Fruits That Start With T [Full List]

Tomatoes and the sweet tangerine are definitely going to come to mind when we think of fruit names that begins with T. But we want to know how many other fruits have names beginning with the T alphabet. And we started our quest to find all of them. In this post, we have compiled a list of fruits that start with T.

31 Fruits That Start With T at a glance

It turns out that there are really quite a number of fruit names beginning with T. And quite a few are citrus types. In total we found 31 of them. These are the fruits that begin with T.

  1. Taiwan tangerine (also known as Citrus × depressa)
  2. Tamarillo (also known as Solanum betaceum)
  3. Tamarind (also known as Tamarindus indica)
  4. Tamarind-plum (also known as Dialium indum)
  5. Tangelo (also known as Citrus × tangelo)
  6. Tangerine (also known as Citrus tangerina)
  7. Tangor (also known as Citrus reticulata × sinensis ‘Tangor’)
  8. Taxus (also known as Yew cones)
  9. Tayberry (also known as Rubus fruticosus × rubus idaeus)
  10. Terminalia catappa (also known as Country-almond)
  11. Terminalia ferdinandiana (also known as Gubinge)
  12. Theobroma cacao (also known as Cacao)
  13. Theobroma grandiflorum (also known as Cupuaçu)
  14. Thrinax radiata (also known as Florida thatch palm)
  15. Tibetan dewberry (also known as Rubus thibetanus)
  16. Tigger melon (also known as Cucumis melo)
  17. Tilia (also known as Linden)
  18. Tomato
  19. Triphasia trifolia (also known as Limeberry)
  20. Terap (also known as Artocarpus odoratissimus)
  21. Terminalia carpentariae (also known as Wild peach)
  22. Texas persimmon (also known as Diospyros texana)
  23. Thimbleberry (also known as Rubus parviflorus)
  24. Thorn apple (also known as Datura stramonium)
  25. Tickberry (also known as Lantana camara)
  26. Tormentil (also known as Potentilla erecta)
  27. Totara (also known as Podocarpus totara)
  28. Toyon (also known as Heteromeles arbutifolia)
  29. Trifoliate orange (also known as Citrus trifoliata)
  30. Tropical soda apple (also known as Solanum viarum)
  31. Tung tree (also known as Vernicia fordii)

More on Fruits Starting With T

Taiwan Tangerine

Taiwan tangerine has a scientific name of Citrus × depressa. Other names include hirami remon, shiikuwasha, shequasar, Okinawa lime, flat lemon, Taiwan tangerine and hirami lemon. This is a citrus fruit and can be found in Taiwan and Okinawa Japan. This fruit is small and green. It tastes sour and contains a lot of flavonoids. It is often used as garnish for dishes, making jams and juices.

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Tamarillo has a scientific name of Solanum betaceum. This belongs to the Solanaceae nightshade family. The fruit has the shape of an egg and can be orange or red. Red ones taste sour while orange ones taste sweet.  The flesh is similar to that of a tomato but it has more seeds. Their uses include making compotes, hollandaise, chutneys, curries and desserts. Its other names include berenjena and tamamoro, terong Belanda, Dutch eggplant, tree tomato, tomate andino,tomate de árbol, tomate serrano, tomate de yuca, blood fruit, sachatomate and tomate de españa.


Tamarind has a scientific name of Tamarindus indica. This belong to the Fabaceae family and is found in tropical parts of Africa. The fruit is edible and is brown in color. The shape of the fruit is that of a pod. The pulp is tangy and sweet. It is used as a flavouring in cuisines such as chutneys and curries. It is also used for medicines such as the sharbat syrup.

Tamarind-Plum Fruit

Tamarind-plum has a scientific name of Dialium indum. Its other names include karanji and kerangji. The tamarind plum tree is part of the Fabaceae family. The tamarind-plum fruit are the size of a grape with shells that are brown, hard and inedible. It tastes like tamarind but it is sweeter and dryer. Its use includes making candies and drinks.


Tangelo has a scientific name of Citrus × tangelo. It is also known as honeybells. This is a citrus fruit that is a cross between tangerine and pomelo. Tangelos is about the size of an orange and has a tangy taste with juicy flesh.


Tangerine has a scientific name of Citrus tangerina. This is another type of orange but it is not as big or round as the common oranges. It also tastes less sour and much sweeter. Besides eating them raw or juicing them, it is often used as an ingredient for recipes, salads and desserts. The peel can also be eaten or used as a zest or spice in baking recipes or drinks.


Tangor has a scientific name of Citrus reticulata × sinensis ‘Tangor’. This is yet another type of orange. It is a cross hybrid between mandarin orange and sweet orange. Its other name is temple orange. This fruit has a thick rind but it can be easily peel off. The pulp is bright orange and taste sour and sweet. This fruit needs to grow in tropical and warm temperature areas.


Taxus is commonly known as Yew cones.. This fruit is inedible. Taxus belongs to the Taxaceae family.


Tayberry has a scientific name of Rubus fruticosus × rubus idaeus. This belongs to the Rosaceae family. It is a cross hybrid of blackberry and red raspberry. The fruit is sweet and large. It also has a strong aroma. It can be consumed raw. It is also used as an ingredient for wine, beer, jams and pies.

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Terminalia Catappa

Terminalia catappa is commonly known as Country-almond. This belongs to the Combretaceae family and is found in Madagascar, Pacific, Australia and Asia. The fruit belongs to the drupe family. It is long and broad, with only 1 seed. It is red in color when ripens but starts off from green to yellow before maturing. The fruit is edible but it is acidic in taste.

Terminalia Ferdinandiana

Terminalia ferdinandiana is commonly known as Gubinge. Its other names include Kakadu plum, gubinge, green plum, billygoat plum, salty plum, murunga and mador . This belongs to the Combretaceae family and is found in Australia. The fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C. Its use includes bush food and medicines.

Theobroma Cacao

Theobroma cacao is commonly known as Cacao. It is more commonly called the cocoa beans. This belongs to the Malvaceae family and is found in Mesoamerica. The beans are what makes our chocolate as well as other cocoa products and chocolate liquor. By statistics, Ivory coast is the world’s largest cocoa producer, responsible for 37% of it.

Theobroma Grandiflorum

Theobroma grandiflorum is commonly known as Cupuaçu. This is found in the jungles of north Brazil, Peru, Bolivia and Colombia. This is related to cacao. Its uses include making ice cream and snack bars.

Thrinax Radiata

Thrinax radiata is commonly known as Florida thatch palm. Other names include Silk-top thatch palm, Jamaican thatch, Chit, Sea thatch palm and Caribbean thatch palm.This fruit is white in color and inedible. Thrinax radiata belongs to the Arecaceae family and is found in south florida, central america and caribbean islands.

Tibetan Dewberry

Tibetan dewberry has a scientific name of Rubus thibetanus. This fruit is inedible. Tibetan dewberry belongs to the Rosaceae family.

Tigger Melon

Tigger melon, also called the melon, has a scientific name of Cucumis melo. The fruit belongs to the pepo type. The melons can be eaten raw or dried. It is also used to make melon oil.


Tilia is commonly known as Linden. This fruit is inedible.


Tomato. This is something that everyone is familiar with. The species came from western parts of South and central americas when Aztec used them for their cooking. It then spread to Europe when Spanishs came into contact with the Aztec.

Triphasia Trifolia

Triphasia trifolia is commonly known as Limeberry. Other names include sweet lime and limoncitong kastila. This belong to the Rutaceae family and is found in the tropical regions in southeast Asia such as Indonesian and Philippines. The fruit is edible and tastes like sweet lime. It is red in color and has pulpy flesh.

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Terap has a scientific name of Artocarpus odoratissimus. Other names include madang, marang, timadang, tarap, terap,green pedalai and johey oak. . This belongs to the Moraceae family and is found in Mindanao Island,Palawan and Borneo. This is a close relative of the jackfruit. The fruit looks like a jackfruit. But it has a strong smell and a stronger flavor compared to jackfruit. The fruit has a short shelf life and has to be eaten within hours once opened.

Terminalia Carpentariae

Terminalia carpentariae is commonly known as Wild peach. This belongs to the Combretaceae and is found in north Australia.

Texas Persimmon

Texas persimmon has a scientific name of Diospyros texana. This is a persimmon species and is found in Texas, Oklahoma in the US and northeast Mexico. It is also known as Mexican persimmon,black persimmon and Texas persimmon. The fruits are black in color and berry-like, with 3 to 8 red triangular seeds. The ripened berries have a sweet taste. Its uses include making puddings and custards.


Thimbleberry has a scientific name of Rubus parviflorus. It is also called redcaps. It is a Rubus species and is found in temperate regions in northern parts of North America. The fruit is edible and is red in color.

Thorn Apple

Thorn apple has a scientific name of Datura stramonium. This fruit is inedible. Thorn apple belongs to the Solanaceae family.


Tickberry has a scientific name of Lantana camara. This fruit is inedible. Tickberry belongs to the Verbenaceae family. Other common names include Spanish flag, wild-sage, big-sage, red-sage, white-sage, korsu wiri, korsoe wiwiri, tickberry, West Indian lantana, putus, umbelanterna, Gu Phool, and Thirei.


Tormentil has a scientific name of Potentilla erecta. This fruit is inedible. Tormentil belongs to the Rosaceae family.


Totara has a scientific name of Podocarpus totara. This species is found in New Zealand.

Toyon Fruit

Toyon has a scientific name of Heteromeles arbutifolia. The Toyon Fruit belongs to the pome type and is small at 10mm in diameter. It has a bright red color and ripens in the fall. They can be eaten raw. Other uses include making jellies, tea, porridge, pancakes, custard and wine.

Trifoliate Orange

Trifoliate orange has a scientific name of Citrus trifoliata. This fruit is inedible. Trifoliate orange belongs to the Rutaceae family. Trifoliate orange changes from green to yellow when ripened. They look like a orange but smaller. The texture is more like a peach. It also contains a lots of seeds. Due to the poncirin in them, they taste bitter. Their uses include making marmalade and condiment. They are also used for medicine for allergic inflammation in East Asia.

Tropical Soda Apple

Tropical soda apple has a scientific name of Solanum viarum. This fruit is inedible. Tropical soda apple belongs to the Solanaceae family and can be found in Brazil and Argentina. The fruits looks like a water melon but is much smaller at about the size of a pingpong ball.

Tung Tree

Tung tree has a scientific name of Vernicia fordii. This fruit is inedible. Tung tree belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family.


That’s all to this post. It has been really fun finding for these names. Hopefully, this list is useful to you too. Feel free to share this list if you find it useful.