Cities That Start With W

Cities That Start With W

Let’s explore the world of cities that start with W in today’s post.

Cities are melting pots of different cultures, languages, and lifestyles. They represent a meeting point of the global and the local, the traditional and the modern, the rich and the poor. Each city has a unique mix of diverse communities, neighborhoods, and subcultures, all coexisting and interacting in fascinating ways. Some cities are known for their tolerance and inclusivity, while others struggle with social inequality and discrimination. Regardless of their social fabric, cities are places where people come together to exchange ideas, opinions, and experiences.

It was challenging to narrow down the list of potential cities to the best of the best, but with determination and focus, I was able to create a comprehensive guide that showcases exceptional destinations from around the world.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of cities starting with W!

38 Cities That Start With W

And here’s the list of world cities that begin with W letter.

West Midlands

The West Midlands is known for its impressive collection of historical landmarks, world-renowned brands, and scenic countryside. From exploring Shakespeare’s birthplace in Stratford-upon-Avon to getting retro at the Black Country Living Museum, there’s a plethora of attractions for every taste. If you’re a thrill-seeker, a visit to Drayton Manor Theme Park or the NEC is a must. And don’t forget the food—Birmingham boasts an eclectic mix of eateries, ranging from Michelin star restaurants to street food markets.


Located in Western Algeria, Wahran (also known as Oran) is a vibrant, coastal city that has a rich cultural heritage. Whether you’re strolling along the palm-tree lined beaches, browsing the bustling local markets, or exploring the beautiful buildings that date back to the Ottoman Empire, there’s always something exciting to do. Head to the Santa Cruz Fortress, a 16th-century citadel that provides stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Or, pay a visit to the Ahmed Zabana National Museum to learn about the city’s history. With plenty of charming cafes and street performers, Wahran is perfect for those seeking a lively atmosphere.


Warri is a bustling port city in southern Nigeria that offers visitors a unique blend of cultural experiences. Take a boat ride through the mangroves of Koko, or visit the Red Mangrove Swamp Forest Reserve, which is home to a wide variety of wildlife. If you’re interested in art, head to the Delta State Government House, where you’ll find works by both local and international artists on display. The Warri Kingdom Royal Cemetery is another must-visit site, providing insight into the history of the area. For those seeking relaxation, Warri also boasts outstanding beaches and delicious cuisine.


Warsaw may be Poland’s capital, but it’s also a city of contrasts. From the quaint Old Town with its cobbled streets and colourful buildings to the impressive skyscrapers dotted around the city, there’s plenty to see and do. Be sure to visit the iconic Palace of Culture and Science – it’s the city’s tallest building and offers stunning panoramic views. Shop ’til you drop at the historic Nowy Swiat Boulevard, or explore the world-class galleries and museums. Warsaw’s vibrant nightlife is also a drawcard, with numerous cocktail bars, clubs and live music venues.


Wichita, located in Kansas, has long been known as the “Air Capital of the World,” but it offers much more than aviation. A bustling downtown area boasts a varied selection of galleries, antique shops, and cafes, while the City Arts Centre is the perfect destination for art enthusiasts. Nature lovers should head to the Great Plains Nature Centre, where hiking trails and educational programs abound. Wichita is also a hub for live entertainment, with an abundance of theatre, music and art performances throughout the year.


Famous for its production of ball bearings, Wafangdian is a small city located in northeast China that offers an intriguing glimpse into traditional Chinese life. Visit the Dalian Discoverylands Theme Park, where you’ll find a range of rides and attractions, or take a stroll through the manicured gardens at the Bingyu Valley Scenic Area. The Hotel Royal Dandong and pullman Wafangdian Sunwing Holiday Resort are both luxurious accommodation options, perfect for relaxing after a day of exploring.


Worcester, Massachusetts, has a charming mix of old-world architecture and modern amenities. The Worcester Art Museum is the crown jewel of cultural institutions and houses more than 35,000 works from around the globe. Outdoor enthusiasts can revel in the scenic views of Lake Quinsigamond, or take a jog along the Blackstone River Bikeway. Craving a delicious bite? Worcester’s dining scene offers a unique blend of modern and traditional flavours, with numerous options ranging from upscale restaurants to food trucks.


Warangal, located in southern India, is home to a fascinating assortment of historical sites. Witness the grandeur of the Warangal Fort or explore the impressive Kakatiya Kala Thoranam arch. The Thousand Pillar Temple is a must-visit site—the intricately carved pillars are a sight to behold. Marvel at the 12th-century Ramappa Temple, widely considered a masterpiece of medieval Indian architecture. Warangal also offers a selection of modern amenities, making it the perfect destination for those seeking an equal balance of past and present.

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A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Willemstad is the capital of the Caribbean island of Curacao. Known for its iconic, brightly-painted buildings in the Dutch-Caribbean architectural style, the city is both charming and picturesque. Walk along the historic waterfront or visit the Museum Kura Hulanda to learn about the island’s history. The sea aquarium provides an opportunity to swim with dolphins, sharks, and rays, while the Christoffel National Park offers numerous trails and wildlife experiences. Be sure to sample the delicious local cuisine, including tasty goat stews and fresh seafood.


Wonsan is the closest port to the demilitarised zone (DMZ) on North Korea’s east coast. While it is not yet open to Western tourists, it’s an intriguing glimpse into life in the Hermit Kingdom. Visiting dignitaries have been known to stay at the luxurious Kalma Hotel, and nearby Masikryong Ski Resort provides winter sports enthusiasts with world-class skiing facilities. A visit to the port itself, which has a long history as a centre of trade, along with a stroll through the city’s markets, highlights the intriguing mix of North Korean tradition and modernity.

West Yorkshire

West Yorkshire, located in England, is home to a range of fascinating destinations. Leeds boasts a bustling nightlife scene along with numerous museums and galleries. Wakefield has a rich industrial heritage and is home to the Hepworth Wakefield Art Gallery. Lovers of Victorian architecture will find Halifax to be a delight. Take a hike through the Peak District National Park or visit the historic city of Bradford. No matter what your interests may be, West Yorkshire has something to offer.


Wollongong, located on the scenic Australian coast, is a surfers paradise. Catch a wave at one of the numerous beaches or take a hike through the beautiful Illawarra Escarpment State Conservation Area. The Wollongong Botanic Garden is a lush retreat and perfect for those seeking a serene environment. Immerse yourself in local history at the Nan Tien Temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the Southern Hemisphere, or take a stroll through the historic Crown Street Mall. Wollongong is an ideal spot for those seeking adventure, relaxation, or a bit of both.


Wien, also known as Vienna, offers a unique blend of imperial charm and modern sophistication. Take in the beauty of the Schonbrunn Palace or explore the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which houses stunning works of art by the likes of Michelangelo and Rubens. At the Naschmarkt, sample delicious local cuisine while browsing the many stalls selling clothing, art, and crafts. The city’s vibrant nightlife provides an array of options for all tastes, with everything from cocktail bars to jazz clubs.


Wulanhaote, located in China’s Inner Mongolia region, is home to a variety of natural and cultural attractions. Visit the stunning Hulun Lake, the largest freshwater lake in China, or explore the unique Mongolian culture at the Grasslands Cultural Village. The Daqing Mountain Ski Resort provides winter fun for all ages, while the Wulanhaote National Forest Park is a serene oasis ideal for nature lovers. Visit during the Naadam Festival in July for a taste of traditional Mongolian sporting events.


Nestled on the southeast coast of China’s Hainan Island, Wanning is best known for its idyllic beaches and lush tropical scenery. Visit the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden, which is home to a vast array of plant life unique to this part of the world, or head to Qixing Ridge Scenic Area to take in panoramic views of the Hainan countryside. The Seven Star Crags are another must-see attraction with their stunning rock formations and ancient villages. And of course, with unparalleled seafood markets and exquisite local cuisine, Wanning is a food lover’s paradise.


Winston-Salem, located in North Carolina, is a charming city full of history and beauty. The Reynolda House Museum of American Art is a must-visit, showcasing some of America’s best works of art. The city’s vibrant Moravian heritage can be seen in the Old Salem Museums and Gardens, a living history museum that offers a glimpse into the lives of 18th-century Moravian settlers. For those seeking outdoor activities, the Bethania Historic District is a great place for a hike. And with an abundance of classic barbecue restaurants and locally owned cafes, foodies will not be disappointed.


Located in the Hadramaut Governorate, Yemen, Wah is a historic city with stunning architecture and cultural significance. The Al-Muhdhar Mosque, which dates back to the 13th century, is a breathtaking work of Islamic art and a testament to the city’s rich heritage. Visit the Al-Janad Mosque to witness the exceptional desert architecture of the region. The Hadramaut Valley is a must-visit, showcasing Wah’s natural beauty and offering a range of hikes for outdoor enthusiasts. Wah is also known for its bustling marketplaces, where you can find everything from fresh produce to exquisite handcrafted goods.

West Rand

Located on the outskirts of Johannesburg, South Africa, the West Rand offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. The Cradle of Humankind is a World Heritage Site and a fascinating way to learn about the origins of human life. The Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens offer a serene sanctuary with a beautiful waterfall, ideal for picnics and hiking. Feeling lucky? Head to the Silverstar Casino and Entertainment Centre, which boasts world-class gaming and fantastic dining options.

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The bustling port city of Wenzhou, located in eastern China, offers a unique blend of traditional culture and modern amenities. Visit the gorgeous Yandang Mountain Scenic Area, which offers plenty of hikes and outdoor activities. Wenzhou’s Baima Longxiang Temple, built in the Tang Dynasty, is a fantastic example of ancient Chinese architecture. For shopping, head to the Wuma Street Pedestrian Mall, where a plethora of stores and food stalls await. And be sure to feast on Wenzhou’s famous delicacies, such as fish balls and noodle soup.


Wuxi is a city in eastern China with a history dating back to the 3rd century BC. Known as the “Land of Fish and Rice”, Wuxi is famous for its freshwater seafood and rice paddies. Visitors can take a boat tour of Taihu Lake, one of China’s largest freshwater lakes, where they can admire the stunning scenery of the lake and surrounding mountains. For some cultural immersion, head over to the Lingshan Grand Buddha, a towering bronze statue of Buddha located on Mount Lingshan. For a more modern experience, check out Wuxi Wanda City, a large amusement park with thrilling rides, shopping malls, and cinemas.


Wellington is the capital city of New Zealand and offers a stunning waterfront with a plethora of activities to experience. Get a bird’s eye view of the city by taking the Wellington Cable Car up to the Botanic Garden. The views from the top are nothing short of stunning. From there, explore the lush gardens that showcase the flora of the region. For a beach escape, head over to Oriental Bay, where the sandy beach and a selection of cafes and restaurants are perfect for a day of relaxation.


Windsor is a historic town west of London, famous for being home to the magnificent Windsor Castle, one of the Queen’s official residences. The castle is a vast complex of structures, from the State Apartments to St. George’s Chapel, and visitors can take guided tours to learn about its rich history. Don’t miss the Changing of the Guard ceremony that takes place daily in front of the castle. Windsor is also a great place to explore the Windsor Great Park, one of England’s most significant Royal Parks that spans over 5000 acres and is great for hiking and wildlife spotting.


Wenchang is a coastal city in Hainan province, known as the birthplace of Chinese astronauts. The main attraction is the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site, where the first manned mission to China’s space station was launched. Apart from its connection to space travel, Wenchang has a rich culture that can be experienced at the Xinglong Tropical Botanical Garden or the Qionghai Museum. The Wenchang Chicken dish is also a must-try delicacy for those who love Chinese cuisine.


Wuzhou is a city located in Guangxi province, known for its scenic beauty. For those who love hiking, a visit to the Longhu Mountain Scenic Area is a must-see. The area is dotted with grottoes, temples, and natural wonders, including the Longhu Pagoda, the largest pagoda in Guangxi. The Liu Sanjie Grand View Garden is also worth a visit, showcasing the area’s natural beauty through waterfalls, lakes, and greenery.


Wuhan is a city in central China, straddling the Yangtze River and famous for its diverse food culture. The city is the birthplace of the famous hot and dry noodles, a local delicacy that shouldn’t be missed. Visitors can explore the Yellow Crane Tower, a historic tower with views overlooking the city skyline, or head over to the Wuhan Zoo to see some exotic animals.


Wuppertal is a city located in western Germany and is best known for its suspended monorail, one of the most unique forms of transportation in the world. A ride on the Wuppertal Suspension Railway is a must-do experience to admire the city’s landscape from above. Wuppertal is also a great place to explore some of Germany’s most significant industrial architecture, including the old railway station turned into a contemporary art museum.


Wuhai is a prefecture-level city located in northern China and is famous for its unique geographic location. It is situated between the Yellow River and the vast Hunshandake Desert, making for some incredible wilderness adventures. Visitors can explore the Tengger Desert and experience the dunes by camelback, or take a boat ride on the Yellow River to appreciate the landscape’s beauty. Don’t forget to try the local delicacy of roast lamb, a mouth-watering dish.


Weinan is a city in Shaanxi province, central China, with a rich history dating back to the Tang dynasty. The city is home to many historical sites that provide insight into China’s past. Visit the Weinan Confucian Temple, the ancient Mausoleum of Emperor Wu of Han, or the Xiyue Temple, which is one of China’s oldest Taoist temple complexes. The city also has a unique food culture, including the famous Roujiamo, a meat burger-like dish made with bread.

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Winnipeg is a vibrant city in Manitoba, Canada, and is known for its cultural festivals, such as the Winnipeg Folk Festival and the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. The city is also home to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, a breathtaking architectural marvel telling the story of human rights in Canada and beyond. Visit The Forks, a historic meeting place that has been transformed into a hub of restaurants, shops, and entertainment. Winnipeg also boasts world-renowned murals, and a walking tour of the city’s street art shouldn’t be missed.


Wuhu is a city located in eastern China, with a history dating back to the Han dynasty. Visitors can visit the Fangte Happy World, a large amusement park that boasts some incredible roller coasters and water rides. The Zheshan Scenic Area is another popular destination, offering visitors picturesque scenery of the Mount Langya and Black Dragon Lake. Visitors can also explore the hidden gem of Mount Wuwei, a mountain range boasting some fantastic hiking trails.


Weihai is a coastal city located in northeastern Shandong province, famous for its natural beauty and mild climate. Visitors can take a boat to visit Liugong Island, a beautiful island with stunning views of the sea, as well as famous for its historic sites such as the Huaxia Holy Land and Shengjingshan Park. The Chengshan Cape is another must-visit destination, showcasing some of the most beautiful cliff landscapes in China. For those who love seafood, Weihai has some of the most delicious and freshest seafood cuisine in China.


Wuwei is a city located in northwestern China, and it’s famous for the Leitai Han Tomb and the Confucian Temple. The Leitai Han Tomb is an impressive museum showcasing the history of China’s Han dynasty, while the Confucian Temple offers insight into Chinese philosophy and culture. Don’t forget to visit the Tiantishan Grottoes, an impressive collection of Buddhist grottoes carved into the cliffs. Wuwei is also home to the Gansu Provincial Museum, featuring exhibits about the culture and history of the Silk Road.


Warsaw, also known as Warszawa, is the capital city of Poland. The city offers a mix of the old and the new, with historic landmarks such as the Royal Castle and the Warsaw Old Town, as well as modern architecture such as the Palace of Culture and Science. For those interested in history, the Warsaw Uprising Museum tells the story of the city’s involvement in WWII. Warsaw is also a great place for foodies, with a variety of restaurants serving traditional Polish cuisine, including the iconic Pierogi.


Weifang is a city located in Shandong province, eastern China, and is known for its kite culture. The Weifang International Kite Festival is a must-see event for those who love colorful kites. For those looking for a more historical experience, visit the Yangjiabu Folk Culture Village. The village offers a glimpse into the life of ancient China, including workshops and performances that showcase traditional Chinese arts such as paper cutting and painting. Don’t forget to try Weifang’s famous dish of Shandong Pancake, a crispy and savory dish.


Windhoek is the capital city of Namibia, located in the central part of the country. The city offers a mix of German and African culture, showcasing its heritage through historic buildings such as the Christuskirche and the Alte Feste, a museum showcasing Namibia’s colonial past. For those interested in natural history, the National Museum of Namibia is a great place to explore the country’s geology and wildlife. Windhoek is also a great place to try some local beers, such as Windhoek Lager and Tafel Lager.


Wuchuan is a city located in southern China known for its hot springs. The city is home to some of the country’s best hot spring resorts, including the Wuchuan Hot Spring Valley and the Xi River Hot Spring. Visitors can also explore the scenic spots of the Huashan Scenic Area, including the stunning Yiyan Lake and the impressive Hua Mountain.

Wad Medani

Wad Medani is the capital city of the Sudanese state of Al Jazirah. Visitors can explore the Wad Medani Souk, a large market that offers a range of textiles and handicrafts. The city is also home to the village of Mahdiya, an important historical site showcasing Sudan’s colonial past. Don’t forget to try the local cuisine, including the popular Ful Medames, a popular dish of fava beans.


Wenling is a coastal city located in Zhejiang province, eastern China, known for its seafood culture. The city is home to some of the most delicious seafood cuisine in China, and visitors can sample fresh seafood at the local markets. For those interested in history, a visit to the Xianju National Museum is a must-see, which showcases the ancient history of the city. Wenling is also home to the Lushan Mountain National Forest Park that offers scenic beauty with waterfalls and fresh streams.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of W cities.

This list of cities was not easy to put together, but the end result is a diverse and intriguing collection of unique destinations for travelers. I hope readers will find inspiration and guidance from my recommendations.

In conclusion, the city offers a unique and multifaceted environment that both enthralls and challenges us as residents. From the architectural marvels that dot the skyline to the diverse communities that make up the tapestry of urban life, there is an undeniable sense of vitality and excitement that permeates the city. However, it is also important to acknowledge the negative aspects of urban living, from the struggles of homelessness to the inequalities that exist in access to resources. Nevertheless, the city remains a vibrant and ever-evolving hub of innovation, creativity, and human progress.

Hope this post on cities beginning with W alphabet has been useful to you!