Jobs That Start With S

Jobs That Start With S

Our post today takes a deep dive into the world of jobs that start with S.

Nowadays, the concept of job and career has evolved beyond the traditional 9-5 workday. People now have the freedom to explore unconventional careers that enable them to balance their professional and personal lives. From part-time roles to full-time positions, temporary contracts to permanent jobs, there are countless options available for individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Along with financial security, jobs also offer a sense of purpose and dignity, enabling people to lead fulfilling, prosperous lives. Furthermore, gaining and honing new skills through employment can unlock new opportunities and lead to career advancement.

My goal was to compile a well-rounded and varied list of potential job openings. The endeavor was a challenge, requiring me to expand my horizons and think outside the box. In the end, all my hard work paid off, resulting in a fantastic collection of opportunities.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of occupations starting with S!

79 Jobs That Start With S

And here’s the list of professions that begin with S letter.


Crafting sails like a true artist, the sailmaker creates custom designs for sailboats and yachts. They work with high-tech fabrics like nylon and Dacron to produce a high-performance product. Not only do they sew and construct sails, but they also repair and maintain them for longevity on the high seas.


Sailing the seas, the salty sailor works on a variety of watercraft from small pleasure boats to massive cargo ships. They work long hours, battling the unpredictable elements of wind and water, while navigating to their destination. With safety as a priority, sailors must be skilled in everything from knot tying to fire safety in order to handle any situation.

Sales Person

A natural born persuader, the salesperson uses their communication skills to sell various products and services, convincing customers to purchase. With a focus on relationship building, they aim to create a loyal customer base that returns for more of their offerings. From door-to-door sales to high-end retail, salespeople are indispensable in any company that seeks to generate revenue.


Dapper and debonair, salesmen use their charming personalities and can-do attitude to sell luxury goods to elite clients. Skilled in relationship building and customizing the client experience, they build a rapport with the client for long-term buying success. From Lamborghinis to condos on the French Riviera, salesmen are the frontline of the luxury marketplace.

Sanitation Worker

This essential member of the community keeps our streets clean, collecting and disposing of trash and recycling. Operating a range of equipment, from garbage trucks to street sweepers, sanitation workers keep our neighborhoods and cities clean and healthy.


A Japanese term that literally means “salary man,” this career represents a typical white-collar position in the country’s business environment. In Japan, it is commonly associated with long working hours, dedication to the company, and a team-oriented mindset. Sararimen usually follow a traditional career path that starts with entry-level positions and a focus on seniority-based promotions.

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The saucier is a skilled chef who focuses on creating flavorful and complex sauces to elevate dishes. This position requires expert knowledge and technique in reducing, thickening, and flavor balancing for a vast range of cuisines. From French hollandaise to mushroom gravy, sauciers are vital members of any kitchen and can make or break a meal.


The sawyer is responsible for taking raw logs and turning them into lumber for various industries. Using specialized saws and equipment, sawyers slice the logs into sections, working with precision to ensure maximum yield and minimum waste. From lumber yards to furniture manufacturing, sawyers are essential members of the timber industry.


The soulful saxophonist creates beautiful melodies and rich harmonies with their instrument. They play a range of styles, from blues to jazz to classical and are skilled at improvisation. Whether solo performing, performing in a band or in an orchestra, saxophonists provide a beautiful sound that is a staple of many genres of music.


Working in many fields from biology to chemistry, scientists conduct research in order to expand our understanding of the world around us. Whether performing experiments in a laboratory or collecting data in the field, scientists bring the scientific method to life. Often publishing papers and presenting their findings, they push the human race forward with their discoveries.


Scouts have a unique and extensive knowledge of outdoor skills including orienteering and navigation, as well as other survival skills. They are skilled in reading maps, observing nature, first aid, and emergency preparedness. Scouts serve as role models, mentors, and as positive sources of guidance for young people.


The screenwriter is responsible for crafting the story and dialogue for movies, television shows, and plays. They work closely with directors, producers, and actors to bring their vision to life. From rom-coms to action-adventure, screenwriters bring creativity and artistic vision to audiences across the world.


The scribe may refer to one who writes and illuminates manuscripts by hand, often for important religious texts or historical documents. In a more modern depiction, it may represent someone who takes dictation or documents important meetings and decisions. Scribes are skilled in handwriting and maintaining accuracy in transcription.


The sculptor transforms raw materials such as clay, stone, or metal into beautiful works of art. Using their artistic vision, they shape, carve, and mold their materials into a range of sculptures, from life-sized figures to intricate designs. From ancient Greece to contemporary art, sculptors have played a pivotal role in society’s artistic and cultural history.


Working with a needle and thread, the seamstress creates and alters clothing, costumes, and home décor. They have an eye for design and style, creating perfect fits and customized wardrobes. From bridal gowns to bespoke suits, seamstresses bring creativity and precision to the world of fashion.

Second Mate

The second mate is the right-hand person to the ship’s captain. They assist with navigation, safety, and communication on large commercial vessels. With the captain being the person in charge, the second mate serves as the captain’s relief and will handle all duties and tasks when the captain is not available.

Secret Service Agent

Secret service agents are responsible for protecting the members of the executive branch, primarily the President of the United States. They conduct background checks, investigate threats, and are highly trained in firearms and close combat. With a focus on preventing harm, they are an essential part of the nation’s security system.

Secret Shopper

A secret shopper is hired by companies to evaluate the quality of their customer service and determined if proper protocols are being followed. They will visit stores, ask questions, make purchases, and then report back to their employer with their findings. This information is used to improve the company’s customer service, helping them to retain loyal customers.

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Secretary General

The Secretary General is the head of the United Nations and its most visible representative. They are responsible for overseeing the organization’s administrative operations, managing its budget, and promoting international cooperation. They facilitate communication between nations, promoting peace, and working to improve the lives of the world’s people.

Security Guard

Security guards are hired to protect a variety of assets, such as people, property, and information. They will monitor and patrol a specific area or building, keeping an eye out for any potential threats. With a focus on protecting what is valuable, security guards are indispensable members of society.


One of the highest-ranking government officials responsible for creating and passing laws in a particular region.


A person who optimizes websites to improve their search engine rankings and increase web traffic.


A person hired to perform menial tasks such as cleaning, cooking, and running errands for their employers.


One who is responsible for the maintenance and care of a church or other religious institution.


A skilled worker who removes wool from sheep, while ensuring the animal’s safety and comfort.


A person who tends and raises sheep, often in order to produce wool, milk, or meat for commercial purposes.


The senior law enforcement officer in a county or region responsible for maintaining public order and safety.

Sheriff Officer

An officer who serves under the authority of a sheriff, responsible for carrying out administrative, law enforcement, and public safety duties.


A skilled worker who designs, creates, and repairs footwear for individuals or commercial clients.


A person who provides shoe shining services, using various tools and products to improve the appearance and condition of footwear.


An operator who sends and receives signals, often to control the movements of trains or other types of transportation.


A musician who uses their voice to perform songs and entertain audiences in various settings, from small venues to large arenas.


A person who jumps from an aircraft or other high altitude and uses a parachute to safely land.


A detective or investigator who uses their skills and knowledge to solve crimes or investigate mysteries.


A highly trained marksman who is responsible for taking precise shots over long distances, often in military or law enforcement contexts.

Social Worker

A professional who uses their training and skillset to help individuals and families in need, often through counseling, advocacy, and support services.


A person who is well-known in fashionable society for their lifestyle, social connections, and affluent background.

Soda Jerk

An employee who works at a soda fountain, often responsible for dispensing beverages and preparing ice cream desserts.

Software Developer

A person who uses computer programming languages to design, create, and test software applications for various purposes.

Software Engineer

A professional who uses their knowledge of software design and development to build and maintain complex computer systems.

Soil Scientist

A specialist who studies the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil in order to better understand and manage its use.


A member of the military who is responsible for following orders, completing missions, and defending their country.


A lawyer who provides legal advice and assistance to clients, and is licensed to represent them in court.


A wine expert who is responsible for selecting, purchasing, and managing wine collections for restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.


A healthcare professional who performs medical imaging procedures using high-frequency sound waves to create images of the body’s internal structures.

Sound Engineer

A person who is responsible for recording, mixing, and producing sound for various types of media, including music, television, and film.

Sound Technician

A professional who sets up and operates sound equipment for live events, performances, and presentations.

Special Agent

A law enforcement officer who is responsible for investigating crimes and enforcing the law for special government agencies.

Speech Therapist

A healthcare professional who assesses, diagnoses, and treats speech and language disorders, often working with individuals of all ages.

Sports Commentator

A journalist or broadcaster who provides commentary, analysis, and insights on various sporting events for television, radio, or online media.

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A sportsman is an athlete who competes in various sports at the professional or amateur level, showcasing their skills and abilities to a wide audience.


A spy is a professional who gathers intelligence information on behalf of a government or organization, often working covertly to protect national security interests.

Stage Designer

A stage designer is responsible for creating the look and feel of a theatrical performance, designing sets, props, lighting and costumes to bring a show to life.


A statistician is a professional who uses math and statistical analysis to process data, making predictions and drawing conclusions about trends and patterns.


A steersman is responsible for steering a boat or ship, using navigation tools and maps to chart a safe course across the water.


A stevedore is a dockworker who loads and unloads cargo from ships, using a variety of heavy equipment and machinery to move goods safely and efficiently.


A stewardess, also known as a flight attendant, is responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers on board an aircraft, providing assistance with meals, entertainment, and travel arrangements.


A stock-breeder raises and breeds animals, such as cattle, horses, or sheep, to produce offspring with desirable traits and qualities.


A stockbroker is a financial professional who buys and sells stocks and other securities on behalf of clients, using their expertise to help investors make informed decisions about their portfolios.

Street Artist

A street artist creates art in public spaces, using a range of techniques and mediums to bring creativity and beauty to urban environments.

Street Musician

A street musician performs music in public spaces, showcasing their talents and connecting with audiences in a unique and engaging way.

Street Sweeper

A street sweeper is responsible for keeping roads and public areas clean, using specialized equipment to remove debris and maintain a tidy and hygienic environment.

Street Vendor

A street vendor sells goods and services in public spaces, often specializing in a particular product or cuisine to attract customers.

Structural Engineers

Structural engineers design, analyze, and test structures such as buildings, bridges, and tunnels, ensuring they are safe and stable for use.


A student is someone who is enrolled in a course of study at a school, college, or university, learning new skills and acquiring knowledge to prepare for their future.

Stunt Double

A stunt double is a professional who performs dangerous or challenging stunts on behalf of actors, using their expertise to ensure a safe and successful shoot.

Stunt Performer

A stunt performer is a professional who engages in various physical feats and acts, such as fighting, falling, or jumping, to enhance the realism of a film or performance.


A stuntman participates in physically demanding stunts and actions on behalf of actors, ensuring their safety and success during filming or live performances.


A suicidologist is a mental health professional who studies and treats suicide prevention, providing support and intervention to individuals at risk.


A superintendent oversees a group of employees or a department, managing budgets, schedules, and daily operations to ensure success and efficiency.


A supervisor manages a team of employees, delegating tasks, monitoring performance, and providing guidance and support to ensure success and productivity.


A surgeon performs medical procedures and operations on patients, using specialized training and equipment to treat injuries and illnesses.


A surveyor takes measurements and creates maps of geographical areas, surveying land, water, and other natural features to provide accurate information to planners and developers.


A swimmer is an athlete who competes in swimming contests, using speed, technique, and endurance to achieve success and break records.

Switchboard Operator

A switchboard operator handles incoming and outgoing calls for a business or organization, routing calls to the appropriate department or individual for efficient communication.


A syndicalist is a political activist or labor organizer who seeks to create a society based on worker ownership and control over the means of production.

System Administrator

A system administrator manages and maintains computer systems and networks, monitoring performance, troubleshooting issues, and ensuring reliable and secure operation.

System Designer

A systems designer creates blueprints and plans for computer systems and networks, designing architecture, hardware, and software components to meet client and user needs.

Systems Analyst

A systems analyst analyzes computer systems and networks, identifying ways to improve performance, efficiency, and reliability through changes to hardware, software, or business processes.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of S jobs.

I spent several days meticulously researching and curating a list of exciting new career prospects. It was a laborious process that required both patience and persistence, but in the end, my dedication yielded a great assortment of options.

To conclude, jobs hold tremendous social and economic significance. They furnish people with the resources needed to support themselves and their families. Yet, jobs are far more than a means to an end. They are a vital aspect of modern society’s sense of identity and purpose. Loss of employment can be devastating, leading to decreased self-worth and isolation. As such, it is crucial that we place a high value on promoting quality jobs that provide sustainable wages, benefits, and a satisfactory work environment. Let us continue to champion policies and programs that foster employment growth and cultivate a culture of opportunity.

Hope this post on careers beginning with S alphabet has been useful to you!