Fruits That Start With Y [Full List]

When it comes to fruit names that begins with Y, we probably would have think of sweet tasting Yangmei. But is there other fruits with names beginning with the Y alphabet? We were curious and start looking for such fruit names. In this post, we have compiled a list of fruits that start with Y.

10 Fruits That Start With Y at a glance

There are really not many fruit names beginning with Y. But we did found a number of the fruits with alternative names that begins with letter Y. There are only 10 of such names. These are the fruits that begin with Y.

  1. Yangmei (also known as Myrica rubra)
  2. Yantok (also known as Calamus manillensis)
  3. Yellow granadilla (also known as Passiflora edulis f flavicarpa)
  4. Yew cones (also known as Taxus)
  5. Youngberry (also known as Rubus caesius ‘Youngberry’)
  6. Yuzu (also known as Citrus junos)
  7. Yellow buckeye (also known as Aesculus flava)
  8. Yellow mombin (also known as Spondias mombin)
  9. Yellow oleander (also known as Cascabela thevetia)
  10. Yellow plum (also known as Ximenia americana)

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Yangmei has a scientific name of Myrica rubra. In Japan, it is known as yamamomo which means mountain peach. Other names include  Japanese bayberry,  Chinese bayberry, Chinese strawberry, waxberry, red bayberry and yumberry. The Myrica rubra tree can be found in southern-central parts of China, Philippines, Korea and Japan. This tree grows at elevations of 100 to 1500 metres in forests located on valleys and mountain slopes. The tree blooms in Mar-Apr and fruits develop in May-June. The fruit is spherical in shape and have sweet tasting flesh with a single large seed inside.

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Yantok has a scientific name of Calamus manillensis. Calamus manillensis is a palm species in the Arecaceae  family.  This is a climbing plant with very slender and flexible stems. They can grow up to 200 metres long.

Yellow Granadilla

Yellow granadilla has a scientific name of Passiflora edulis f flavicarpa. It is widely called the passion fruit as it comes from Passiflora which is a passion flower species. Passiflora originated from south Brazil, Paraguay and north Argentina. The passion fruit is sweet and contains many seeds. This fruit can be eaten or juiced. As such, there is commercial cultivation of this fruit and is grown widely in tropical and semitropical areas.

Yew Cones

Yew cones has a scientific name of Taxus. This fruit is inedible as it contains alkaloids which is poisonous. Yew cones belongs to the Taxaceae family. The Yew cone tree can grow up to a height of 20 metres.


Youngberry has a scientific name of Rubus caesius ‘Youngberry’.Youngberries are complex hybrids of raspberries, blackberries, and dewberries. In addition to eating the berries fresh, this plant is also used in juices, jams, and other recipes.


Yuzu has a scientific name of Citrus junos.This is a type of citrus fruit. The Yuzu plant belongs to the Rutaceae family. Yuzu is mostly grown in Eastern Asia and more recently in Spain, Italy, France and Australia.

Yellow Buckeye

Yellow buckeye has a scientific name of Aesculus flava. Its other names include Aesculus flava, yellow buckeye, sweet buckeye or common buckeye. This fruit is inedible. Yellow buckeye belongs to the Sapindaceae family. The Yellow Buckeye tree is a deciduous tree that is found in East US in the Appalachian Mountains and  Ohio Valley.

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Yellow Mombin

Yellow mombin has a scientific name of Spondias mombin. It is also known as hog plum. The Yellow mombin plant belongs to the Anacardiaceae family and originated from tropical Americas.

Yellow Oleander

Yellow oleander has a scientific name of Cascabela thevetia. In West Indies, it is known as lucky nut. This fruit is inedible. Yellow oleander belongs to the Apocynaceae family. This plant is found in Mexico and central America. It is called yellow oleander as it is related to Nerium oleander.

Yellow Plum

Yellow plum has a scientific name of Ximenia americana. Its other names include tallow wood, sea lemon, hog plum, or pi’ut. The Yellow plum tree belongs to the Olacaceae family. The tree usually grows in woodlands and can be found in the tropical regions in Africa, America, Australia and Asia. The tree can grow up to 7m with leaves bearing from spur shoots. The fruit is small and aromatic. The tree blooms in the dry season but the fruits ripen throughout the year.


That’s all to this post. It has been really fun finding for these names. Hopefully, this list is useful to you too. Feel free to share this list if you find it useful.