (aka Cucurbita pepo)
  3. Zapote prieto (aka Diospyros nigra)
  4. Zapote (aka Pouteria campechiana)

More on Vegetables That Start With Z

Zuzuland cycad

Zuzuland cycad has a scientific name of Encephalartos ferox. Zuzuland cycad belongs to Zamiaceae family. It is a cycad plant. It is found in tropical parts of the world. It needs to have well-drained soils. The lifespan for this vegetable is perennial. The foliage of Zuzuland cycad is evergreen.


Zucchini has a scientific name of Cucurbita pepo. Zucchini belongs to Cucurbitaceae family. Zucchini is a herbaceous plant. Zucchini has a annual lifespan. This vegetable grows to a height of 0.3 to 0.8 metres. The color of Zucchini fruit is green.

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Zapote prieto

Zapote prieto has a scientific name of Diospyros nigra. Zapote prieto belongs to Ebenaceae family. Zapote prieto is a medium sized tree. It is found in regions with tropical climate. Zapote prieto needs to have moist well drained soils. The lifespan for Zapote prieto is perennial. The Zapote prieto fruit is green in color.


Zapote has a scientific name of Pouteria campechiana. Zapote belongs to Sapotaceae family. It is a medium sized tree. It is found in regions with sub-tropical and tropical climate. Zapote needs to have fertile and loamy soils that is well drained and is acidic. It has a perennial lifespan. The height for Zapote is around 30 metres.


That’s all we have on this list. After an exhaustive search on all the resources, that’s all we can manage to find. It took us quite some time to put up this list but nevertheless, we have really enjoyed every bit of putting up this list of vegetable that start with letter Z.

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