Toys That Start With A

Toys That Start With A

Join us on a journey to explore the toys that start with A in today’s post.

As a child, toys were an essential part of my life. They brought me joy, entertained me for hours on end, and allowed me to engage in imaginative play. From action figures and dolls to board games and building blocks, I was exposed to a wide variety of toys that stimulated my creativity, honed my motor skills, and developed my social skills. I am convinced that toys play a pivotal role in shaping a child’s development, providing them with opportunities for exploration, experimentation, and self-expression.

As I started compiling my list of toys, I knew I wanted it to be as comprehensive as possible. To achieve this, I began by brainstorming every toy I knew and making a note of their starting letter. With this information, I was able to create an initial skeleton for my list that included entries for each letter of the alphabet.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of toys starting with A!

46 Toys That Start With A

And here’s the list of toys that begin with A letter.


Aquapets are interactive fish toys that are perfect for kids who love caring for pets. These toys come with a tank, water pump, and various accessories to create a realistic aquatic environment for the fish. The Aquapet can swim, bubble, and flash different colors of light depending on its mood. Kids can feed the fish, watch it swim around in its tank, and interact with it using various buttons on the tank. Aquapets offer a fun and educational experience for kids who are interested in marine biology.

Ant Farm

The Ant Farm is a fascinating educational toy that teaches kids about the social behavior and anatomy of ants. It comes with a clear plastic container filled with sand, tunnels, and various chambers for the ants to explore. Kids can observe the ants as they tunnel, form colonies, and interact with each other. The Ant Farm is perfect for kids who love nature and want to learn more about the world around them.


Amiibos are collectible figurines that interact with various Nintendo games. These toys are beautifully designed and highly detailed, making them perfect for display or play. Each Amiibo contains an NFC chip that allows it to communicate with compatible games, unlocking special content, and features. Some Amiibos are rare and highly sought after by collectors, making them a valuable addition to any gaming collection.


AIBO is a robotic dog that can walk, bark, and respond to voice commands. This toy has advanced AI technology, making it one of the most realistic robotic pets available. AIBO can learn new tricks, recognize faces, and interact with its owners in various ways. This toy is perfect for kids who love animals but cannot have a real pet.

Allsopp Helikite

The Allsopp Helikite is a hybrid between a kite and a helium balloon. This toy is perfect for outdoor adventures and is easy to fly even in low wind conditions. The Helikite can rise to high altitudes, providing an excellent view of the surrounding area. It comes in various shapes and sizes and is perfect for kids who love flying toys.


Alphie is an interactive robot toy that teaches kids about letters, numbers, and shapes. This toy has various buttons and accessories that allow kids to play games, sing songs, and learn new things. Alphie is perfect for kids who are starting to learn how to read and write.

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Australian Aboriginal artefacts

The Aboriginal people of Australia have a rich culture and history that is celebrated through various traditional artefacts. These artefacts include boomerangs, didgeridoos, and various wooden carvings. They are perfect for kids who are interested in learning about different cultures and histories.

Adult puppeteering

Puppeteering is a timeless art form that has entertained audiences for centuries. It involves manipulating puppets to perform various actions and tell stories. Adult puppeteering is a more advanced form of puppetry that involves more complex movements and themes. It is perfect for adults who are interested in exploring their creativity and expressing themselves through art.

Action figure

Action figures are highly detailed toys that depict characters from movies, TV shows, and comics. They are perfect for kids who love to recreate their favorite scenes and act out different storylines. Some action figures are highly collectible and can be worth a lot of money, making them a great investment for collectors.

Air Swimmer

The Air Swimmer is a remote-controlled flying fish toy that flaps its tail and glides through the air. This toy is perfect for indoor play and can be flown in any room with a high ceiling. The Air Swimmer is easy to control and offers a realistic flying experience for kids who love flying toys.

Architectural model

Architectural models are detailed representations of buildings, bridges, and other structures. They are used by architects, engineers, and city planners to visualize and plan their designs. Architectural models are perfect for kids who are interested in design, engineering, and construction.


Aquadoodle is a fun and mess-free drawing toy that uses water instead of paint. Kids can draw on the mat using a special pen, and the water will create a watercolor-like effect. The Aquadoodle mat is reusable and dries quickly, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor play.

Army Ants

Army Ants are action figures that are designed to resemble realistic ants. They come with various accessories and a playset that allows kids to create different battle scenarios. Army Ants are perfect for kids who love action figures and insects.

Artifact Puzzles

Artifact Puzzles are handcrafted wooden puzzles that feature unusual cutouts and shapes. These puzzles are perfect for adults who want a challenging and unique puzzle experience. Artifact Puzzles are designed to be more than just a puzzle and are often used as decorative pieces when completed.

Air mattress

Air mattresses are inflatable mattresses that are perfect for camping and outdoor adventures. They are easy to inflate using a pump or by blowing air into them manually. Air mattresses come in various sizes and are perfect for kids who are transitioning to their own sleeping arrangements.


The Aerobie is a flying ring that offers a unique and exciting flying experience. It can be thrown over long distances and has a soft rubber edge that is easy to catch. The Aerobie is perfect for outdoor play and is designed to fly farther than any other frisbee-like toy.

Army men

Army Men are classic toys that depict soldiers from different wars and battles. These toys come with various accessories and playsets that allow kids to recreate various battle scenarios. Army Men are perfect for kids who love action figures and military history.

Art doll

Art Dolls are handmade dolls that are often designed as fully-fledged art pieces. These dolls are highly detailed and beautifully crafted, making them perfect for collectors or adults who appreciate fine craftsmanship.

Air vortex cannon

Air vortex cannons are toys that use air pressure to create ring-shaped smoke or fog. They are perfect for outdoor play or parties and are easy to use. Air vortex cannons are a great way to create a fun and interactive atmosphere for kids.


Astrojax is a modern take on the classic Chinese toy, the jianzi. It is a skill toy that uses elastic strings and weighted balls to perform various tricks and moves. Astrojax is perfect for kids who love to express themselves through movement and want to learn a new skill.

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Trick your eyes with Anamorphosis! This clever toy uses distortion to create mind-bending illusions. Perfect for those who love optical illusions or want to develop their artistic skills. With Anamorphosis, you can explore the world of perspective and perception.


Akabeko, the traditional red cow toy from Japan, is a symbol of good luck and health. Made of papier-mache, painted red and gold, Akabeko is a popular toy for children and adults alike. The head of the toy moves when pulled by the string, making it a delightful addition to any traditional toy collection.


Amigurumi is the Japanese art of making cute crochet animals and objects. This craft involves creating an animal by working in a continuous spiral without joining the rounds. Amigurumi is perfect for those who want to try their hand at a fun and whimsical craft.

Anatomically correct doll

Anatomically correct dolls are a type of doll that accurately depict human anatomy. They’re designed to teach children about the human body in a playful and age-appropriate way. These dolls are often used in classrooms or by parents to help children learn about the differences between boys and girls.


Arkitex is a versatile building set that encourages children to use their imagination. With these colorful blocks, kids can create skyscrapers, bridges, and other structures. The set includes over 100 pieces that interlock in various ways to create both simple and complex structures.

Anchor Stone Blocks

Anchor Stone Blocks are a classic toy and educational tool. Made of high-quality stone, these blocks can be used to build almost anything. They are perfect for inspiring creativity, teaching geometry, and developing motor skills. These blocks are a true gem for kids and adults alike.

A Girl for All Time

A Girl for All Time is a line of dolls that tells the story of the Marchmont family through the ages. Each doll represents a different era in the family’s history, from Tudor England to the 20th century. These beautifully crafted dolls are highly collectible and make excellent gifts for history buffs and doll lovers.


The Anorthoscope is a traditional optical toy that brings pictures to life. By spinning the disc, still images appear to move, creating an illusion of animation. This simple yet fascinating toy is perfect for anyone interested in the history of optical illusions and animation.

Action origami

Action origami is a fun and challenging twist on traditional origami. Instead of creating static models, you make models that move, such as jumping frogs or flapping birds. This unique type of origami is perfect for people of all ages who enjoy crafting and creative expression.

African dolls

African dolls come in many shapes and sizes, representing different cultures and traditions from across the continent. These dolls are often handmade and decorated with colorful fabrics and beads. They make excellent educational toys for children, helping teach them about different cultures and traditions.

Adams & Co.

Adams & Co. is a classic toy manufacturer that has been making toys for over 100 years. Their toys are known for their quality and durability, making them a popular choice for parents and educators alike. From building sets to puzzles, they have something for everyone.


Akuaba is an African fertility doll made out of wood. These dolls are often gifted to those who are trying to conceive or who have recently given birth. The dolls have a flat, oblong shape with a round head and two dots for eyes. Akuaba dolls are not just toys; they are a significant part of African culture and tradition.

American Girl

American Girl is a popular line of dolls that represent different time periods and ethnicities from American history. Each doll comes with a storybook that tells the character’s story, encouraging children to learn and develop their love for reading. These dolls are highly collectible and make excellent gifts for young girls.

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Apple doll

Apple dolls are a traditional American craft that involves using apples as the base for the doll’s head. The apple is carved and dried, then decorated with fabric and paint to make a charming and unique doll. These dolls are a great way to learn about American history and traditional crafts.

Archie McPhee

Archie McPhee is a popular toy company that creates offbeat and quirky toys. From rubber chickens to unicorn masks, their toys are sure to put a smile on your face. This brand is perfect for anyone with a sense of humor and a love for the absurd.

Atari 2600

The Atari 2600 is a classic video game console released in the 1970s. It was the first mainstream home gaming system and introduced several iconic games, such as Pong and Space Invaders. For anyone who loves retro gaming, the Atari 2600 is a must-have.

Animal figurine

Animal figurines are a classic toy that every child loves. From farm animals to exotic wildlife, these toys come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They’re perfect for imaginative play and teaching children about different animals and habitats.

Animal hat

Animal hats are a fun and playful fashion accessory that kids and adults both love. From cute critters to fierce predators, these hats come in a variety of styles and materials. They’re perfect for wearing to parties, dressing up, or just staying warm during the winter.

Amish doll

Amish dolls are simple and charming, designed to reflect the Amish community’s values of simplicity and humility. These handmade dolls typically have simplistic features, plain clothing, and few accessories. They make a great addition to any doll collection and can also be used to teach children about different cultures and lifestyles.

Arc kite

Arc kites are a type of kite that features two or more connected sails. These kites are known for their stable and predictable flight patterns, making them a favorite among kite enthusiasts. Arc kites come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from small stunt kites to large power kites.

Airsoft gun

Airsoft guns are realistic replicas of real guns that shoot small plastic BBs. They’re typically used in simulation games that mimic military scenarios, such as paintball. Airsoft guns are designed to be safe and fun, providing an exciting and adrenaline-filled experience for players.


Astrosnik is a classic toy from the 1960s that features a ball with a motorized base. The ball spins and bounces, providing hours of entertainment. Astrosnik is a great toy for developing hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.


Armatron is a robotic arm that was first introduced in the 1980s. The arm has several different joints and can be programmed to perform various tasks, such as picking up objects or moving them around. Armatron is perfect for anyone interested in robotics or technology.

Assault Lily

Assault Lily is a line of action figures designed for girls. The figures are highly detailed and articulated, allowing for a range of poses and movements. Each figure comes with a selection of weapons and accessories, perfect for imaginative play and storytelling.


Aniforms are plush toys that come to life with a simple squeeze. These adorable toys feature realistic animal sounds and movements, making them an interactive and educational toy for children. Aniforms are perfect for anyone who loves animals and wants to learn more about them.

Ant on a rubber rope

Ant on a rubber rope is a classic toy that has been around for generations. The toy features a rubber ant attached to a string that bounces up and down when pulled. Simple yet entertaining, this toy is perfect for anyone who loves traditional toys and a touch of nostalgia.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of A toys.

When I sat down to compile my list of toys, I knew that it would require a comprehensive approach. So, I started by breaking down the alphabet one letter at a time and tackling each letter with a great deal of research and effort. I scoured popular toy stores and online databases for promising candidates, and I am proud to say that my finished list has something for everyone.

In conclusion, we can say that toys have always been an integral part of childhood development, providing a safe and stimulating way for kids to explore and discover the world around them. From simple wooden blocks to elaborate electronic gadgets, toys come in all shapes and sizes, catering to different age groups and interests. The benefits of playing with toys are tremendous, ranging from improving motor skills and problem-solving abilities to fostering creativity and social interaction. Moreover, toy manufacturers are constantly innovating new designs and concepts to keep up with the changing trends and demands of today’s young audience. As such, we can confidently say that toys will continue to play a crucial role in shaping the minds and personalities of our future generations.

Hope this post on toys beginning with A alphabet has been useful to you!