Fruits That Start With R [Full List]

Redcurrant, raisin, rambutans. These are popular fruits which come to our mind when it comes to fruit names that begins with R. We wanted to find out what is the total number of fruits with names beginning with the R alphabet. And we start compiling such fruit names. In this post, we like to share this list of fruits that start with R.

51 Fruits That Start With R at a glance

There are quite a number of fruit names beginning with R.  In total, we have found 51 of them. These include fruits with alternative names which also start with the letter R. Here are the fruits that begin with R.

  1. Raisin
  2. Raisin tree fruit (also known as Hovenia dulcis)
  3. Rambutan (also known as Nephelium lappaceum)
  4. Rangpur (also known as Citrus × limonia)
  5. Raspberry
  6. Rattlebox
  7. Redcurrant
  8. Rhamnus cathartica (also known as Buckthorn)
  9. Rhubarb (also known as Rheum × hybridum)
  10. Rhus integrifolia (also known as Lemonadeberry)
  11. Rhus typhina (also known as Staghorn sumac)
  12. Ribes nigrum (also known as Black currant)
  13. Ribes uva-crispa (also known as Gooseberry)
  14. Rollinia deliciosa (also known as Biribá)
  15. Rose Hip (also known as Rose hip)
  16. Roseleaf bramble berry (also known as Rubus rosifolius)
  17. Rowan (also known as Sorbus aucuparia)
  18. Rubus adenotrichos (also known as Mora común)
  19. Rubus allegheniensis (also known as Blackberry)
  20. Rubus caesius ‘Youngberry’ (also known as Youngberry)
  21. Rubus chamaemorus (also known as Cloudberry)
  22. Rubus ellipticus (also known as Golden Himalayan raspberry)
  23. Rubus flagellaris (also known as Dewberry)
  24. Rubus fruticosus × rubus idaeus (also known as Tayberry)
  25. Rubus glaucus (also known as Mora de Castilla)
  26. Rubus hayata-koidzumii (also known as Creeping raspberry)
  27. Rubus leucodermis (also known as White bark raspberry)
  28. Rubus moluccanus (also known as Molucca bramble berry)
  29. Rubus parviflorus (also known as Thimbleberry)
  30. Rubus parvifolius (also known as Japanese bramble berry)
  31. Rubus phoenicolasius (also known as Wineberry)
  32. Rubus probus (also known as Atherton raspberry)
  33. Rubus spectabilis (also known as Salmonberry)
  34. Rubus strigosus (also known as American red raspberry)
  35. Rubus thibetanus (also known as Tibetan dewberry)
  36. Rubus ursinus × rubus idaeus (also known as Boysenberry)
  37. Ramontchi (also known as Flacourtia indica)
  38. Red bush apple (also known as Syzygium suborbiculare)
  39. Red fruit (also known as Pandanus conoideus)
  40. Red huckleberry (also known as Vaccinium parvifolium)
  41. Red mulberry (also known as Morus rubra)
  42. Red salak (also known as Salacca affinis)
  43. Redoul (also known as Coriaria myrtifolia)
  44. Riberry (also known as Syzygium luehmannii)
  45. Ricinus communis (also known as Castor Bean)
  46. Rimu (also known as Dacrydium cupressinum)
  47. Rosary pea (also known as Abrus precatorius)
  48. Rose apple
  49. Round lime (also known as Citrus australis)
  50. Rubus × loganobaccus (also known as Loganberry)
  51. Rukam (also known as Flacourtia rukam)
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More on Fruits Starting With R


Raisin can be found in most parts of the world. They are not really a fruit on its own but a processed version of a fruit. Basically, they are created by drying the grape fruit. These raisins can just be consumed raw from the box but they are also a common ingredient in culinary dishes.

Raisin Tree Fruit

Yes, this is another fruit with raisin in its name. This Raisin tree fruit has a scientific name of Hovenia dulcis. Its other names include wànshòuguǒ and heotgae namu. It is found in East China, Himalayas and korea. The fruit is sweet and fragrant. It can be eaten fresh or used in cooking. The dried version of the fruit taste and look like raisins.


Rambutan is a popular fruit in the tropical regions in Southeast Asia. The fruit is red and covered with hairs. The flesh is translucent white in color and tastes sweet and juicy. Rambutan has a scientific name of Nephelium lappaceum.


Rangpur has a scientific name of Citrus × limonia. Its other names include rangpur lime, lemandarin, rangpur, Sylhet lime, canton-lemon, hime-lemon, limão-capeta, limão-rosa, limão-galego, limão-cravo, and mandarin lime. This fruit is a hybrid between citron and mandarin orange. It tastes acidic and has an orange flesh and peel.


Raspberry is a popular fruit. This is most enjoyed as a fruit juice, puree and in recipes such as the raspberry pie. This midsummer crop requires ample water and sunlight to grow. But they don’t require much effort to grow. In fact, they can spread out like weeds if you are not pruning them regularly.


This fruit is inedible. Rattlebox belongs to the Fabaceae family.


Redcurrant has a scientific name of Ribes rubrum. It belongs to the gooseberry family and can be found in europe. The fruit tastes tarty and sweet. Besides consuming it fresh, it has many culinary uses which include making jams, salads, drinks, garnishes, jellies and even soups.

Rhamnus Cathartica

Rhamnus cathartica is commonly known as Buckthorn. This fruit is inedible. Rhamnus cathartica belongs to the Rhamnaceae family.


Rhubarb has a scientific name of Rheum × hybridum. Technically, this is actually a vegetable. But in terms of culinary uses, it is treated as a fruit and is used for making pies, dessert and crumbles.

Ribes Nigrum

Ribes nigrum is commonly known as Black currant. It has lots of Vitamin C and can be eaten raw. It is also used for culinary recipes and for making jams, juices, syrups and preserves.

Ribes Uva-Crispa

Ribes uva-crispa is commonly known as European gooseberry or simply Gooseberry. The fruit is a berry and has a good taste. Its main color is green but it has white, red, purple and yellow variants..

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Rollinia Deliciosa

Rollinia deliciosa is commonly known as Biribá, wild sugar-apple, aratiku or lemon meringue pie fruit. This belongs to the Annonaceae custard-apple family and originates in the tropical regions in South America. Its pulp is soft and tastes sweet. It can be eaten raw or used in cooking.

Rose Hip

Rose Hip is commonly known as Rose hip, rose hep and rose haw. Beside being eaten fresh, it also has many culinary uses including making bread, pies, jelly, jams, marmalade, soup, syrup, tea, beverages and even wine.

Roseleaf Bramble Berry

Roseleaf bramble berry has a scientific name of Rubus rosifolius. Its other names include Mauritius raspberry, bramble of the Cape, thimbleberry and Vanuatu raspberry. It can be found in Himalayas, East Australia and East Asia. The fruit has a sweet taste.

Rubus Allegheniensis

Rubus allegheniensis is commonly known as Blackberry or Allegheny blackberry. This is found in east and central regions in North America.

Rubus Caesius ‘Youngberry’

Rubus caesius ‘Youngberry’ is commonly known as Youngberry. Youngberries are complex hybrids of raspberries, blackberries, and dewberries. In addition to eating the berries fresh, this plant is also used in juices, jams, and other recipes.

Rubus Chamaemorus

Rubus chamaemorus is commonly known as Cloudberry. Its other names include nordic berry, bakeapple, knotberry, knoutberry, aqpik, low-bush salmonberry,averin, evron. This belongs to the Rosaceae rose family. The fruits is golden yellow in color and taste soft and juicy with rich vitamin C levels. It can be eaten raw. But it is also used for culinary purposes such as making jams, tarts, juices, dessert, ice cream toppings and wine.

Rubus Ellipticus

Rubus ellipticus is commonly known as Golden Himalayan raspberry. Other names include aiselu, Hisalu, hisol, golden evergreen raspberry and yellow Himalayan raspberry. This belongs to the rose family. The fruit is sweet.

Rubus Flagellaris

Rubus flagellaris is commonly known as Dewberry or northern dewberry. This is found in Canada, US and Mexico. Beside consuming the ripe berries raw, their other uses include making pies, preserves.

Rubus Glaucus

Rubus glaucus is commonly known as Mora de Castilla or Andean raspberry The fruit has white flesh with rich Vitamin C levels. Its uses include making juices, jams, icecream, jelly and pastry.

Rubus Leucodermis

Rubus leucodermis is commonly known as White bark raspberry. Other names include blackcap raspberry and blue raspberry. This belongs to the Rubus family and is found in the western US. Its close relative is Rubus occidentalis which is known as black raspberry found in east US. This is a shrub that has prickly shoots and stems with a thick white wax coating. The fruit has a reddish-purple color when it is still maturing and this turns dark purple when it ripens.

Rubus Moluccanus

Rubus moluccanus is commonly known as Molucca bramble berry. It is also known as broad-leaf bramble. The fruit is tasty and is used to make jams and sauces.

Rubus Parviflorus

Rubus parviflorus is commonly known as Thimbleberry. It is also called redcaps. It is a Rubus species and is found in temperate regions in northern parts of North America. The fruit is edible and is red in color.

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Rubus Parvifolius

Rubus parvifolius is commonly known as Japanese bramble berry, native raspberry and Australian raspberry. The fruit is red in color and 1 cm wide. It can be consumed raw and has a pleasant taste. It is also used for making jams and sauces.

Rubus Phoenicolasius

Rubus phoenicolasius is commonly known as Wineberry. Its other names include wine raspberry, Japanese wineberry and dewberry. This is an raspberry species and belong to the rose family. It is found in Korea, Japan and China.

Rubus Probus

Rubus probus is commonly known as Atherton raspberry or wild raspberry. This fruit is considered an aggregate fruit. It is bright red in color and is grown as a punnet fruit.

Rubus Spectabilis

Rubus spectabilis is commonly known as Salmonberry. This belongs to the Rosaceae rose family. The fruit can be consumed raw.They are also used for making jams, jelly, candy and wine.

Rubus Strigosus

Rubus strigosus is commonly known as American red raspberry and American raspberry. The fruits are red in color and taste sweet. They ripens in summer to early autumn.

Rubus Thibetanus

Rubus thibetanus is commonly known as Tibetan dewberry. This fruit is inedible. Tibetan dewberry belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Ramontchi Fruit

Ramontchi has a scientific name of Flacourtia indica. Its other names include Madagascar plum, governor’s plum, and Indian plum. The fruit belongs to the pome family. It is fleshy with 6 to 10 seeds. The pulp can be eaten raw and tastes sweet. It is also used to make jams and jellies.

Red Bush Apple

Red bush apple has a scientific name of Syzygium suborbiculare. This can be found in Papua New Guinea and northern Australia. This fruit is edible and fleshy and contains 1 large seed.

Red Fruit

Red fruit has a scientific name of Pandanus conoideus. Other names include marita, kuansu and buah merah. The fruits has rich beta carotene levels. It is used to make sauces, pudding, ice cream and drinks.

Red Huckleberry

Red huckleberry has a scientific name of Vaccinium parvifolium. The fruits are bright red in color and taste acidic. These berries can be consumed raw. They are also used for making sauces, tea and jelly.

Red Mulberry

Red mulberry has a scientific name of Morus rubra. This is a mulberry type that is found in East and Central parts of North America. The berries taste sweet and can be consumed raw. They are also used for making pastries and wine.


Redoul has a scientific name of Coriaria myrtifolia. This fruit is inedible. Redoul belongs to the Coriariaceae family.

Ricinus Communis

Ricinus communis is commonly known as Castor Bean. This fruit is inedible. Ricinus communis belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family.

Rosary Pea

Rosary pea has a scientific name of Abrus precatorius. It is also called jequirity bean. This fruit is inedible. Rosary pea belongs to the Fabaceae family.

Round Lime

Round lime has a scientific name of Citrus australis. Other names include Dooja, Australian lime and Australian round lime. These are found in Queensland, Australia. The fruits are pear-shaped with thick green skin. The fruits taste acidic and can be consumed raw. Other uses include making marmalades or a lime flavoring.

Rubus × Loganobaccus

Rubus × loganobaccus is commonly known as Loganberry. This is a hybrid between European raspberry and North American blackberry. Beside eating the fruit raw, it is also used to make juices, pie, jams, syrups and wines.


Rukam has a scientific name of Flacourtia rukam. Other names include governor’s plum, Indian prune and Indian plum.This belongs to the Salicaceae willow family and is grown for its edible fruit.


That’s all to this post. It has been really fun finding for these names. Hopefully, this list is useful to you too. Feel free to share this list if you find it useful.