Fruits That Start With F [Full List]

We were completely lost when we tried to think of fruit names that begins with F. Is there any fruits with names beginning with the F alphabet? We were curious and start looking for such fruit names. In this post, we have compiled a list of fruits that start with F letter.

25 Fruits That Start With F at a glance

There are really not many fruit names beginning with F. If we include the scientific names and alternative names, we only manage to find 25 fruits with names that begins with letter F. These are the fruits that begin with F.

  1. Flacourtia inermis (also known as Lovi-lovi)
  2. Flacourtia indica (also known as Ramontchi)
  3. Florida thatch palm (also known as Thrinax radiata)
  4. Fragaria vesca (also known as Wild strawberry)
  5. Fox head (also known as Solanum mammosum)
  6. Flacourtia rukam (also known as Rukam)
  7. Ficus virens (also known as White fig)
  8. Fox grape (also known as Vitis labrusca)
  9. Frangula californica (also known as Coffeeberry)
  10. Ficus racemosa (also known as Cluster fig)
  11. Finger Lime
  12. Ficus platypoda (also known as Desert fig)
  13. Fragaria chiloensis (also known as Beach strawberry)
  14. Florentine citron (also known as Citrus × limonimedica)
  15. Fig Tampoi
  16. Ficus carica (also known as Fig)
  17. Fragaria × ananassa (also known as Strawberry)
  18. Ficus aurea (also known as Strangler fig)
  19. Feijoa sellowiana (also known as Feijoa)
  20. Ficus sycomorus (also known as Sycamore fig)
  21. Firethorn (also known as Pyracantha angustifolia)
  22. Ficus coronata (also known as Sandpaper fig)
  23. Fuchsia microphylla (also known as Small-leaved fuchsia)
  24. Flatwoods plum (also known as Prunus umbellata)
  25. Fibrous satinash (also known as Syzygium fibrosum)
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More on Fruits Starting With F

Flacourtia Inermis Fruit

Flacourtia inermis is commonly known as Lovi-lovi. Other names include Lobeh-lobeh, Thornless Rukam, Plum of Martinique, Lobi-lobi, Batoko Plum and Rukam Masam. Lovi-lovi belongs to Flacourtiaceae family. It grows in tropical parts of the world. This fruit grows in secondary rainforest and primary rainforest. It is native to Eastern Indonesia. Lovi-lovi is a simple fruit. It is fleshy and red in color. The fruit has 4 to 14 seeds which are small and stony with shape edges. Lovi-lovi is a berry and taste sour and acidic. It is used for making jellies, syrups and pies.

Flacourtia Indica Fruit

Flacourtia indica is commonly known as Ramontchi. Its other names include Madagascar plum, governor’s plum, and Indian plum. The fruit belongs to the pome family. It is fleshy with 6 to 10 seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw and tastes sweet. It is also used to make jams and jellies.

Florida Thatch Palm Fruit

Florida thatch palm has a scientific name of Thrinax radiata. Other names include Silk-top thatch palm, Jamaican thatch, Chit, Sea thatch palm and Caribbean thatch palm.This fruit is white in color and inedible. Thrinax radiata belongs to the Arecaceae family and is found in south Florida, central America and caribbean islands.

Fragaria Vesca Fruit

Fragaria vesca is commonly known as Wild strawberry. Other names include woodland strawberry, wild strawberry, Alpine strawberry, European strawberry, Carpathian strawberry and fraisier des bois. This plant belong to the rose family and is perennial herbaceous. It can be found in natural habitats in the Northern Hemisphere.

Fox Head Fruit

Fox head has a scientific name of Solanum mammosum. Its other names include cow’s udder, nipplefruit, and apple of Sodom. This fruit is poisonous . Solanum mammosum belongs to the Solanaceae family and is found in South America.

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Flacourtia Rukam Fruit

Flacourtia rukam is commonly known as Rukam. Other names include governor’s plum, Indian prune and Indian plum.This belongs to the Salicaceae willow family and is grown for its edible fruit.

Ficus Virens Fruit

Ficus virens is commonly known as White fig. Other names include pilkhan and manbornde. This is found in India, Southeast Asia and Northern part of Australia.

Fox Grape Fruit

Fox grape has a scientific name of Vitis labrusca. This belongs to the Vitaceae family too and can be found in eastern part of North America.

Frangula Californica Fruit

Frangula californica is commonly known as Coffeeberry. It is also called California buckthorn and California coffeeberry. This belongs to buckthorn family and is found in western part of North America. The fruit is a drupe and has seeds that looks like coffee beans.

Ficus Racemosa Fruit

Ficus racemosa is commonly known as Cluster fig. It is also called red river fig and gular. It belongs to the Moraceae family and is found in Australia and tropical regions in Asia.

Finger Lime Fruit

It has a scientific name of Citrus australasica. Its other names include finger lime and caviar lime. Finger Lime belongs to Rutaceae family. It grows in monsoonal, sub-tropical, tropical regions. It can be found in Australia. Finger Lime is green in color and has a rough texture. The fruit looks like a finger. The pulp is used for seafood recipes and as garnishes for desserts and salads. The rind is used to make spice.

Ficus Platypoda Fruit

Ficus platypoda is commonly known as Desert fig. It is also called the rock fig and is found in Australia.

Fragaria Chiloensis Fruit

Fragaria chiloensis is commonly known as Beach strawberry. It is also called Chilean strawberry and coastal strawberry.

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Florentine Citron Fruit

Florentine citron has a scientific name of Citrus × limonimedica. The fruit is fragrant.

Ficus Carica Fruit

Ficus carica is commonly known as Fig. This fruit is also called anjeer and common fig. Ficus carica belongs to Moraceae family. It grows in mediterranean, temperate places. It can be found in Western Asia, Middle East. Ficus carica is a multiple fruit. It is purple in color and has a rough texture. It contains numerous seeds.
The fruit tastes succulent and sweet. It is consumed raw. It is also used in cooking.

Fragaria × Ananassa Fruit

Fragaria × ananassa is commonly known as Strawberry. It is also known as garden strawberry. The fruit is bright red in color and tastes sweet and juicy with a distinctive aroma. Besides consuming raw, it is used to make jams, pies, juices, milkshakes, icecreams and chocolates.

Ficus Aurea Fruit

Ficus aurea is commonly known as Strangler fig. It is also called Florida strangler fig, golden fig, and higuerón.

Feijoa Sellowiana Fruit

Feijoa sellowiana is commonly known as Feijoa. It is also called pineapple guava, guavasteen and acca sellowiana. Feijoa sellowiana belongs to Myrtaceae family. It grows in the highlands and is found in Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Urguay, Paraguay and Brazil. Feijoa sellowiana is green in color. It contains numerous seeds.

Ficus Sycomorus Fruit

Ficus sycomorus is commonly known as Sycamore fig. It is also called fig-mulberry .

Firethorn Fruit

Firethorn has a scientific name of Pyracantha angustifolia. This fruit is inedible. Firethorn belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Ficus Coronata Fruit

Ficus coronata is commonly known as Sandpaper fig. It is also called creek sandpaper fig and is found in Australia.

Fuchsia Microphylla Fruit

Fuchsia microphylla is commonly known as Small-leaved fuchsia. It belongs to the Onagraceae family.

Flatwoods Plum Fruit

Flatwoods plum has a scientific name of Prunus umbellata. It is also called sloe plum and hog plum. It is found in US.

Fibrous Satinash Fruit

Fibrous satinash has a scientific name of Syzygium fibrosum. It is also called small red apple and apricot satinash. Fibrous satinash belongs to Myrtaceae family. This fruit grows in tropical places. It is native to northern Australia and New Guinea. Fibrous satinash is red in color. It is used to make drinks and jams.


That’s all to this post. It has been really fun finding for this list of fruit names that start with letter F. Hopefully, this list is useful to you too. Feel free to share this list if you find it useful.