Spices Starting With Y [Full List]

Yarrow. Period. we could only think of this one name when it comes to spice names that begins with Y. Could there be any more spices with names beginning with the Y alphabet? Could we end up the same as the list of spices that starts with Z with just one on the list?  We were eager to find out and pull all our resources together, and started our search for more spices names with Z at the start of their names. After burning the midnight oil, we are ready to publish the list of spices starting with Y letter that we managed to find.

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Spices Starting With Y at a glance

Finally, we have completed our search. And it turns out that we only  have 1 spice names beginning with Y. And this is the one.

  1. Yarrow (aka Achillea)

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Yarrow has a scientific name of Achillea. Yarrow belongs to Asteraceae (Compositae) family. It is a shrub. It is found in areas with sub-tropical climate. Yarrow has sucking insects as its natural pest.

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This is a short list. We can only put together this short list even after looking through all available resources for spice that we could find. It took us quite some time to put up this list but nevertheless, we have really enjoyed every bit of putting up this list of spice that start with letter Y, even though we only have just 1 item on it.

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