Fruits That Start With O [Full List]

When it comes to fruit names that begins with O, we cannot forget to list orange which is a popular, if not most popular fruit, in the world, be it eaten raw or in juice form. Olive will probably be the next in your mind. But apart from them, we couldn’t quite think of any other. So we started our search for all the fruits with names beginning with the O alphabet. This post list all the fruits that start with O letter.

14 Fruits That Start With O at a glance

After an extensive search, there is indeed few fruit names beginning with O. In total we only found 14. But interestingly, we found a few orange varieties in this list. These are the fruits that begin with O.

  1. Olea oleaster (also known as Wild olive)
  2. Opuntia ficus-indica (also known as Prickly pear fruit)
  3. Olive
  4. Osage-orange (also known as Maclura pomifera)
  5. Orange (also known as Citrus × sinensis)
  6. Oregon grape (also known as Mahonia aquifolium)
  7. Ōgonkan (also known as Citrus flaviculpus)
  8. Oroblanco (also known as Citrus grandis × citrus paradisi)
  9. Ooray (also known as Davidsonia pruriens)
  10. Owenia acidula (also known as Emu apple)
  11. Oval kumquat (also known as Citrus margarita)
  12. Okra
  13. Opium poppy (also known as Papaver somniferum)
  14. Otaheite gooseberry (also known as Phyllanthus acidus)
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More on Fruits Starting With O

Olea Oleaster Fruit

Olea oleaster is commonly known as Wild olive. This fruit is inedible. Wild olive belongs to the Oleaceae family.

Opuntia Ficus-Indica Fruit

Opuntia ficus-indica is commonly known as Prickly pear fruit.

Olive Fruit

The olive fruit is also known as Common Olive, Olive, and European olive. Its botanic name is Olea europaea. Olive belongs to Oleaceae family. It is grown in the Mediterranean countries, South Africa, Americas, New Zealand and Australia. This olive plant is cultivated since 6000 years ago, making it one of the oldest cultivated plant. The olive fruit is a drupe and is black in color. It taste bitter and is mostly eaten in pickled form.

Osage-Orange Fruit

Osage-orange has a scientific name of Maclura pomifera. Other names include hedge, hedge apple tree and horse apple. This fruit is inedible. Osage-orange belongs to the Moraceae family. The fruit is a multiple fruit and is shaped like a sphere. Although it has orange in its name, it has no relation to orange.

Orange Fruit

Orange has to be the most popular fruit starting with O letter. In fact, the orange trees are the most cultivated amongst all the fruits tree in the world as early as 1987. Orange has a scientific name of Citrus × sinensis and is also called sweet orange. It is actually the name of the fruit of many citrus species in the Rutaceae family. To be more scientific, orange is a cross hybrid between mandarin and pomelo. Orange is native to Myanmar, northeast India and south China. It is known to be cultivated as early as 300 BC. It is commonly cultivated in tropical and subtropical areas. The fruit is either eaten raw or in juice form. Of all the citrus production, 70% is actually this sweet orange.

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Oregon Grape Fruit

Oregon grape has a scientific name of Mahonia aquifolium. It is also called holly-leaved berberry. The oregon grape is from the Berberidaceae family and originated from western north America. The berries are bluish black in color..

Ōgonkan Fruit

Ōgonkan has a scientific name of Citrus flaviculpus. It is also called Ogon-kan, golden citrus, Golden orange and Ki-mikan. This is another type of orange from Japan. The fruit is small of about 4 to 5 cm in diameter and has a weight of 60 to 80 g. The rind has a bright yellow color. It has a nice fragrance and taste sweet. The fruit is ripe for harvest in Feb to Apr.

Oroblanco Fruit

Oroblanco has a scientific name of Citrus grandis × citrus paradisi. It is also known as white gold, oro blanco, sweetie, Pomelit and oroblanco grapefruit. This is another type of citrus fruit. But it doesn’t have seeds and taste sweet. The harvest season for Oroblancos start from September all the way to December. Just like oranges, they can be peel and eaten in the same way by segments.

Ooray Fruit

Ooray has a scientific name of Davidsonia pruriens. It is also called Davidson’s plum and Queensland Davidson’s plum. It is found in northern Queensland in Australia. The fruit has a dark burgundy color and taste sour. It is used for making jams, cordial, sauces and wine.

Owenia Acidula Fruit

Owenia acidula is commonly known as Emu apple. This is found in Australia. The fruit is purplish-red in color and is 2 to 4 cm wide. It contains a large seed that is just like stone. The fruit tastes sour and the pulp is used a bushfood, although it has been mentioned that they cause hallucinations.

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Oval Kumquat Fruit

Oval kumquat has a scientific name of Citrus margarita. Its other names include Bullet Kumquat, Oval Kumquat, Nagami Kumquat, Citrus japonica ‘Nagami’. Oval kumquat belongs to Rutaceae family. Oval kumquat is a simple fruit. It is fleshy orange in color and has a bumpy texture. It contains 5 to 6 seeds. The seeds are cream in color. The fruit can be removed by segments. The fruit can be eaten raw with its rind. The pulp taste sour while the rind taste sweet. The fruit is used for making jellies, preserves and candy. The oval kumquat is the most popular kumquat variety in USA and Asia.

Okra Fruit

The Okra fruit has to be a popular fruit starting with O letter. This fruit is found in many cuisines all around the world. It is more commonly know as the ladies’ finger. Its scientific name is Abelmoschus esculentus and belongs to the mallow family. It grows in warm temperature, tropical and subtropical areas around the world.

Opium Poppy Fruit

Opium poppy has a scientific name of Papaver somniferum. It is also called breadseed poppy. This fruit is inedible. Opium poppy belongs to the Papaveraceae family.

Otaheite Gooseberry Fruit

Otaheite gooseberry has a scientific name of Phyllanthus acidus. Other names include Tahitian gooseberry, Malay gooseberry, star gooseberry, country gooseberry, starberry, West India gooseberry, arbari. It belongs to Phyllanthaceae family. It grows in tropical regions. It can be found in Brazil. Otaheite gooseberry is a simple fruit and is a round and lobed drupe. It is fleshy and cream in color. The fruit is small and yellow in color. It taste sour. The fruit is consumed raw with sugar.


That’s all to this post. It has been really fun finding for these names. Hopefully, this list is useful to you too. Feel free to share this list if you find it useful.