Jobs That Start With E

Jobs That Start With E

Step into the world of jobs that start with E with our post today.

The workforce today is more diverse than ever before, with job seekers from different backgrounds, cultures, and educational qualifications vying for the best job opportunities. Jobs are no longer confined to traditional corporate settings, with many individuals opting for non-traditional careers that offer more flexibility and creativity. The job market is dynamic, with new industries constantly emerging, and a range of roles that cater to a range of skills and interests. Finding your dream job is no longer a fantasy; instead, it is a possibility that requires awareness, a unique skill set, and dedication to the task.

I took it upon myself to create an extensive and diverse list of careers. The task demanded immense effort and attention to every small detail, but my diligence was fruitful as I was able to gather a remarkable assortment of opportunities.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of occupations starting with E!

70 Jobs That Start With E

And here’s the list of professions that begin with E letter.

Eavestrough Installer

Installing eavestrough or gutters, requires skills in carpentry and material management. An installer must be able to calculate and cut gutters to the exact measurements of each home. Time management is key as careful attention and precision ensures gutter installation goes smoothly. Excellent physical fitness is required as it involves climbing ladders, handling tools and material.

Echo Technician

Echo technicians use ultrasound technology to capture images of the heart that help doctors identify heart conditions. They also help in performing stress echocardiograms, and calculate the results. The job requires frequent interactions with patients, good communication skills, and a thorough understanding of ultrasound technology.


An echocardiographer uses noninvasive techniques to view and image the heart, looking for signs of heart disease and abnormalities. They use ultrasound technology and must thoroughly understand the machine and results. Excellent communication skills and good bedside manner are a must as they will be interacting with patients and physicians.


Ecologists study living organisms and their relationship with the environment. They research and analyze data to identify solutions for environmental challenges. Excellent data management, writing, and strong field research skills are requirements for the position. They must lead field trips and effectively communicate with stakeholders to manage and ensure the health of ecosystems.

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Ecommerce Assistant

An ecommerce assistant performs administrative tasks to support the smooth operation of an ecommerce store. They help with data entry, inventory management, and customer service. Strong organizational and time management skills are necessary to help fulfill the online orders in a timely manner.

Ecommerce Associate

Ecommerce associates create and drive digital sales and marketing campaigns to increase e-commerce store traffic and sales. They work to optimize mobile, desktop, and other online platforms. This role requires staying on top of the latest marketing trends and e-commerce platforms to drive sales.

Ecommerce Clerk

Ecommerce clerks manage order fulfillment and shipping for ecommerce stores. They pack and ship products, manage inventory, and handle customer complaints. They will need to display strong time management, problem-solving, and communication skills

Ecommerce Coordinator

Ecommerce coordinators manage the entire process of online sales, from product selection to payments, to user experience. They communicate with digital marketing professionals and follow sales data closely to continue improving online sales. They need to have strong analytical skills to make sense of the data.

Ecommerce Manager

The ecommerce manager is responsible for managing the daily operations of an e-commerce store. They manage the online platform, marketing campaigns, and overall customer experience. Good leadership and communication skills are needed to manage a team to achieve maximum online sales.

Ecommerce Specialist

An ecommerce specialist handles all aspects of an e-commerce platform, including product selection, online sales campaigns, and payments. They work closely with marketing teams to execute online campaigns and create a seamless user experience. This role requires excellent analytical and marketing skills.


Econometricians analyze data to solve economic problems and develop economic models. They need to have a thorough mathematical and statistical understanding of these models. They must be highly analytical, detail-oriented and possess strong communication skills to convey results to both technical and non-technical decision-makers.

Economic Analyst

Economic Analysts analyze financial and economic data, provide businesses and governments with forecasts, and identify economic trends. They must have a strong quantitative background along with the ability to communicate effectively, excellent critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Economic Consultant

Economic consultants provide businesses and governments with expert advice on financial and economic matters. This includes analyzing data, forecasting economic trends, and creating models and projections. They need to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills to collaborate with clients.

Economics Teacher

Economics teachers teach economics to students of varying skill levels. They develop lesson plans to keep students engaged. They need excellent communication and teaching skills, along with a deep understanding of economics.


Economists investigate and analyze economic issues, performing research, collecting and analyzing data, and developing economic models. They must have excellent analytical, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills, and a capacity for grasping complex economic issues.


Editors review and edit written material, including books, articles, and reports. They must have excellent writing skills, be very detail-oriented, and be able to match the tone of different pieces of work. They provide feedback and make suggestions to improve the quality of written content.

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Editorial Assistant

Editorial assistants help manage the daily workload of an editorial team, performing fact-checking, and research. Strong organizational skills are essential for managing multiple projects, computer skills, and attention to detail.

Editorial Intern

Editorial interns perform the basic tasks of an editorial assistant in a learning capacity. They will report to senior team members, have an opportunity to learn essential editorial skills and receive feedback on their progress.

Editorial Manager

Editorial managers manage the entire editorial process for a publication or company, including overseeing writers and editors, creating editorial schedules, and managing the online presence of a company. This role requires excellent management and leadership skills, a deep understanding of content marketing, and excellent communication skills.

Education Administrator

Education administrators manage educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and schools. They work with educators, students and families in developing and executing policies and strategies for effective education. They must have strong leadership, organizational, and communication skills.

Education Assistant

Assists teachers and administrators in classroom activities and school operations.

Education Consultant

Provides expert advice and support to teachers, schools, and other educational institutions.

Education Coordinator

Plans and coordinates education programs, activities, and events.

Education Counselor

Provides guidance and support to students and helps them make informed decisions about their education.

Education Specialist

Designs and implements education programs and strategies to improve student learning outcomes.

Education Teacher

Instructs students in various subjects and prepares them for future academic and career success.

Educational Assistant

Assists teachers and support staff in providing educational services to students.

Educational Consultant

Provides guidance and advice to educational institutions and administrators on best practices and policies.

Educational Diagnostician

Assesses and diagnoses learning disabilities and other educational challenges in students.

Educational Specialist

Designs and implements specialized educational programs and services for students with unique needs.


Studies and researches education theory and practice to improve teaching and learning outcomes.


Teaches and instructs students in various subjects and prepares them for academic and career success.

Electrical Engineer

Designs and develops electrical systems and equipment for a variety of applications.


Installs, repairs, and maintains electrical systems and equipment for residential, commercial, and industrial clients.


Repairs and maintains electromechanical equipment used in manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.


Designs and develops electronic systems and equipment for a variety of applications.


Prepares bodies for funeral services and burial or cremation.


Studies and researches embryonic development and reproductive biology.


Diagnoses and treats hormonal and endocrine disorders in patients.


Diagnoses and treats dental pulp and root canal diseases in patients.

Engine Fitter

Installs and fits engines and related systems in various vehicles and machinery.


Operates locomotives and other types of trains and railroad equipment.


Designs and develops solutions to complex problems in a variety of fields including mechanical, civil, electrical, and software engineering.


Studies and researches winemaking and the science of wine production.


Entertains and performs for audiences in various venues and contexts.


Studies and researches insects and their behavior, biology, and ecology.


Creates and manages businesses and other ventures, taking risks in pursuit of profit and success.

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Environmental Scientist

Studies and researches environmental issues and problems, and develops solutions for sustainability and conservation.


Advocates for environmental preservation and protection, and works to raise awareness of environmental issues.


Studies and researches patterns and causes of diseases and health conditions in populations, and develops strategies for prevention and control.


Equestrians work with horses to improve their racing and riding skills. They may also train animals to compete in shows or work in therapy programs for people with disabilities.


Ergonomists help design and customize workstations, equipment, and tools to prevent injuries and minimize the risk of medical disorders. Their expertise enhances creativity, productivity, and wellbeing in the work environment.


Ergotherapeutes use therapeutic activities to help people with physical or cognitive disabilities improve their daily living skills and enjoy a better quality of life.

Estate Agent

Estate agents work with clients to buy, sell, or rent properties. They also provide advice and guidance related to real estate trends and legal requirements.


Estheticians are trained professionals who provide a range of skincare treatments such as facials, waxing, and massages. They help clients improve their appearance and relax.


Estimators are professionals who use their experience to calculate project costs for construction or engineering projects. They can help clients determine budgets and timelines.


Ethnologists study different cultures and societies, using methods such as interviews and fieldwork. They aim to understand the relationships between cultures and how they affect people’s lives.


Ethologists are specialists in animal behavior who study how animals interact with their environments and each other. They use observation and experimentation to better understand animal cognitive and social processes.


Etymologists are language experts who research the historical origins of words and language. They aim to understand how language has evolved over time and how it reflects changes in culture.


Evangelists share their faith with others by spreading the message of their religion. They may participate in religious services, teach, and engage in missionary activities to promote their beliefs.


Examiners analyze and evaluate various things and situations related to their field of expertise. They provide assessments and recommendations based on their analysis.


Excavators use heavy machinery to dig up and move earth for construction projects. They must be skilled in operating the equipment and knowledgeable about safety regulations.


Executioners are professionals who carry out court-ordered executions for individuals who have been sentenced to death. They must follow strict legal guidelines and receive specific training.


An executive is a high-level professional who oversees the operations of a company or organization. They provide leadership and make strategic decisions to ensure the success of their organization.


An executor is responsible for managing the deceased person’s estate by carrying out the person’s instructions in the will.


An expeditor is responsible for monitoring the progress of a project and ensuring that it stays on track.


An explorer travels to new places to discover and learn new information about a particular area.


An exterminator is responsible for identifying and eliminating pests such as rats, mice, bed bugs, and roaches from homes and businesses.


An extruder operates a machine that produces various products by pushing materials through a die.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of E jobs.

My goal was to compile a well-rounded and varied list of potential job openings. The endeavor was a challenge, requiring me to expand my horizons and think outside the box. In the end, all my hard work paid off, resulting in a fantastic collection of opportunities.

In summary, jobs are more than just a way to make a living. They are integral to our sense of self, self-worth, and social status. Hence, improving access to good jobs is an essential component of promoting social mobility and equity. The future job market will require not only technical skills, but also critical thinking, communication, and creativity. Therefore, both public and private entities must invest in providing workers with a wide variety of pathways to employment, from vocational training and apprenticeships to college education and internships. By doing so, we can build a thriving and inclusive economy that benefits everyone.

Hope this post on careers beginning with E alphabet has been useful to you!