States That Start With P

States That Start With P

States that start with P are in the spotlight for today’s post.

The concept of states within countries enables efficient management and governance of specific regions. These states harbor their own distinct features, cultural traditions, and legal systems, enhancing the collective identity of nations.

Several countries around the world have states as administrative divisions. They are:

  • United States: The United States is comprised of 50 states, each with its own government and specific powers, alongside federal governance.
  • Australia: Australia is divided into six states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia) and two mainland territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory).
  • India: India consists of 28 states and 8 union territories, with each state having its own elected government and varying degrees of autonomy.
  • Brazil: Brazil is divided into 26 states and one federal district (which includes the capital city, Brasília).
  • Germany: Germany is a federal republic consisting of 16 states, known as Länder, which have their own governments and legislative powers.
  • Mexico: Mexico is comprised of 31 states and one federal district (Mexico City).
  • Malaysia: Malaysia is divided into 13 states and three federal territories, with each state having its own legislative assembly and constitutional monarchy.
  • Nigeria: Nigeria is divided into 36 states and one federal capital territory (Abuja), with each state having its own governor and state assembly.
  • Canada: Canada is composed of ten provinces (such as Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) and three territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut).
  • Argentina: Argentina is made up of 23 provinces and one autonomous city (Buenos Aires).

I started with the letter A and continued down the list until I reached the end. It was important for me to not skip any letters to have a comprehensive compilation.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of states starting with P!

11 States That Start With P

And here’s the list of names of state that begin with P letter.


Pohnpei (formerly known as Ponape) is a beautiful and lush island nestled in the heart of the Pacific Ocean. Its rich history can be traced back to the 13th century and it served as the capital of the Federated States of Micronesia.
The island is blessed with glorious natural features, such as the ancient ruins of Nan Madol, the island’s sacred city built on a lagoon, and Sokehs Rock, a magnificent volcanic peak that towers over the surrounding landscape. One of the island’s most popular pastimes is world-class diving in the warm waters surrounding the island, with a multitude of coral gardens, tunnels, and underwater caves to explore.
Travelers can also experience Pohnpei’s unique culture, including its traditional handicrafts, dance, and music. Visitors can explore local markets, taste delicious traditional fare, and visit sacred sites. It is a striking destination that offers unparalleled natural beauty and cultural depth.


Located in western Venezuela, Portuguesa is a land of striking beauty and biodiversity. Blessed with a moderate tropical climate year-round, the Costa Oriental, stretching east of the Andes, is dotted with lush greenery, towering peaks, and wild rivers.
Portuguesa is the state that provides the country with the majority of its food production; travelers can take the chance to visit the vibrant and colorful markets to taste locally grown fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as cheese and other dairy products. It is also the primary supplier of oilseed crops like sunflowers, soybeans, and flaxseed, making the region essential to Venezuela’s economy.
For those seeking adventure, Portuguesa is an ideal destination for exploring its vast wilderness areas, including Guaramacal National Park, which encompasses the eastern range of the Andes, and La Andana Nature Reserve, where they can hike in search of exotic flora and fauna. A trip to Portuguesa offers an unforgettable and authentic Venezuelan experience.

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Nestled in the north of Malaysia and bordering Thailand to the north, Perlis is Malaysia’s smallest state – but it’s full of unique features. Its capital, Kangar, is one of the cleanest and most picturesque towns in the country, set amidst verdant hills and lush rice paddies. A trip to Perlis is incomplete without visiting Perlis State Park, with its cascading waterfalls, tranquil lakes, and natural hot springs.
Other attractions include the Snake and Reptile Farm, which exhibits a vivid array of venomous snakes like the King Cobra and pythons, and the iconic Al Hussain Mosque, which showcases modern Islamic architecture. Visiting during the paddy planting season, typically between April to June of each year, is an excellent opportunity to experience the state’s unique customs and culture and watch paddy fields being manually plowed. Perlis may be the smallest state in Malaysia, but it is big on hospitality, and travelers will find themselves welcomed with open arms by its friendly locals.


Plateau state is located in northern Nigeria and is known as “The Home of Peace and Tourism”. The state is blessed with an array of breathtaking scenery, from rugged hills and captivating waterfalls to thick forests and wildlife reserves.
One of the most remarkable attractions in Plateau is the natural rock formations, called the Zuma Rock, that towers above the surrounding landscape, which is imbued with local folklore and intrigue. Other popular tourist spots include the National Museum in Jos, which houses amazing collections of traditional Nigerian art and artifacts, Riyom Rock Formation, and the Kerang Volcanic Mountain.
The state is also renowned for its ethnic diversity, with over forty different ethnic groups represented in the region. Visitors can experience the locals’ vibrant culture and traditions, taste traditional dishes and dance to live music performed during festivities. Plateau is a haven of peace, a place of timeless beauty and a unique destination steeped in history.


Perak is a quintessential Malaysian state located on the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. The state is known for its historical landmarks, natural beauty, and the world-renowned Pasir Salak Historical Complex, where the country’s first Prime Minister’s family home is located.
The fascinating Gua Tempurung Cave, which is over 3 million years old, is another popular destination for travelers. The cave is famous for its beautiful stalactite and stalagmite formations and its unique, thriving ecosystem. Another must-visit site is Taiping Lake Gardens, which is the most extensive public garden in Malaysia and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna, a beautiful lake, and other stunning garden features.
Perak is also a food lover’s paradise, boasting a wide range of traditional Malaysian delicacies such as the famous Ipoh white coffee, nasi lemak, and bean sprouts chicken rice. With its authentic charm and a plethora of attractions, Perak is a hidden gem in the heart of Malaysia.

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Pennsylvania, one of the original thirteen colonies, is a northeastern US state that boasts natural beauty, rich historical landmarks, and a vibrant entertainment scene. Philadelphia, the state’s largest city, is home to Independence Hall, where the Declaration of Independence was signed, as well as the Liberty Bell, perhaps the country’s most iconic symbol of freedom. But there’s more to Pennsylvania than just history. Travelers can also visit the scenic Pocono Mountains, a popular destination for skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities.
It is the birthplace of the first commercially successful steam locomotive, The Tom Thumb, exhibited at the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania. The state is dotted with charming small towns and villages with a fantastic collection of boutique shops, galleries, and eateries. The Pennsylvania Dutch Country offers a unique cultural experience through its Amish villages, where visitors can witness a simpler way of life, shop for handcrafted products, and dine on wholesome homemade meals prepared with locally sourced ingredients. Pennsylvania is a diverse and remarkable state that has much to offer to all types of travelers.


Peleliu is an island of Palau located in the western Pacific Ocean. The island is renowned for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and excellent diving spots, including the iconic “Blue Corner.” There are various world-class dive sites, teeming with an array of marine life, from colorful reef fish to larger predatory species such as sharks and rays.
Visitors can also take a historical tour of the island’s World War II landmarks, including the famous Peleliu Battlefield, which has been preserved to tell the story of the fierce battles held between the US and Japan during World War II. Travelers interested in the island’s culture and local customs can visit Ngatpang State, with the state’s vibrant traditional community that showcases their unique culture through the making of traditional mats and black pottery.
Peleliu is a haven waiting to be explored and remembered, offering the perfect blend of adventure and history, along with the island’s stunning scenery and cultural experience.


A state in northern India, Punjab is known for its incredible history, cultural heritage, and vibrant cuisine. One of the best ways to experience the state’s culture is by visiting the magnificent Golden Temple, the holiest site of Sikhism, and admire its stunning architecture and sacred traditions.
Punjab is famous for its lively music and dance – the Bhangra being both- and travelers can take part in the colorful festivities during the Lohri Festival, held in January each year, where they light bonfires and dance to traditional folk music.
Food lovers will enjoy sampling the local dishes of Punjab, including mouth-watering seekh kebabs, chhole bhature, and the famous Amritsari kulchas, which are flatbreads stuffed with spiced vegetables or paneer. Visitors can also explore the lush countryside of Punjab and its vast farmlands, where they can witness the intricate irrigation systems and cultivation.
With its rich cultural heritage, fascinating history, delicious food and friendly hospitality, Punjab is a top destination in India that deserves to be experienced firsthand.

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Piaui is a state in northeastern Brazil, rich in history and natural attractions. The state is home to a wealth of archaeological sites, including Serra da Capivara National Park, which features a stunning collection of ancient rock art, considered one of the most significant archaeological sites in the Americas.
Piaui’s natural beauty is equally fascinating, boasting beautiful beaches, vast wetlands, and famous national parks. The Parnaiba Delta, an excellent example of the stunning natural beauty in the region, is a delta formed by the Parnaiba river that flows into the Atlantic Ocean, earning the region an eco-tourism designation.
Visitors to the state can also explore its vibrant culture, with dynamic music, dance, and food influenced by African and indigenous traditions. With its striking landscape, prehistoric art, abundant wildlife, and traditional culture, Piaui is an escape into the heart of one of Brazil’s most magnificent states.


Located in central Mexico, Puebla is one of the country’s most historically rich states, with a unique blend of indigenous roots and Spanish colonial influences. Its capital, Puebla City, is a gem of colonial architecture and has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
One of the highlights of the Mexican state is its iconic Talavera pottery, traditionally handcrafted, glazed, and fired in a kiln and used for tiles, plates, and other decorative objects. Travelers can watch the artisans at work in nearby workshops and buy one-of-a-kind pieces.
Puebla is famous for its delectable traditional cuisine, including mole poblano, a flavorful, dark sauce that is used to coat chicken, enchiladas, and other savory dishes. Visitors can also take a trip to the Sierra Norte mountains, where they can hike, camp, mountain bike, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Mexico’s interior. Puebla is a charming and captivating Mexican state that offers a glimpse into the country’s unique blend of history, culture, cuisine, and adventure.


Located in the south of Brazil, Parana is a state with a unique blend of natural beauty, culture, and history. The Iguaçu National Park, one of the most visited national parks in Brazil, is located in Paraná and is famous for its spectacular waterfalls, which are considered one of the seven wonders of the natural world.
The capital of the state, Curitiba, is also a must-see destination. It features a wealth of modernist architecture, parks, museums, and cultural attractions, such as the Museum Oscar Niemeyer – one of the largest museums in Latin America that houses a vast collection of modern and contemporary works of art.
Paraná’s cuisine is a unique blend of Brazilian, Italian, and German influences, with traditional dishes such as barreado, a hearty and warming meat stew, and pierogi, a type of dumpling filled with meat or cheese. The state is also home to several vineyards and breweries, making it a perfect destination for food and beverage lovers. Paraná is a beautiful and culturally diverse Brazilian state that offers a one-of-a-kind travel experience for everyone.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of P states.

I took an alphabetical approach to create a list of all the states in the world. I began at the start of the alphabet and worked my way through each letter until I had compiled every state available.

In conclusion, states are vital components of countries, ensuring effective governance and representation at the subnational level. They promote decentralization, allowing for local decision-making and addressing the unique needs of different regions, thus strengthening the overall fabric of nations.

Hope this post on states beginning with P alphabet has been useful to you!