Fruits That Start With X [Complete List]

Our minds went blank when we think about fruit names that begins with X. Is there any fruits with names beginning with the X alphabet? We wanted to know and started looking for such fruit names. In this post, we have compiled a list of fruits that start with X.

4 Fruits That Start With X at a glance

We look through all over the internet. Indeed, there are few fruit names beginning with X. But we did found a few fruits with alternative names that begins with letter X. There are only 4 of such names. Here are the fruits that begin with X.

  1. Ximenia americana (also known as Yellow plum)
  2. Xigua ( also known as watermelon )
  3. Ximenia caffra ( also known as sour plum )
  4. Xylocarpus granatum ( also known as cannonball mangrove )

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Ximenia Americana

Ximenia americana is commonly known as Yellow plum. Other names include sea lemon, tallow wood, or pi’ut or hog plum. This is a small bush shrub belonging to the Olacaceae family. It is found in tropical areas in Australia, America, Asia and Africa and it grows in woodlands. It can grow up to 7 metres in height and have spear-shaped leaves that grow out of spur shoots. The yellow plum fruit is small in size and has a nice aroma. The shrub flowers in the dry season but the fruits ripen throughout the year.


Xigua is a Chinese word which means watermelon. Its scientific name is called Citrullus lanatus. Its botanical name is the pepo. The Citrullus lanatus belongs to the Cucurbitaceae family. This is a climbing plant with very long and slender stems. Watermelon can be grown in both tropical and temperate regions as long as the climate is favourable.  There are 1000 varieties of watermelon cultivated in the world today. According to statistics,  66% of the watermelon in the world is produced by China.

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Citrullus lanatus is believed to originate from north east Africa as there are remains of wild watermelon seeds uncovered in Libya dating to 3500 BC. According to records, it was only in 2000 BC when Egyptians started growing watermelon and watermelons spread to Europe in the Roman times.

Ximenia Caffra

Ximenia caffra is commonly known as the sour plum. It is closely related to the Ximenia americana also known as the yellow plum found in west USA. Ximenia caffra belongs to the Olacaceae family and is a small tree with thin branches. It can found in the south eastern parts of Africa. A sour plum tree can bear a number of fruits in a single year. The tree is tolerant to both frost and drought and can grow in high elevations of 2000 metres. There is a use either for medicine or for fuel for all parts of the tree. The tree blooms in Sep to Oct in the dry season. The fruits ripens in Dec to Jan in the rainy season.

The sour plum is sour in taste. It is eaten raw. However, the seed inside is not edible. The sour plum has a widespread use in jellies and desserts.

Xylocarpus Granatum

Xylocarpus granatum is widely known as cannonball mangrove. Other names include cedar mangrove and puzzlenut tree. This is a common mangrove species and belongs to the mahogany or Meliaceae family. It can be seen in the Pacific Islands, Australasia , Asia and Africa. This is a medium size evergreen tree that can grow up to 12 metres. The tree has buttresses in its trunk and its roots grow above the ground and spread out very far.

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That’s all to this post. It has been really fun finding for these names. Hopefully, this list is useful to you too. Feel free to share this list if you find it useful.