Cities That Start With S

Cities That Start With S

Our post today takes a deep dive into the world of cities that start with S.

Cities are economic engines that drive our growth and prosperity. They are the hubs of trade, commerce, and innovation that generate wealth and jobs. They are the places where entrepreneurship, creativity, and talent can thrive, attracting investors, startups, and talent from all over the world. Each city has its own cluster of industries, such as finance, tech, or entertainment, that fuels its economy and competitiveness. Moreover, cities are also the sites of major cultural events, festivals, and conferences that draw thousands of visitors and boost their tourism industry.

This list of cities was carefully curated with readers in mind. I put a lot of thought and consideration into each location, ensuring that it is worthy of inclusion and offers something unique.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of cities starting with S!


171 Cities That Start With S

And here’s the list of world cities that begin with S letter.

Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast, a coastal area in Queensland, Australia, boasts of golden beaches and lush hinterlands. This laid-back destination offers stunning seaside towns, famous surf spots, and an array of activities such as hiking, fishing, and water sports.


Savannah is a charming Southern city known for its historic architecture, picturesque streets, and lovely parks. Take a stroll on the Riverfront promenade, catch a show in the Savannah Theatre, or explore the city’s haunted history through ghost tours. Savannah also boasts art galleries, music venues, and delicious cuisine, making it a must-visit destination in Georgia.


Sukabumi, located in the West Java province of Indonesia, is home to pristine beaches, majestic waterfalls, and serene hot springs. The city is a gateway to Mount Gede Pangrango National Park, where hikers can explore the verdant forests and encounter rare wildlife species.


Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, is a cultural hub that offers a vibrant mix of modernity and history. The city is known for its impressive museums, art galleries, and architectural landmarks such as the Royal Palace and the Vasa Museum.


Sunderland is a coastal city in Northeast England that is famed for its Victorian architecture, sandy beaches, and historic landmarks. The city boasts a rich industrial history and is a popular destination for culture vultures.


Sialkot is a Pakistani city famed for its leather industry, sports goods, and surgical instruments. The city is also home to ancient shrines, tombs, and historical landmarks such as the Allama Iqbal’s birthplace.


Sapporo, the capital of Hokkaido, is a Japanese city famed for its annual snow festival, beer gardens, and delicious seafood. The city is also home to beautiful parks, museums, and architectural landmarks such as the Sapporo TV Tower.


Sari is a city in northern Iran, known for its stunning natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. The city boasts of hot springs, waterfalls, and lush forests, making it a popular destination for nature lovers.


Suizhou is a city located in the northeast of China’s Hubei province. The city is famed for its tiger reserves, cultural heritage sites such as the Han Dynasty tombs, and delicious local cuisine.


Shuozhou is a Chinese city located in the Shanxi province, famed for its rich coal reserves and ancient sites such as the Wutai Mountain. The city also offers stunning natural beauty, including the Yanmen Pass, known for its red cliffs and beautiful waterfalls.


Stanley, located on the Falklands Islands, is a small town that offers a unique blend of British and South American cultures. The town is famed for its penguins, stunning landscapes, and historic military sites.


Sorocaba is a Brazilian city famed for its cultural prowess with a large number of museums, galleries, and art festivals. It offers a variety of tourist attractions such as traditional markets, ancient churches, and parks, making it a must-visit destination in South America.

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Samut Prakan

Samut Prakan, located in Thailand’s central region, is a bustling city famous for its ancient temples such as the Erawan Museum, The Giant Dragon Building, along with unique water markets, cultural museums and activities that showcase Thai culture.


Shenzhen is a Chinese city known for its modern architecture, delicious street food, shopping centers, and beautiful parks. The city offers stunning views of the Hong Kong skyline from the Lianhuashan or the Nanshan mountain peaks.


Sheikhupura is a Pakistani city known for its rich heritage, traditional shrines, and magnificent mosques. The city also has a rich history of handicrafts such as pottery and embroidery.


Swansea, located in South Wales, is a charming city that boasts of picturesque coastlines, historic architecture, and local seafood delicacies. Visitors can explore the ruins of Swansea Castle, stroll along the Swansea Bay, or attend one of the many cultural festivals.


Sanming, a Chinese city located in the Fujian province, boasts of beautiful mountains, serene lakes, and ancient monasteries. The city is also home to Wuyi Mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that showcases an array of rare plant species and ancient civilizations.


Sochi, located on the Black Sea coast of Russia, is a popular seaside town that offers stunning beach resorts, nature parks, and winter sports facilities. Visitors can explore the Olympic Park’s unique architecture, soak in the sun at the Agura Waterfalls, or visit the ancient Byzantine fortress.


Sucre, the constitutional capital of Bolivia, is a charming colonial city famous for its white-washed buildings, museums, and Spanish legacy. The city is home to vibrant markets, beautiful parks, and historic landmarks such as the Casa de la Libertad.


Shangrao is a Chinese city located in the Jiangxi province that boasts of a rich cultural heritage showcasing ancient temples, historical monuments, and natural beauty such as the Lushan mountain, a UNESCO World Heritage site that offers breathtaking views and unique flora and fauna.

Santa Marta

The sunny seaside city of Santa Marta in Colombia is the perfect destination for beach bums and history buffs alike.


Sanmenxia in China boasts a rich history and stunning natural scenery, making it a hidden gem for tourists seeking a unique experience.


Known for its rich cultural heritage, Saki in Nigeria is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking to immerse themselves in African history and traditions.


Nestled in the heart of Java Island, Semarang is the perfect base for exploring the rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty of Indonesia.


With its vibrant Afro-Brazilian culture and stunning Baroque architecture, Salvador in Brazil is a must-visit destination for travelers seeking a truly authentic Brazilian experience.


Situated at the foothills of the Himalayas, Siliguri in India attracts nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers with its scenic landscapes and thrilling outdoor activities.


Shaoyang in China is a fascinating blend of ancient traditions and modern developments, making it a unique destination for travelers seeking a glimpse of contemporary China.


Boasting pristine beaches and clear blue waters, Sanya in China is the ultimate tropical paradise for beach lovers and sun seekers.


Located on the banks of the Vardar River, Skopje in North Macedonia is a beautiful fusion of Romanesque and Byzantine architecture, and is a must-visit destination for history buffs.


Samarra in Iraq is rich in Islamic history and features numerous landmarks and architectural wonders, making it a must-visit destination for history enthusiasts.


Located just south of Seoul, Suweon in South Korea is a vibrant city that boasts a fascinating mix of traditional architecture and modern amenities.


Located on the south coast of Martinique, Saint-Pierre is a charming coastal town that offers visitors a glimpse into the island’s rich history and culture.


Located on the banks of the Volga River, Samara is a bustling Russian city that offers visitors a range of cultural and outdoor activities.


Soshanguve in South Africa is a unique township that offers visitors a chance to experience the vibrancy and culture of the local community.

San Marino

Nestled in the picturesque Apennine Mountains, San Marino is a tiny independent country that offers visitors stunning views, rich history, and delicious culinary traditions.


Shihezi in China is a modern planned city that boasts a range of outdoor activities, from golfing to skiing to hiking.

San Fernando

San Fernando in the Philippines is known for its rich cultural heritage and is widely regarded as the culinary capital of the region.


Located on the south coast of England, Southampton is a bustling port city that offers visitors a fascinating blend of history, culture and entertainment.


Santipur in India is a charming town that is famous for its ancient handloom saree weaving tradition and beautiful terracotta temples.


Situated in the foothills of the Shivalik range, Saharanpur in India is known for its intricate wood carvings, brassware and paper mache products.


Sangli in India is known for its sugarcane fields and is a popular destination for those seeking to learn about the country’s agrarian economy.

Santa Cruz

With its quaint boardwalk and stunning redwood forests, Santa Cruz in California is a favorite destination for beach lovers and nature enthusiasts alike.


A modern metropolis that is known for its efficient infrastructure, vibrant culture and delicious cuisine, Singapore is a must-visit destination for any traveler.


Located in California’s Central Valley, Stockton is a city that offers visitors an array of cultural and outdoor activities, from museums and galleries to wineries and lakes.

Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City in Utah is famous for its beautiful landscapes, outdoor activities, and is a must-visit destination for those interested in genealogy and family history research.

San Jose del Monte

With its beautiful landscapes and fascinating blend of modern and traditional culture, San Jose del Monte in the Philippines is a great destination for adventurous travelers.


Saint-Denis in Reunion Island boasts a rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty, making it a popular destination for adventure seekers and history enthusiasts alike.


Sulaimaniya in Iraq is a cosmopolitan city that offers visitors a unique blend of Kurdish hospitality, rich history, and stunning landscapes.

Sankt Peterburg

Often called the cultural capital of Russia, Sankt Peterburg (St. Petersburg) is a city that is steeped in history and renowned for its art, architecture and music.

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San Diego

America’s finest city boasts amazing beaches, a bustling downtown, and plenty of attractions for visitors.


Explore the unique architecture and rich history of this Omani coastal city known for its frankincense trade.


Situated on the banks of River Indus, Sukkur is known for its striking landmarks like the Lansdowne Bridge and Sadhu Bela temple.


Experience a blend of modernity and tradition by visiting Suqian’s ancient water town and beautiful Peonies Garden.


Step into the city’s intriguing past by visiting its nuclear test site, museum, and the historic Orthodox cathedral.


Famous for its picturesque seafront and medieval old town, Salerno is the perfect gateway to the stunning Amalfi Coast.


Discover the vibrant African culture and pristine wilderness of Songea, located in southern Tanzania.


Unwind and soak up the sun on the stunning beaches of Saipan, a US territory in the Western Pacific ocean.

Saint Petersburg

Experience the grandeur of imperial Russia by visiting St. Petersburg’s lavish palaces, museums, and galleries.


A coastal city in Libya, Safaqis is home to ancient ruins, markets, and traditional architecture.


Take a stroll along the picturesque harbor and explore Sevastopol’s military museums and historic sites.


Located in China’s Jilin province, Songyuan offers stunning landscapes, natural wonders, and savory local cuisine.


Chile’s vibrant capital is a hub of art, culture, and gastronomy, surrounded by towering Andean mountains.


The Bulgarian capital is a fascinating blend of Ottoman, Soviet, and contemporary architecture, and plenty of cool cafes.


Experience the allure of Mughal-era India by visiting the stunning Jama Masjid mosque and nearby Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary.


Also known as The Hague, this Dutch city offers a laid-back vibe, scenic canals, and world-class museums.

San Pedro

A port city in Southern California, San Pedro offers stunning ocean views and a vibrant arts and dining scene.


Steeped in history, Smolensk boasts impressive fortifications, beautiful cathedrals, and well-preserved medieval architecture.


Located in the Western Ghats of India, Shimoga is a paradise for nature lovers, with waterfalls, forests, and wildlife sanctuaries.


Explore the historic sites, bustling markets, and spiritual centers of this ancient Tamil Nadu city.


Known for its stunning Islamic architecture, Sokoto also offers vibrant markets and colorful festivals.


Located in the heart of Argentine Andes, Salta is famous for its stunning landscapes, colonial architecture, and outdoor adventures.


A bustling commercial hub, Surat is famous for its diamonds, textiles, and historic architecture.


Located in the Canadian prairies, Saskatoon offers a mix of culture, nature, and outdoor adventures.


A gateway to Malaysia’s magnificent Borneo rainforest, Sandakan is also known for its historic landmarks and wildlife sanctuaries.


Formerly a coal-mining center, Scranton offers a glimpse into Pennsylvania’s industrial past, with museums and cultural attractions.

San Pedro Sula

An industrial hub in Honduras, San Pedro Sula offers museums, markets, and scenic natural attractions.


A coastal city in China, Shangyu is known for its ancient Buddhist monasteries, scenic mountains, and traditional tea culture.


Discover China’s rich history and culture by exploring Shangqiu’s ancient Han Dynasty ruins, temples, and museums.


Experience the charm of small town living in Korea by visiting Siheung’s traditional markets and peaceful parks.


Explore the rich cultural heritage of Surakarta, also known as Solo, by visiting its magnificent palaces, museums, and temples.


Take a shikara ride on the picturesque Dal Lake and soak in the stunning natural beauty of Srinagar in India.


Take a trip to the coal mining city of Shuangyashan in northeastern China and witness its unique industrial landscape.


Visit the bustling city of Sargodha in Pakistan, known for its delicious Punjabi cuisine and vibrant street life.


Experience the rich history and culture of Shenmu, China by visiting its ancient temples and historic sites.


Explore the charming town of Sagar in India, featuring beautiful lakes, palaces, and colonial architecture.


Shop for high-quality silk and porcelain products in the prosperous city of Shishi, located in China’s Fujian province.

Surat Thani

Relax on the stunning beaches of Surat Thani in Thailand or explore its vibrant nightlife and street food scenes.


Discover the hidden gems of Szczecin, Poland, including its impressive Gothic architecture and picturesque parks.


Visit the scenic city of Shiyan in China and witness the stunning natural beauty of its mountains, rivers, and lakes.


Escape the crowds and relax in the serene coastal town of Songkhla, Thailand, known for its stunning beaches and authentic local cuisine.


Discover the tea plantations and natural beauty of Sylhet, Bangladesh, located amidst lush green hills and forests.


Explore the fascinating history of Shenyang, China by visiting its ancient palaces, temples, and museums.


Visit the thriving metropolis of Seattle and enjoy its stunning waterfront, iconic Space Needle, and countless cultural attractions.

Santo Domingo

Discover the vibrant capital city of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, featuring a rich history, bustling markets, and colorful architecture.


Visit the prosperous city of Surgut in Russia and witness its impressive modern architecture and thriving oil industry.


Experience the authentic culture and traditions of Saransk, Russia, located amidst stunning natural scenery in the heart of the country.


Explore the unique Moorish heritage and lively flamenco scene of the charming city of Sevilla, Spain.

San Jose

Discover the vibrant Silicon Valley culture and lush natural beauty of San Jose, California.


Visit the scenic river town of Songzi in China and marvel at its fascinating ancient architecture and stunning natural scenery.


Discover the thriving agricultural hub of Shouguang, China, featuring an impressive variety of produce and vibrant local markets.


Explore the ancient Silk Road history and rich cultural heritage of Shimkent, Kazakhstan’s second largest city.


Experience the charming colonial architecture and impressive museums of Saltillo, Mexico.


Visit the thriving cultural and financial center of Shahriyar, Iran, featuring modern architecture and historic landmarks.


Discover the scenic natural beauty and unique culture of Siping, China, located amidst lush forests and rolling hills.

San Francisco-Oakland

Discover the gorgeous waterfront, iconic landmarks, and diverse cultural scenes of the San Francisco-Oakland metropolitan area.

Santa Clarita

Explore the stunning natural beauty and hiking trails of Santa Clarita, California, located amidst the mountains of the Angeles National Forest.

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Visit the vibrant and multicultural capital city of Suva, Fiji, featuring a lively nightlife, colorful markets, and stunning beaches.


Discover the dynamic and cosmopolitan capital city of Seoul, South Korea, featuring a unique blend of tradition and modernity.


Known for its picturesque half-timbered houses, crooked alleyways, and numerous canals, this French city is an architecture lover’s paradise.


Located in northeastern China, Suihua is a small but charming city full of bustling markets and beautiful parks.

Sri Jayewardenepura Kotte

As the administrative capital of Sri Lanka, this city is a fascinating blend of modern government buildings and ancient Buddhist temples.


Nestled among scenic mountains, Shaoguan is a great spot for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike.

Santiago Del Estero

Known as the “Guardian of Tradition,” this Argentine city boasts a rich cultural heritage and a lively arts scene.


Located in southern Oman, Salalah is a peaceful coastal city renowned for its picturesque beaches and lush greenery.

San Antonio

This vibrant Texan city is famous for its River Walk, historic missions, and world-class museums.


As a major gateway to North Korea, this city is of great importance both politically and culturally.


With its incredible seafood, stunning beaches, and ancient architecture, Shantou is a must-see destination in southern China.


Once a major industrial hub of Azerbaijan, Sumquayit today is a city of contrasts that is slowly undergoing a cultural and economic renaissance.


Surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, Suining is a charming city that is perfect for a relaxing vacation.

Samut Sakhon

Located just outside Bangkok, this city is famous for its vibrant seafood markets and floating restaurants.


A city that blends ancient history and modern conveniences, Sanliurfa is a great place to explore Turkey’s rich cultural heritage.


Known for its stunning parks and historical landmarks, this city in northern China is a popular tourist destination.


Often referred to as the “City of Roses and Nightingales,” this Iranian city is famous for its stunning mosques and beautiful gardens.


With its friendly locals, lively nightlife, and easy access to the great outdoors, Spokane is a must-visit city in the Pacific Northwest.

San Salvador

The capital city of El Salvador, San Salvador is a vibrant and cosmopolitan metropolis that is full of surprises.


With its stunning architecture and lively arts scene, this Louisiana city is a hidden gem that is just waiting to be discovered.


Located on the Volga River, this city in southern Russia is known for its charming old town and stunning architecture.


A small but charming city in northwestern China that is famous for its beautiful parks and rich cultural heritage.


As a city that has long been an important transportation hub of southern China, Sihui has a unique blend of traditional and modern culture.


This scenic city in eastern China is famous for its beautiful waterways and historical landmarks.


Located in central Turkey, Sivas is a city that is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture.


As the capital city of Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart is a fantastic destination for history buffs and nature lovers alike.


A city that is known for its rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture, Sharjah is a fantastic destination for anyone looking to explore the United Arab Emirates.


With its towering skyscrapers, world-class museums, and incredible food scene, Shanghai is a city that is full of surprises.


Located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco, Safi is a charming city that is famous for its stunning beaches and rich maritime history.


This region on the west coast of Florida is a popular destination for beachgoers and art lovers alike.


As the second-largest city in Indonesia, Surabaya is a bustling metropolis that is full of history and culture.

Santiago de Cuba

A city that is famous for its vibrant music scene and rich cultural heritage, Santiago de Cuba is a must-see destination for anyone visiting Cuba.


Known for its textile industry and historic temples.

San Juan

The capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan is a historic city with colorful architecture, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife.


A small city in China known for its abundant peach orchards.


Revered as the “Venice of the East,” Suzhou is famous for its beautiful gardens, historic canals, and classical Chinese architecture.


A city in Pakistan known for its historic Sufi shrine and lively bazaars.


A bustling city just south of Seoul, known for its large shopping malls, theme parks, and cultural festivals.

Santa Rosa

A picturesque city in California’s wine country, known for its vineyards, hot air balloon rides, and great cuisine.


An ancient city in Uzbekistan known for its stunning Islamic architecture and historic Silk Road connections.


A charming city in Indonesia where travelers can experience traditional Dayak culture, explore jungles, and try fresh local seafood.


A historic city in upstate New York known for Syracuse University, beautiful parks, and a thriving healthcare industry.


A vibrant hub of culture, commerce, and natural beauty in Australia, featuring the iconic Opera House, stunning beaches, and world-class museums.

Santa Fe

A charming city in New Mexico with a rich history of Native American and Spanish influences, known for its adobe architecture, art galleries, and world-class skiing.


A peaceful city in Turkey with beautiful lakeside scenery, traditional markets, and great food.


A small city in central India that is home to numerous ancient temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and waterfalls.


A quaint seaside town on the east coast of England known for its amusement park, beaches, and colorful beach huts.


A lively city in Japan with a fascinating history, delicious cuisine, and beautiful parks, including the exquisite Sendai Castle.


An industrial city in northern England known for its rich history of steel production, beautiful green spaces, and great music scene.

Suphan Buri

A small city in Thailand known for its ancient ruins, traditional Thai cuisine, and vibrant markets.


A charming canal town in eastern China famous for its beautiful embroidery, rice wine, and traditional architecture.

San Salvador de Jujuy

A picturesque city in northwestern Argentina known for its historic cathedral, natural beauty, and colorful colonial architecture.


An industrial city in central England known for its pottery industry, beautiful parks, and historic buildings.


The capital city of California, known for its fascinating history, thriving culinary scene, and beautiful parks along the Sacramento River.


A city in Iran known for its ancient bazaars, beautiful gardens, and rich Kurdish culture.

Sakon Nakhon

A charming city in northeastern Thailand known for its stunning Nong Han Lake, traditional Thai silk, and beautiful temples.


A city in southern Russia known for its beautiful parks, historic museums, and stunning Cossack architecture.


A small city in northern Italy known for its beautiful architecture, vibrant markets, and delicious cuisine.

Sekondi Takoradi

A port city in Ghana known for its beautiful beaches, historic forts, and lively nightlife.


A city in the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine known for its beautiful architecture, sprawling parks, and delicious cuisine.


A coastal city in southeastern China known for its stunning beaches, lively markets, and traditional Hakka cuisine.


The capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina, known for its historic Old Town, traditional Bosnian cuisine, and beautiful parks.


A city in southern Mali known for its vibrant markets, beautiful mosques, and rich history of music and dance.


A picturesque city on the Black Sea coast of Turkey known for its beautiful beaches, rich history of Greek and Ottoman influences, and delicious seafood.


The capital city of Meghalaya in northeastern India, known for its stunning waterfalls, traditional Khasi culture, and vibrant music scene.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of S cities.

After weeks of researching and analyzing, I’m excited to present this list of cities to readers. Each location has been carefully selected and vetted to provide a diverse range of destinations for all types of travelers.

In conclusion, the city offers a unique and multifaceted environment that both enthralls and challenges us as residents. From the architectural marvels that dot the skyline to the diverse communities that make up the tapestry of urban life, there is an undeniable sense of vitality and excitement that permeates the city. However, it is also important to acknowledge the negative aspects of urban living, from the struggles of homelessness to the inequalities that exist in access to resources. Nevertheless, the city remains a vibrant and ever-evolving hub of innovation, creativity, and human progress.

Hope this post on cities beginning with S alphabet has been useful to you!