Italian Foods That Start With C

Italian Foods That Start With C

Today, we bring to you a guide to italian foods that start with C.

The food of Italy is one of the most beloved in the world, with Italian dishes being enjoyed by millions of people every day. Italian food is famous for its use of simple and fresh ingredients, combined in interesting and flavorful ways. Whether you are a fan of seafood, meat, cheese, or vegetables, Italian cuisine has something that will tantalize your taste buds. From the bruschetta to the tiramisu, each dish is a celebration of flavor.

Creating a list of authentic Italian foods was an undertaking that I anticipated would be intimidating. I knew that the process would require extensive research, and that I would have to dive deep into the country’s culinary history. However, I did not anticipate the goodness of the work it would entail. From wine tastings in the Tuscan Hills to trying the most flavorsome pizza in Napoli, the entire process was thrilling. With the help of my team, I was able to put together a list that gives a mouthwatering glimpse into the delights of Italian cuisine.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of italian foods starting with C!

87 Italian Foods That Start With C

And here’s the list of italian foods that begin with C letter.


A traditional seafood soup from Livorno, Tuscany, Cacciucco is a tomato-based soup that is typically made with a variety of different fish and shellfish, including squid, prawns, mussels, and clams. The soup is flavored with garlic, onion, and chili flakes, which gives it a deliciously spicy kick. It’s served with crusty bread on the side to soak up the rich, flavorful broth.

Cacio E Pepe

Cacio e Pepe is a simple yet delicious Italian pasta dish that originated in Rome. It’s made with just a few ingredients – spaghetti, Pecorino Romano cheese, black pepper and a little bit of starchy pasta water. The cheese and water create a creamy sauce that coats the pasta perfectly. The black pepper gives it a little bit of heat and a lot of flavor. It’s a classic dish that is perfect for a quick and easy dinner.

Cacio Figurato

Cacio Figurato is a unique cheese that comes from the region of Molise in Italy. It’s a semi-hard cheese made from sheeps milk, and it is formed in the shape of a pear or a ball. The cheese is aged for about 40 days, during which time it develops a sweet, nutty flavor, and a slightly crumbly texture. It’s perfect for snacking on with some crusty bread, or can be grated and used to add flavor to pasta dishes.


Caciocavallo is a semi-hard cheese that is made from cows or sheep’s milk. It has a nutty flavor and is often used in place of provolone in traditional Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, and sandwiches. The cheese is shaped like a teardrop or a gourd and is hung to dry for a few weeks, which gives it a distinctive shape and flavor.


Cacioricotta is a soft, fresh cheese that is made from a combination of cows and sheep’s milk. It has a light, creamy texture and a mild, slightly tangy flavor. The cheese is typically used as a spread, but it can also be used in cooking to add a creamy texture and a bit of nuttiness to pasta dishes and risottos.


Caciotta is a type of cheese that is made from cows or sheep’s milk. It has a mild, nutty flavor and a smooth, creamy texture. The cheese is often used as a topping for pizza or as a filling for sandwiches. It’s also a great addition to pasta dishes, as it adds a bit of creaminess and flavor without overpowering the other ingredients.

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Calamarata is a type of pasta that is shaped like rings of calamari. It’s usually served with a seafood sauce, such as a tomato-based sauce with clams, mussels, and shrimp. The pasta has a firm texture that holds up well to the rich, flavorful sauce, making it a popular option in coastal regions of Italy.


Calzone is a traditional Italian dish that is similar to pizza, but instead of being open-faced, it is folded in half to create a pocket. The pocket is usually filled with tomato sauce, cheese, and various meats and vegetables. The pocket is then baked until the crust is crispy and the cheese is melted. It’s a popular street food in Italy and can be found in pizzerias and food stalls throughout the country.


Campanelle is a type of pasta that is shaped like little bells or flowers. It’s a versatile pasta that works well with a variety of sauces, including tomato-based sauces, cream-based sauces, and pesto. The curved edges of the pasta help it to hold onto sauce, making it a great option for dishes that are heavy on sauce.


Canestrato is a hard, aged cheese that is made from sheep’s milk. It has a rich, nutty flavor and a firm, crumbly texture. The cheese is usually grated and used as a topping for pasta dishes or added to salads for a bit of extra flavor and texture.


Canestrelli are traditional Italian cookies that are made with flour, butter, sugar, and almonds. The cookies are shaped like little stars or flowers and are often dusted with powdered sugar. They have a delicate, buttery flavor and a crumbly texture. They’re perfect for serving with a cup of coffee or tea.


Cannoli are a classic Italian dessert that consists of a tube-shaped shell made from fried pastry dough that is filled with a sweet, creamy filling. The filling is made with ricotta cheese and sugar, and is often flavored with chocolate chips, candied fruit, or pistachios. The pastry is crunchy on the outside and creamy on the inside, making it a delicious and indulgent treat.


Capellini is a very thin type of pasta that is often referred to as angel hair pasta. It’s a delicate pasta that is typically served with light sauces, such as tomato-based sauces or olive oil and garlic. The pasta cooks very quickly, so it’s perfect for a quick and easy dinner.


Capocollo is a type of Italian cured meat that is made from the neck or shoulder of a pig. It’s seasoned with garlic, fennel, and red pepper flakes, and is cured for several months. The meat is sliced thin and can be eaten on its own or used as a topping for pizza or sandwiches. It has a rich, meaty flavor that is perfect for adding depth to Italian dishes.

Cappon Magro

Cappon Magro is a traditional Ligurian dish that is often served on Christmas Eve. It’s a salad that is made with layers of fresh seafood, such as lobster, shrimp, and crab, along with vegetables like tomatoes and cucumbers. The salad is topped with a rich, garlicky mayonnaise dressing that gives it a deliciously creamy flavor.


Cappuccino is a popular Italian coffee drink that consists of espresso, steamed milk, and foam. The drink is usually topped with a sprinkle of cinnamon or cocoa powder. It’s a delicious and comforting drink that is perfect for a morning pick-me-up or an afternoon treat.

Capra E Fagioli

Capra e Fagioli is a traditional Italian dish that is made with goat meat and white beans. The meat is cooked slowly with garlic and rosemary until it’s tender and flavorful. The beans are then added to the pot and cooked until they’re tender as well. It’s a hearty and comforting dish that is perfect for a chilly evening.

Caprese Salad

Caprese salad is a simple and delicious salad that consists of slices of ripe tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and fresh basil leaves. It’s drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper. The sweet and tangy flavors of the tomato and cheese are perfectly balanced by the fresh, aromatic basil. It’s a perfect summer salad that is easy to make and always a crowd-pleaser.

Caprino Cheese

This tangy goat cheese is perfect for salads and pastas, adding a delicious creaminess to any dish.


These curled, tube-shaped pasta are great for soaking up sauces, making them a favorite among chefs and foodies alike.

Carbomyces Emergens

This rare type of yeast is a key ingredient in many Italian breads, including ciabatta and focaccia.


One of Italy’s most beloved pasta dishes, carbonara is made with eggs, bacon, and Pecorino Romano cheese, creating a rich and savory flavor.

Carne Al Piatto

This simple yet satisfying dish consists of thinly sliced beef served with a side of roasted vegetables, making it a healthy and hearty meal option.

Carne Pizzaiola

A popular Neapolitan dish, carne pizzaiola is made with braised beef cooked in a tomato sauce, flavored with garlic and oregano.


Thinly sliced raw beef, Carpaccio is typically served as an appetizer, topped with arugula, Parmesan, and a drizzle of olive oil.

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A popular Sicilian street food, Carrozza are fried sandwiches filled with mozzarella cheese and anchovies.


This twisted pasta is great for catching chunky sauces, making it a favorite among pasta lovers.


This savory bread is filled with ham, salami, and cheese, making it a delicious snack or appetizer.

Casertana Pig

This rare breed of pig is raised in the Campania region of Italy and is known for its flavorful meat used in many traditional Italian dishes.


This sheep’s milk cheese from Sardinia is sharp and tangy, making it perfect for grating over pasta or eating as part of a cheese plate.

Caso Peruto

This rare cheese from Calabria is known for its distinctive smoky flavor, which comes from drying the cheese over burning embers.


A type of stuffed pasta from Lombardy, Casoncelli are typically filled with meat, cheese, and breadcrumbs, served with butter and sage.


This classic Sicilian cake is made with sponge cake, filled with ricotta cheese and candied fruit, and topped with marzipan.


A type of chestnut cake from Tuscany, Castagnaccio is made with chestnut flour, pine nuts, and rosemary, creating a unique nutty flavor.

Castelmagno Cheese

This rare cheese from Piedmont is made with cow’s milk and aged for several months, creating a tangy and nutty flavor.

Castelrosso Cheese

This soft cheese from Piedmont is covered in a layer of ruby-red paprika, which gives it a unique and spicy flavor.


This natural flavoring is extracted from the castor sacs of beavers and used in some types of Italian desserts, including ice cream and pastries.


A type of stuffed pasta from the Dolomites, Casunziei are filled with beets and ricotta cheese, creating a sweet and savory flavor.


A type of Italian cookie flavored with honey, spices, and nuts, Cavallucci are perfect for dunking in a hot cup of coffee.


This corkscrew-shaped pasta is great for pairing with chunky sauces or for use in baked pasta dishes.


This small, shell-shaped pasta is perfect for pairing with light tomato or cream based sauces for a simple yet satisfying dinner.


A type of stuffed pasta from Tuscany, Cencioni are typically filled with spinach and ricotta cheese, and served with a simple tomato sauce.


This rare type of wild mushroom is highly sought after by Italian chefs for its delicate flavor and unique texture.

Checca Sauce

Made with fresh tomatoes, basil, and garlic, Checca Sauce is perfect for pairing with light pastas or as a dip for bread.

Cheese Pizza

A classic Italian dish, cheese pizza is perfect for satisfying a pizza craving without any additional toppings needed.


While not originally Italian, this sandwich has become a staple in many Italian-American communities, featuring thinly sliced steak and melted cheese.

Chef Boyardee

While not authentically Italian, Chef Boyardee’s canned pastas have become a household name in America, perfect for a quick and easy meal.


This bitter citrus fruit is often used as a flavoring in Italian sodas or as a garnish for cocktails, creating a unique and refreshing taste.

Chocolate Salami

Indulge in the decadent sweetness of chocolate salami, a dessert made of chocolate, cookies and nuts rolled into a tasty log. It’s perfect to serve with coffee or as a snack any time of day.

Choke Pear

Not for the faint of heart, choke pears are large, green fruits that have a tough exterior and a soft interior. They’re perfect for making jams, jellies, and other sweet treats.


Ciabatta is a traditional Italian bread with a crispy crust and soft interior. It’s perfect for making sandwiches or serving alongside a warm bowl of soup.


Ciambella is a simple and delicious ring-shaped cake that’s perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack. The combination of lemon and vanilla gives it a delightful fragrance and taste.


Ciambotta is a Mediterranean vegetable stew that’s perfect for vegetarians or as a side dish. It’s packed with flavors from vegetables such as eggplant, zucchini, and peppers.


Ciarduna is a traditional dessert from Calabria, made with ricotta cheese and candied fruit. It’s a delightful sweet treat that’s perfect for special occasions.


Ciarimbolo is a delicious and hearty dish made with potatoes and eggs, and it’s a great way to start your day. It’s perfect for a brunch with friends or family.


Ciauscolo is a spreadable salami from Central Italy that’s perfect for serving with crackers or crusty bread. It’s a flavorful and hearty dish that’ll satisfy any meat lover.


Ciccioli is a traditional snack from Emilia-Romagna, made from fried pork rind. It’s a delicious treat that’s perfect for pairing with a glass of wine.

Cinta Senese

Cinta Senese is a type of cured meat from Tuscany, made from the meat of the Cinta Senese pig. It’s a flavorful and hearty dish that’s perfect for meat lovers.

Cioccolato Di Modica

Cioccolato di Modica is a traditional chocolate from Sicily, made from cocoa beans and sugar that’s mixed together at low temperatures without adding any other ingredients. The result is a flavorful, grainy chocolate that’s perfect for baking or snacking.

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Cioppino is a seafood stew with an Italian twist, made with tomato broth and a variety of seafood such as clams, shrimp, and fish. It’s a delicious and hearty dish that’s perfect for cool nights.


Ciupeta is a typical dessert from Friuli-Venezia Giulia made with chopped walnuts, honey, orange rind, and cinnamon. It’s a delicious sweet treat that’s perfect for paired with a glass of wine or coffee.

Clam Sauce

Clam sauce is a traditional Italian sauce made with clams, garlic, white wine, and olive oil. It’s perfect paired with your favorite pasta.

Clams Oreganata

Clams oreganata is a delicious appetizer made with baked clams topped with breadcrumbs and oregano. It’s perfect for starting off any meal.


Clementines are a sweet and juicy citrus fruit that are perfect for snacking or adding to salads. They’re in season during the winter months.

Colatura Di Alici

Colatura di Alici is a flavorful Italian fish sauce made from anchovies and salt. It’s a key ingredient in many Italian dishes and adds a savory, umami flavor.

Colomba Di Pasqua

Colomba di Pasqua is a traditional Easter cake from Lombardy made in the shape of a dove. It’s a sweet and fragrant cake that’s perfect for celebrating the holiday.

Colorado-style Pizza

Colorado-style pizza is a unique type of pizza that features a crunchy, honey-infused crust topped with a variety of meats, vegetables, and unique sauces. It’s a delicious and unique twist on a classic dish.


Conchiglie is a popular pasta shape that’s shaped like a seashell. Its unique shape makes it perfect for pairing with hearty sauces and fillings.


Conditum is an ancient Roman spiced wine made with honey, wine, and various spices, such as cinnamon and ginger. It’s a delicious and fragrant drink that’s perfect for special occasions.

Coppia Ferrarese

Coppia Ferrarese is a type of bread from Ferrara that’s twisted into a unique shape. It’s a flavorful and hearty bread that’s perfect for sandwiches or toasting.

Coregone Di Campotosto

Coregone di Campotosto is a type of fish from Abruzzo that’s typically grilled or baked. It’s a flavorful and hearty fish that’s perfect for seafood lovers.


Cornetto is a type of Italian croissant that’s typically stuffed with cream or Nutella. It’s a sweet and flaky pastry that’s perfect for breakfast or as a dessert.

Cotechino Modena

Cotechino Modena is a delicious and hearty sausage from Modena that’s typically cooked and served with lentils. It’s a flavorful and hearty dish that’s perfect for cold winter days.

Cotoletta Alla Bolognese

Cotoletta alla Bolognese is a savory and delicious dish made with breaded and fried veal cutlets. It’s a hearty and filling dish that’s perfect for main course.

Crescentina Modenese

Crescentina Modenese is a type of bread from Modena that’s typically fried and served hot. It’s crispy and flavorful, and its unique shape makes it perfect for filling with meat and cheese.


The crispy and savory flatbread that originates from Italy’s eastern region of Marche. It’s usually topped with toppings like sausage, cheese, and tomato sauce.

Crocetta Of Caltanissetta

A traditional Sicilian pastry filled with sweet almond paste and formed into a spiral shape. It is often served during special occasions like weddings and religious holidays.


A non-alcoholic orange-red drink that tastes bittersweet. It’s typically consumed during aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks) in Italy and is perfect for those who want to enjoy a drink without getting tipsy!


A classic Italian tart made with a shortbread-like crust filled with jam, cream or fresh fruits. It’s perfect for breakfast or as a dessert!


A popular Italian appetizer that consists of toasted bread slices topped with a variety of ingredients such as cheese, cured meats, and vegetables. It’s perfect for hosting parties or as a quick snack.


An Italian cheese that is semi-hard with a nutty and tangy flavor. It’s perfect for cheese platters or as a cheeseburger topping for a delicious twist!


Referring to raw meats or fish toppings that are served in Italian cuisine. The most often used raw meat is air-dried beef, while the most famous raw fish dish is raw tuna. It’s perfect for those who prefer light and flavorful dishes!


An Italian Sicilian fig cookie mixed with a variety of different spices and a sweet fig filling. It’s meticulously wrapped into a roll and then sliced to become bite-sized cookies. It’s often served during Christmas Eve.


A type of spicy pork sausage that’s typically served on a bun with other toppings like onions and peppers. It’s a regional specialty from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and was brought by Finnish immigrants to the area.


A prized boneless cured ham from the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It has a delicate and smooth flavor and is often served thinly sliced with cheese or melon during aperitivo (pre-dinner drinks).

Culatello Di Zibello

A particular type of culatello aged for at least 12 months, native to the town of Zibello in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. It has a particularly unique flavor and is often considered one of the best cured meats in the world.


A unique Sardinian stuffed pasta dish that’s shaped like a crescent moon and typically filled with potatoes and cheese. It’s often served with a tomato sauce and is a must-try dish for those visiting Sardinia!

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of C italian foods.

I have always loved Italian food, and the idea of compiling a list of authentic dishes was an almost natural path for me. But as I delved deeper into the process, I quickly realized how little I knew about the country’s food culture. It took me weeks of reading blogs, visiting restaurants, and sifting through countless recipe books to get a comprehensive guide of Italy’s culinary offers. The end result, however, was worth all the effort and wait. My list of handpicked Italian delicacies is nothing short of exceptional.

All in all, Italian cuisine is a gastronomic delight that offers an explosion of flavors and aromas. The diverse regions of Italy each offer unique recipes and ingredients that make Italian cuisine a true culinary treasure. The use of fresh and flavorful ingredients, combined with traditional cooking techniques, results in delectable dishes that are loved all over the world. So, immerse yourself in the flavors of Italy and savor the taste of its exquisite cuisine.

Hope this post on italian foods beginning with C alphabet has been useful to you!