Spices Starting With N [Full List]

Negro-coffee. This is the only spice that first came to our mind when it comes to spice names that begins with N. But is there other spices with names beginning with the N alphabet? So we got our coffee ready and begin our hours of looking through resources to find the full list. We have put together a list of spices starting with N letter in this blog post.

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4 Spices Starting With N at a glance

We only managed to find a handful of spice names beginning with N. In total, there are 4 of such names. These are the spices beginning with N.

  1. Neem tree (aka Azadirachta indica)
  2. Native Ginger (aka Alpinia caerulea)
  3. Nerve Plant (aka Etlingera elatior)
  4. Negro-coffee (aka Senna occidentalis)

More on Spices That Start With N

Neem tree

Neem tree has a scientific name of Azadirachta indica. Neem tree belongs to Meliaceae family. This is a medium sized tree. This needs to have fertile and loamy soils.

Native Ginger

Native Ginger has a scientific name of Alpinia caerulea. Native Ginger belongs to Zingiberaceae family. This is a herbaceous plant. It is found in tropical parts of the world. Moist soils that is fertile and loamy is required for Native Ginger.

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Nerve Plant

Nerve Plant has a scientific name of Etlingera elatior. Nerve Plant belongs to Zingiberaceae family. This is a herbaceous plant. It is found in areas with sub-tropical and tropical climate. It grows in moist soils.


Negro-coffee has a scientific name of Senna occidentalis. Negro-coffee belongs to Fabaceae (Leguminosae) family. Negro-coffee is a shrub. This is found in areas with tropical climate. This needs to have well-drained soils that is fertile and loamy.


We have reached to end of the list. We can only put together this short list even after looking through all available resources for spice we could find. This list of spice that start with letter N really took up a lot of time to find. Though there weren’t much of these names, we hope it will be of some use to you.

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