Jobs That Start With H

Jobs That Start With H

Today, we’re exploring the world of jobs that start with H.

The world of work has undergone significant changes over the years, with new and innovative job opportunities arising every day. Today, jobs are not just a means of earning money; they are also an avenue for individuals to make a positive impact in the world and contribute to society. Job seekers can now explore diverse career paths, including remote work, freelancing, entrepreneurship, and more. Furthermore, with the emergence of digital technology, individuals can now search for employment opportunities globally with just a click of a button. Those who crave excitement and challenges can find jobs that captivate and inspire them.

Gathering a comprehensive list of job openings took a considerable amount of effort and time. I scoured job boards, company websites, and professional groups to put together a collection of unique, exciting, and diverse opportunities.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of occupations starting with H!

80 Jobs That Start With H

And here’s the list of professions that begin with H letter.


Experience the thrill of digital exploration and innovation as a hacker. Armed with technical knowledge and a deep understanding of computer systems, a hacker is responsible for finding flaws in security measures and developing countermeasures to protect against cyber threats.

Hadoop Administrator

As a Hadoop administrator, you are responsible for monitoring and maintaining large-scale, distributed computing systems. Your role involves configuring, managing, and troubleshooting clusters that run Hadoop, a popular open-source framework for storing and processing big data.

Hadoop Developer

Hadoop developers are responsible for creating and maintaining software applications that leverage the Hadoop ecosystem. This may involve designing and building applications that process and analyze big data using tools such as Pig, Hive, and HBase.

Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are artists that can transform hair into stunning works of art. With a keen eye for style and creativity, a hair stylist can create beautiful haircuts, color, and hair treatments that complement their clients’ unique characteristics.


As a hairdresser, you are responsible for cutting, coloring, and styling hair for your clients. You must have excellent people skills and the ability to communicate clearly with clients to understand their desired look and provide them with personalized services to meet their needs.

Hairdressing Assistant

As a hairdressing assistant, you support the hairdresser in providing excellent hair services to clients. Your tasks include assisting with client consultations, shampooing, blow-drying, and prepping clients’ hair for styling.

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Hairstyling Instructor

Hairstyling instructors are responsible for teaching students the art of hair styling, cutting, and coloring. With a passion for hair, a hairstyling instructor can help students develop the skills and techniques needed to excel in the industry.


A hairstylist’s job is to create a personalized look that suits their client’s tastes and needs. You must be able to work well under pressure, possess strong communication skills, and have an artistic flair.

Hand Packer

Working on an assembly line, hand packers are responsible for carefully packaging products for shipping. You must have a strong attention to detail, excellent manual dexterity, and the ability to work efficiently in a fast-paced environment.


Handymen are skilled at fixing and maintaining a variety of household items, including plumbing, electrical, and carpentry work. They should also possess excellent communication and customer service skills.


A term used to describe an individual who provides general maintenance and repair services for both residential and commercial properties. A handyperson must have strong problem-solving and multitasking skills to handle a wide range of different tasks.


As a harbourmaster, you are responsible for coordinating and managing all marine traffic in a port environment. This involves working closely with shipping companies, local authorities, and other stakeholders to ensure the safe and efficient movement of vessels.

Hardware Designer

Hardware designers are responsible for designing and testing new computer hardware components, including processors, motherboards, and memory modules. It requires a high level of technical knowledge and expertise to ensure the components function reliably and efficiently.

Hardware Engineer

Hardware engineers work on the development and design of computer hardware systems, including circuit boards, processors, and memory devices. Their work involves testing and troubleshooting the hardware to ensure it is reliable and meets the needs of end-users.

Hardware Technician

Hardware technicians are responsible for troubleshooting and repairing computer hardware systems. They should have a strong understanding of computer components and be able to work independently with minimal supervision.


A harpist is a musician who plays the harp, a beautiful stringed instrument. They provide soothing melodies to accompany events such as weddings, receptions, and corporate events.


A hatter is a skilled artisan who designs and creates hats. They may work with a variety of materials such as felt, straw, and fabric to create hats that are both stylish and functional.

Head Bartender

A head bartender is responsible for managing a bar and creating drink menu options. They should possess excellent customer service and leadership skills to help their team provide exceptional service in a fast-paced environment.

Head Cashier

The head cashier is responsible for supervising a team of cashiers and ensuring that cash management policies are followed correctly. They may also assist with customer service and resolve customer complaints.

Head Chef

One of the most demanding jobs in the culinary industry, a head chef is responsible for creating and executing the menu options and managing a team of cooks in a high-pressure environment. They should possess excellent time-management skills, organizational skills, and leadership abilities.

Head Coach

A head coach is responsible for overseeing a team or program and ensuring its success through strategic planning, training, and motivation of players or staff.

Head Cook

A head cook manages a kitchen, supervising food preparation, ordering supplies, and maintaining a clean and organized work environment while also creating menus and ensuring high-quality food products.

Head Teller

A head teller manages a team of tellers, supervising customer transactions, processing daily deposits, withdrawals, and ensuring the accuracy of financial records at a bank or financial institution.


A headhunter, sometimes referred to as a recruiter, searches for and selects qualified candidates to fill open job positions for companies or organizations, ensuring the best match for both parties.


A headmaster is responsible for the overall success of a school, including academic programs, extracurricular activities, and facilities management, while also serving as a liaison between staff, students, parents, and the community.

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A headmistress has similar job responsibilities to a headmaster but specifically manages an all-girls school, focusing on the unique needs and experiences of female students.

Health Aide

A health aide assists patients with daily tasks, such as grooming, bathing, and dressing, while also monitoring vital signs and reporting any changes to healthcare professionals.

Health Assistant

A health assistant provides support to healthcare professionals, including administrative tasks, assisting with patient care, and performing routine medical procedures.

Health Clerk

A health clerk manages patient records, schedules appointments, and performs administrative duties for healthcare facilities, such as hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices.

Health Coach

A health coach works with clients on lifestyle changes, providing guidance on nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and more to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Health Coordinator

A health coordinator manages healthcare programs or services, including organizing facilities and personnel, developing policies and guidelines, and ensuring healthcare standards are met.

Health Economist

A health economist studies the economic impacts of healthcare policies, including their effects on healthcare providers, patient outcomes, and healthcare spending.

Health Educator

A health educator creates and delivers educational content to individuals or groups to promote health literacy, improve health behaviors, and prevent disease.

Health Inspector

A health inspector ensures that food establishments, public facilities, and healthcare organizations comply with health and safety regulations, protecting public health.

Health Physicist

A health physicist uses physics principles to study radiation and its effects on health, including radiation therapy, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

Health Professional

A health professional works in the healthcare industry, providing a range of services, including medical care, counseling, therapy, and patient education.

Health Psychologist

A health psychologist studies the psychological and behavioral aspects of health and illness, working with patients to manage chronic conditions, stress, and mental health concerns.

Health Screener

A health screener performs various tests to identify health risks or early signs of disease, including cholesterol and blood pressure checks, cancer screenings, and infectious disease testing.

Health Specialist

A health specialist has expertise in a specific healthcare discipline, such as nursing, medical technology, or rehabilitation, providing specialized care to patients in their field.

Health Teacher

A health teacher develops and delivers curriculum on health topics, such as nutrition, mental health, and disease prevention, to students of all ages.

Health Technician

A health technician performs technical tasks in a healthcare setting, such as taking patient vitals, performing medical tests, and providing basic patient care.

Health Writer

A health writer creates written content on health and wellness topics for various media platforms, such as blogs, magazines, and websites, informing and educating the public on healthcare issues.

Healthcare Analyst

A healthcare analyst studies healthcare data, including information on patient outcomes, utilization, and costs, to improve healthcare systems and policies.

Healthcare Assistant

A healthcare assistant provides support services to healthcare professionals, such as administrative tasks, stocking supplies, and assisting with patient care.

Healthcare Consultant

A healthcare consultant advises healthcare organizations on business operations, such as strategy, marketing, and financial management, to improve organizational performance.

Healthcare Management

Healthcare management involves overseeing and coordinating healthcare services and programs, including finance, operations, policy, and personnel management.

Healthcare Manager

A healthcare manager supervises healthcare facilities or departments, responsible for budgets, staffing, managing operations, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Recruiter

A healthcare recruiter sources, screens, and selects qualified candidates for healthcare job openings, managing the recruitment process from start to finish.

Healthcare Representative

A healthcare representative works with vendors, healthcare providers, and patients, representing healthcare organizations in marketing, sales, or customer service roles.

Hearing Officer

A hearing officer administrates legal proceedings by conducting hearings to resolve disputes between parties, such as in administrative law, labor disputes or civil cases.

Heavy Construction

Known for building some of the world’s most iconic structures, heavy construction workers operate massive equipment, lay concrete, and build towering skyscrapers, bridges, tunnels, and dams.

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Hebrew Teacher

As a Hebrew teacher, your primary task is to guide students in developing reading, writing, and speaking skills in Hebrew while fostering cultural appreciation and awareness.

Helicopter Mechanic

Helicopter mechanics are responsible for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining the mechanical and electrical components of helicopters used for various purposes, such as firefighting, emergency medical services, military operations, and transport.


Helping hands are always appreciated, and as a general helper, you get the chance to assist in tasks ranging from sorting inventory to physically aiding someone who needs it.


Herbalists are experts in natural medicine that use the healing power of plants and herbs to treat various health conditions.


Animal herders care for livestock, overseeing their grazing patterns, and moving them to prevent overgrazing while keeping them safe from predators.


Histology technicians specialize in the analysis of tissue samples, examining their structure and composition to diagnose and treat diseases.


As a historian, you research and interpret past events and significant occurrences, studying the impact and influence people and societies have had on one another.


Histotechnicians are responsible for preparing tissue specimens for analysis under a microscope and assisting in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses.


Histotechnologists are skilled laboratory professionals who play a critical role in diagnosing and treating diseases by working primarily with tissue samples.


Homemakers manage all household duties, from cooking to cleaning, and are responsible for ensuring that their homes run smoothly.


Homeopaths are experts in alternative medicine, using natural substances to holistically treat ailments and conditions.


Homeowners own property, responsible for maintaining their homes and making critical financial decisions that affect their investment.


Hornists are skilled musicians that play the French horn, performing in a wide range of ensembles, from classical and symphonic musical groups to jazz and blues bands.


Horticulturists are experts in plant cultivation, specializing in crop management, landscape design, and sustainable agriculture practices.


Healthcare professionals that specialize in treating patients in hospitals, working to alleviate symptoms and prevent the spread of illnesses.


As a professional host, you are responsible for welcoming guests, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction, and maintaining overall standards of quality at an event.


Similar to the host, the hostess is responsible for assuring guests’ enjoyment, guiding them through their experience, and keeping everything running smoothly.


Hostlers work in the transportation industry, responsible for moving and fueling trains and other heavy equipment.

Hotel Manager

Hotel managers oversee all aspects of hotel operations, from customer service and staffing to marketing and advertising.


Hoteliers are professionals in the hospitality industry, managing and owning hotels and resorts of various sizes.

House Painter

House painters work to prepare surfaces and protect buildings from environmental factors by maintaining their appearance and structural integrity.


Housekeepers play a critical role in maintaining a clean and organized space while ensuring that everything is in proper working order.


Similar to housekeepers, housepersons ensure that homes and other buildings are kept clean, safe, and properly functioning.


A housewife is someone who manages the household, takes care of children, and performs various caretaking and housekeeping tasks.


Hunters pursue game, utilizing various methods and equipment to capture or kill animals for sport, subsistence, or population control.

Hydraulic Engineer

Hydraulic engineers specialize in the management of water resources, studying systems that transport water and using data to optimize distribution and increase efficiency.


Hydrogeologists study the movement and storage of groundwater, conducting field tests to map out natural water systems and assess contamination risks.


Hydrologists study the water cycle and determine how precipitation, evaporation, and storage impact water availability and quality.


A dental hygienist works for a dentist, administering preventive exams, cleaning teeth, and providing oral hygiene education and advice.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of H jobs.

Putting together an exhaustive list of potential career paths was not an easy feat. It required several hours of research, networking, and speaking to professionals in the field. However, all the hard work paid off, as my list culminated into a strong and diverse group of opportunities.

In closing, jobs are a cornerstone of the economy and enable individuals to provide for themselves and their families. Additionally, the right job can bring a sense of accomplishment, belonging, and purpose. Nevertheless, we are in the midst of a changing job market, with new technologies and globalization creating both challenges and opportunities. To address these trends, it will be necessary to retrain workers in new skills and pivot to the industries and sectors where employment demand is strongest. By embracing innovation and taking steps to support workers in the transition to new careers, we can ensure that everyone has a chance to be successful in the workforce.

Hope this post on careers beginning with H alphabet has been useful to you!