Spices Starting With E [Full List]

When we were asked for the spice names that begins with E, we could only think of this one name – English Thyme. We want to build a longer list of spice names. So we got our coffee with us and started putting in hours of looking through resources to find this full list. We have compiled a list of spices starting with E letter in this blog post.

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5 Spices Starting With E at a glance

There are only a few spice names beginning with E. In total, we got 5 of such names into this list. These are the spices beginning with E.

  1. English lavender (aka Lavandula angustifolia)
  2. Ethiopian Sour Gourd (aka Adansonia digitata)
  3. Ebony Blackhead (aka Ebenopsis ebano)
  4. Ehuru (aka Monodora myristica)
  5. English Thyme (aka Thymus vulgaris)

More on Spices That Start With E

English lavender

English lavender has a scientific name of Lavandula angustifolia. English lavender belongs to Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family. English lavender is a shrub. It is found in places with mediterranean climate. It needs to have well-drained soils.

Ethiopian Sour Gourd

Ethiopian Sour Gourd has a scientific name of Adansonia digitata. Ethiopian Sour Gourd belongs to Bombacaceae family. Ethiopian Sour Gourd is a medium sized tree. This is found in places with tropical climate. Both dry soils and well-drained soils is required for Ethiopian Sour Gourd.

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Ebony Blackhead

Ebony Blackhead has a scientific name of Ebenopsis ebano. Ebony Blackhead belongs to Fabaceae (Leguminosae) family. It is a small woody shrub. You may see this in sub-tropical and tropical areas.


Ehuru has a scientific name of Monodora myristica. Ehuru belongs to Annonaceae family. It is a medium sized tree. It is found in areas with tropical climate. Moist well drained soils is required for Ehuru.

English Thyme

English Thyme has a scientific name of Thymus vulgaris. English Thyme belongs to Lamiaceae (Labiatae) family. It is a shrub. You may see it in mediterranean parts of the world. This needs to have well-drained soils.


Okay. We are at the end of this post. Perhaps, there are just not many of such spice names with E at the start of their names. This list of spice that start with letter E really took up a lot of time to find. Though there weren’t much of these names, we hope it will be of some use to you.

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