Spices Starting With U [Full List]

Upside-down Tree. This is the only spice that we thought of when it comes to spice names that begins with U. Could there be more spices with names beginning with the U alphabet? So we got our gear and started searching all over for all of these spice names. We have put together a list of spices starting with U letter in this blog post.

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2 Spices Starting With U at a glance

There are just not many spice names beginning with U. In total, we got 2 of such names into this list. These are the spices beginning with U.

  1. Upside-down Tree (aka Adansonia digitata)
  2. Uluh-Uluh (aka Discospermum malaccense)

More on Spices That Start With U

Upside-down Tree

Upside-down Tree has a scientific name of Adansonia digitata. Upside-down Tree belongs to Bombacaceae family. Upside-down Tree is a medium sized tree. It is found in tropical parts of the world. Both dry soils and well-drained soils is required for Upside-down Tree.


Uluh-Uluh has a scientific name of Discospermum malaccense. Uluh-Uluh belongs to Rubiaceae family. Uluh-Uluh is a medium sized tree. This is found in regions with tropical climate. Its natural habitat is secondary rainforest, mountain and primary rainforest. Moist well drained soils that is fertile and loamy is required for Uluh-Uluh.

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Okay. We are at the end of this post. We can only put together this short list even after looking through all available resources for spice we could find. It was quite a bit of effort to gather this list of spice that start with letter U. Hope, this list, though short, may be of use to you.

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