Flowers Starting With Z [Full List]

Zucchini. That is it. We couldn’t think of any other when it comes to flower names that begins with Z. We want to build a longer list of flower names. So we begin our search for all of these flower names. In this post, we list down all the flowers starting with Z letter.

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4 Flowers Starting With Z at a glance

We only found a handful of flower names beginning with Z. There are 4 of such flower names. Below is the list of flowers beginning with Z.

  1. Zanzibar copal (aka Hymenaea verrucosa)
  2. Zamioculcas zamiifolia
  3. Zebra (aka Sanchezia speciosa)
  4. Zucchini (aka Cucurbita pepo)

More on Flowers That Start With Z

Zanzibar copal

Zanzibar copal has a scientific name of Hymenaea verrucosa. It is found in areas of tropical climate. Their natural habitats are coastal forest. This is a bisexual flowers.

Characteristics for Zanzibar copal:

  • color of flower petals: white
  • inflorescence type of flower: panicle

Zamioculcas zamiifolia

Characteristics for Zamioculcas zamiifolia:

  • color of flower petals: cream and green
  • inflorescence type of flower: spathe & spadix


Zebra has a scientific name of Sanchezia speciosa. It is found in tropical regions. This flower are found in primary rainforest and secondary rainforest.

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Characteristics for Zebra:

  • color of flower petals: yellow
  • shape of flower: tubular


Zucchini has a scientific name of Cucurbita pepo.

Characteristics for Zucchini:

  • color of flower petals: yellow
  • flower symmetry: radial
  • shape of flower: funnel form
  • texture of flower: wrinkled


This is a short list. We only manage to find this short list after conducting an exhaustive search on all the resources we could gather. This list of flowers that start with letter Z really took up a lot of time to find. Hope it is of use to you.

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