Herbs Starting With Q [Full List]

Queen coralbead. Period. we could only think of this one name when it comes to herb names that begins with Q. We are curious if there are more of such herb names. So we started our quest for all of these herb names. In this blog post, we have compiled a list of herbs starting with Q letter.

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3 Herbs Starting With Q at a glance

There are only a handful of herb names beginning with Q. There are 3 of such herb names in total. These are the herbs beginning with Q.

  1. Quezonia (aka Clerodendrum quadriloculare)
  2. Queen coralbead (aka Cocculus orbiculatus)
  3. Queen of dracaenas (aka Dracaena goldieana)

More on Herbs That Start With Q


Quezonia has a scientific name of Clerodendrum quadriloculare. Quezonia is a shrub. It is found in regions of tropical climate. This needs to have well-drained soils.

Queen coralbead

Queen coralbead has a scientific name of Cocculus orbiculatus. It is a climber plant. It is found in tropical areas. This grows in both dry soils and well-drained soils.

Queen of dracaenas

Queen of dracaenas has a scientific name of Dracaena goldieana. This is a shrub. It is found in regions of tropical climate. This grows in well-drained soils.

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That’s the end of the list we found. Perhaps, there are just not many of such herb names with Q at the start of their names. It was quite a bit of effort to gather this list of herb that start with letter Q. Hope, this list, though short, may be of use to you.

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