Flowers Starting With U [Full List]

When we were asked for the flower names that begins with U, only Umbrella sedge pops up in our minds. But is there other flowers with names beginning with the U alphabet? So we got our coffee ready and begin our hours of looking through resources to find the full list. In this post, we put together a list of flowers starting with U letter.

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6 Flowers Starting With U at a glance

There are only a handful flower names beginning with U. There are 6 of such flower names. Below is the list of flowers beginning with U.

  1. Ulat kambal (aka Abroma augustum)
  2. Urn (aka Aechmea fasciata)
  3. Upas (aka Antiaris toxicaria)
  4. Umbrella sedge (aka Cyperus alternifolius)
  5. Umbrella dracaena (aka Dianella ensifolia)
  6. Umbrella (aka Heptapleurum actinophyllum)

More on Flowers That Start With U

Ulat kambal

Ulat kambal has a scientific name of Abroma augustum. Ulat kambal is found in areas of tropical climate. This is a bisexual flowers.

Characteristics for Ulat kambal:

  • color of flower petals: red
  • texture of flower: smooth
  • inflorescence type of flower: cyme


Urn has a scientific name of Aechmea fasciata.

Characteristics for Urn:

  • color of flower petals: purple and pink
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Upas has a scientific name of Antiaris toxicaria. It is found in tropical regions.

Umbrella sedge

Umbrella sedge has a scientific name of Cyperus alternifolius.

Characteristics for Umbrella sedge:

  • color of flower petals: white and green

Umbrella dracaena

Umbrella dracaena has a scientific name of Dianella ensifolia. You may see it in tropical regions. This is a bisexual flowers.

Characteristics for Umbrella dracaena:

  • color of flower petals: white, blue and purple


Umbrella has a scientific name of Heptapleurum actinophyllum. You may see it in tropical areas. Umbrella are found in primary rainforest and secondary rainforest. This is a bisexual flowers.

Characteristics for Umbrella:

  • color of flower petals: red
  • inflorescence type of flower: raceme


This is a short list. After an exhaustive search on all the resources, that’s all we can manage to find. It took us quite some time to put up this list but nevertheless, we have really enjoyed every bit of putting up this list of flowers that start with letter U.

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