Herbs Starting With Z [Full List]

When we were asked for the herb names that begins with Z, we could only think of this one name – Zanzibar copal. We are curious if there are more of such herb names. So we got our gear and started searching all over for all of these herb names. In this post, we list down all the herbs starting with Z letter.

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2 Herbs Starting With Z at a glance

We only managed to find a handful of herb names beginning with Z. There are 2 of such herb names in total. Below is the list of herbs beginning with Z.

  1. Zanzibar copal (aka Hymenaea verrucosa)
  2. Zucchini (aka Cucurbita pepo)

More on Herbs That Start With Z

Zanzibar copal

Zanzibar copal has a scientific name of Hymenaea verrucosa. Zanzibar copal is a tree. This is found in tropical areas. Coastal forest is where you can find them.


Zucchini has a scientific name of Cucurbita pepo. Zucchini is a herbaceous plant.


That’s the end of the list we found. We only manage to find this short list after conducting an exhaustive search on all the resources we could gather. It was quite a bit of effort to gather this list of herb that start with letter Z. Hope, this list, though short, may be of use to you.

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