States That Start With Y

States That Start With Y

Today, we’re exploring the world of states that start with Y.

In the context of countries, states play an essential role as administrative divisions, ensuring effective governance and local representation. Each state encapsulates its own unique characteristics, cultural landscapes, and legal structures, bolstering the rich diversity within nations.

Several countries around the world have states as administrative divisions. They are:

  • United States: The United States is comprised of 50 states, each with its own government and specific powers, alongside federal governance.
  • Australia: Australia is divided into six states (New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia) and two mainland territories (Northern Territory and Australian Capital Territory).
  • India: India consists of 28 states and 8 union territories, with each state having its own elected government and varying degrees of autonomy.
  • Brazil: Brazil is divided into 26 states and one federal district (which includes the capital city, Brasília).
  • Germany: Germany is a federal republic consisting of 16 states, known as Länder, which have their own governments and legislative powers.
  • Mexico: Mexico is comprised of 31 states and one federal district (Mexico City).
  • Malaysia: Malaysia is divided into 13 states and three federal territories, with each state having its own legislative assembly and constitutional monarchy.
  • Nigeria: Nigeria is divided into 36 states and one federal capital territory (Abuja), with each state having its own governor and state assembly.
  • Canada: Canada is composed of ten provinces (such as Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia) and three territories (Yukon, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut).
  • Argentina: Argentina is made up of 23 provinces and one autonomous city (Buenos Aires).
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I had to get creative when searching for the few states that fit this letter, but I was up for the challenge.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of states starting with Y!

States That Start With Y

There’s only 4 on this list of names of state that begin with Y letter.


The mesmerizing land of Yucatan is a breathtaking destination to behold. With its warm climate and wondrous natural beauty, this place is a haven for travelers seeking adventure and relaxation alike. Its unique blend of culture and traditions, along with a rich history, makes it an ideal holiday spot for people of all ages. From the stunning beaches to the deep blue sea, from the ancient Mayan ruins to the vibrant cities, every corner of Yucatan has something special to offer. The colonial towns, Spanish architecture, and colorful markets are a feast for the senses. The cuisine is simply divine, with flavors that will linger in your mouth long after you’ve left. The nightlife here is exhilarating, with music and dance filling the air until the early hours of the morning. Yucatan is truly a magical place that knows how to captivate visitors and leave them wanting more.


Nestled in the majestic Andes Mountains of Venezuela, Yaracuy is a breathtaking region that is steeped in natural beauty. From its crystal-clear waterfalls to its pristine forests, this place is perfect for those seeking tranquility in the midst of nature. The lush greenery that surrounds this region is home to a plethora of flora and fauna, making it an ideal spot for birdwatching and hiking. The warm and welcoming locals add to the charm of Yaracuy’s quiet, yet enchanting ambiance. The stunning mountain landscapes and colorful meadows provide a feast for the eyes. Its enigmatic caves and hidden rivers beguile the senses. Yaracuy is an ideal place for nature lovers, hiking enthusiasts, and adventure seekers.

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Yap, one of the four states of Micronesia, is a tropical paradise that offers visitors a glimpse of traditional island culture. With its turquoise lagoons, pristine beaches, and fertile rainforests, Yap exudes a sense of serenity. Rich in culture and history, the island is home to ancient stone money, which has become a UNESCO World Heritage site. The island’s warm and welcoming people add to Yap’s unique charm. They have preserved their traditions and customs with great care, and visitors can witness this through their dances, music, and authentic cuisine. Exploring the island on foot or kayak adds to the adventure and thrill. At Yap, serenity and adventure combine to create a truly enthralling holiday experience.


Yobe is a state located in northeastern Nigeria and is known for its rugged terrain and unique wildlife. With its arid savannas, sandstone cliffs, and rare forests, Yobe offers visitors a unique and authentic African experience. Home to 18 species of mammals and over 250 species of birds, the state is an ideal destination for wildlife enthusiasts. It is also home to a vibrant cultural scene, with numerous festivals and ceremonies taking place throughout the year. Visitors to Yobe can experience the thrill of camel racing and watch traditional dances performed by locals. For history buffs, the state is also home to ancient ruins and rock art, some dating back over a thousand years. Yobe is a treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of Y states.

The lack of options for this particular alphabet made compiling a complete list a unique and exciting task.

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In conclusion, states are vital components of countries, ensuring effective governance and representation at the subnational level. They promote decentralization, allowing for local decision-making and addressing the unique needs of different regions, thus strengthening the overall fabric of nations.

Hope this post on states beginning with Y alphabet has been useful to you!