Toys That Start With M

Toys That Start With M

In today’s post, we’re looking at toys that start with M.

Toys are a child’s best friend, acting as a source of comfort, entertainment, and education. From soft and cuddly stuffed toys to complex building sets and puzzles, children derive immense pleasure from playing with toys. In addition, toys encourage early learning, promoting the development of important skills such as problem-solving, motor coordination, and socialization. The right toys can help foster a child’s curiosity, encourage exploration and discovery, and provide endless opportunities for imaginative play.

Compiling a complete list of toys was a daunting task, but I was up for the challenge. To start, I divided the toys into categories like dolls, action figures, puzzles, etc. From there, I brainstormed all the toys I could think of that started with each letter of the alphabet. I then filled in the gaps with research and input from friends and family before compiling it all into a comprehensive list.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of toys starting with M!


98 Toys That Start With M

And here’s the list of toys that begin with M letter.

Miniature Model

This miniature model is a beautifully crafted masterpiece. Its tiny details are striking and its colors are vibrant. You’ll definitely be mesmerized by its beauty and elegance.

Model Airport

Step into the world of aviation with this highly detailed model airport. Each piece is designed to mirror the real airport, you’ll be impressed by the amount of intricate parts and details.

Magnet Space Wheel

Spin your way into space with this magnet space wheel. The magnets are perfectly arranged to provide a seamless flow as the wheel spins on its axis. The mesmerizing patterns are sure to captivate your imagination.


Minibrix offers children hours of building fun with endless creativity. These interlocking bricks are versatile and can be used to create anything from houses to animals. With your imagination, the possibilities are endless.


Develop your child’s fine motor skills with this manipulative toy. Manipulative toys are a great way to teach children how to use their fingers to control objects. The endless variety of shapes provide a fun and enjoyable experience.

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Masudaya is a classic toy manufacturer that has been around for generations. Their toys are skillfully made by hand, with great attention to detail and elegance. You are sure to be impressed by their quality and craftsmanship.

Matryoshka Doll

Get lost in the charm of these Matryoshka Dolls. These beautiful nesting dolls are hand-painted with intricate designs depicting Russian culture. Each is unique in its own way and is a perfect collectible.

Moon Shoes

Experience the sensation of walking on the moon with these Moon Shoes. The trampoline-like shoes offer kids a fun and unique way to exercise. Jump higher and higher with each bounce and laugh with glee.

My Friend Cayla

My Friend Cayla is the perfect playmate for your child. The doll can hold a conversation and even tell jokes. With her large eyes and sweet smile, she is sure to become your child’s best friend.


Megablocks is an excellent alternative to traditional bricks. Its larger size provides a great building experience and allows for even bigger creations. The possibilities are endless, it’s sure to entertain for hours.


Madballs are a retro toy that is making a comeback. These grotesque-looking balls are great for squeezing and throwing against walls. With their bright colors and unique designs, there’s a Madball for everyone.

Model Military Vehicle

Recreate your favorite war scenes with this detailed military vehicle model. The attention to detail on this piece is incredible – from the paint job to the figurines that come with it. This is a perfect gift for history buffs or military enthusiasts.


Myriorama is a classic storytelling game that challenges the imagination. The set includes a collection of cards that can be arranged in any order to create a story. Each card features a unique illustration that is sure to keep kids entertained.

Model Steam Engine

The Model Steam Engine is a great way to introduce kids to the world of steam engines. This highly detailed model is impressive and provides a unique perspective of how steam engines work. The intricate parts and gears make it a great educational tool.


M.A.S.K. was a popular cartoon in the 80s and now its toys have become collector’s items. The versatile vehicles and figures are beautifully crafted, with precise attention to detail. Whether you’re a M.A.S.K. fan or a collector, this toy will not disappoint.


Merkur provides hours of building fun with its intricate metal pieces. The pieces are precisely made to interlock, providing endless building opportunities. This toy is perfect for the tinkerer who loves to build with their hands.

Man-Lifting Kite

Soar high in the sky with this Man-Lifting Kite. The colossal size of this kite is sure to leave a lasting impression. The intricate details on the kite are impressive, and the lifting capacity is impressive.

Montessori Sensorial Materials

Montessori Sensorial Materials are an excellent way to stimulate your child’s senses. From color matching to texture exploration, these materials cater to all needs. The variety of materials ensures that playtime is never boring.

Model Building

Model building is a timeless hobby that challenges creativity and attention to detail. The possibilities of creating anything are endless. Each model offers a unique challenge to assemble and makes a great collectible.


Mijos are small collectible figurines that pack a big punch. The intricate designs and details on each figurine provide a unique aesthetic. These cute toys are perfect for collectors or those looking for something cute to decorate their shelves.

Matchstick model

A challenging and intricate DIY project for those who love to build models out of matchsticks.

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A construction set made of wooden blocks that allows children to create various structures and shapes.

Metal House Robots

These small metal robots are perfect for young kids to play and collect.

Mississippi River Basin Model

Get an up-close look at the world of geography with this detailed and informative model of the Mississippi River Basin.


A brain-teasing game that challenges mental agility and concentration, perfect for playing with friends and family.


A cute and cuddly doll that comes with its own pacifier and is perfect for young kids.


A classic board game that never gets old, perfect for family game night.

Maple Landmark Woodcraft

Quality wooden toys and games that are eco-friendly and made to last.


These vintage machines make unique and collectible plastic souvenirs that are still popular today.


Perfect for artists and fashion designers to use as a visual aid while sketching or designing.

Magic 8 Ball

A pocket-size fortune-telling toy that never fails to amaze and entertain.


A fun and challenging game that requires skill and precision to win.


A popular kite-flying thread made of cotton that is coated with a mixture of glue and powdered glass.

MVP Sports Stars

Collectible and poseable figures of famous sports stars from various leagues and teams.


Magnetic building sets that allow kids to create unique and imaginative structures.


An educational and interactive science kit that teaches kids about meteorites and space.

Mr. Bubbles

A classic bath time toy that creates lots of bubbles and fun for kids.

Monkey Knuckles

A challenging skill toy that requires patience and determination to master.

Mouse Trap

A fun and exciting board game that teaches kids about cause and effect.

Model engine

A intricate and detailed miniature engine model that is perfect for collectors and enthusiasts.

Mr. Machine

A classic wind-up toy that features a robot that walks and moves when wound up.


A traditional puppet show toy that allows kids to put on their own shows and performances.

Makey Makey

A fun and innovative electronics kit that teaches kids about circuits and programming.

Max Force

A line of toy blasters that shoot foam darts and balls, perfect for kids who love to play soldier.

My Little Pony

A popular line of pony-themed toys and collectibles that inspire kids to use their imagination and creativity.

Moo box

A humorous toy that simulates the sound of a cow mooing when shaken or turned over.

Mini Brands

A line of miniature, collectible versions of popular consumer brands and products.

Malay kite

A traditional kite from Malaysia, made from bamboo and brightly colored paper, flown during cultural festivals.

My Pet Monster

A soft, plush toy with blue fur and plastic handcuffs that could be removed, popular in the 1980s.


Small die-cast model cars produced by the British company, popular since the 1950s.

Model robot

A miniature robotic figure that can move and sometimes be controlled remotely, often used as a collectible.

MacMahon Squares

A mathematical puzzle consisting of a square divided into smaller squares that are then rearranged into a different square.

Mechanical puzzle

A puzzle that requires physical manipulation rather than simply being solved mentally, often made of metal pieces.

Model engineering

The creation of miniature working models of machinery and vehicles, often requiring precision and engineering knowledge.

Mad Libs

A fill-in-the-blank game in which players choose words to create a silly story, popular for road trips and group activities.

Mexican jumping bean

A seed from a shrub in Mexico that moves and jumps when heated due to the movement of a larva inside.

Model commercial vehicle

A miniature replica of a real-life commercial vehicle, often used for collecting or display.

Miniature wargaming

A hobby in which players use small models to simulate battles and war scenarios, often with complex rules and strategies.

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Monster in My Pocket

A series of small, rubber monster figures that were popular in the 1990s, typically sold in blind bags or collectible sets.


A kite that generates electricity from wind power, used in areas without reliable or affordable electricity.

Model figure

A small, often intricately detailed figure used for modeling or display, such as soldiers, animals, or even movie characters.

Matchstick puzzle

A puzzle made up of matchsticks that must be rearranged to form a new shape or solve a problem.

Moving panorama

A type of visual entertainment popular in the 19th century, consisting of a large panorama that would be scrolled or moved to create the illusion of a moving image.

Mattel Auto Race

A battery-powered race track and cars produced in the 1970s, with a track that resembled a figure-eight.

Model maker

A person or company that creates detailed and accurate replicas of real-life objects, often for display or educational purposes.


A type of construction toy consisting of metal parts that can be assembled to create models of machines and structures.


A magnetic construction toy produced by Mega Bloks, allowing for three-dimensional building and creative designs.

Magna Doodle

A drawing toy with a magnetic drawing screen and a pen that could be used to create temporary images and designs.

Magic lantern

An early type of image projector that used glass slides and lamps, often used for entertainment or educational purposes.


A British manufacturer of high-quality teddy bears and stuffed animals, in business since the 1930s.


A type of gun replica that fires small projectiles such as blanks, typically used for historical reenactments or training exercises.

Mechanical bank

A type of novelty bank that uses mechanical movements to perform a task, such as depositing or retrieving coins.


A puzzle consisting of a complex network of paths or passageways, often with a specific solution to be discovered.

Mighty Max

A series of small, colorful playsets featuring miniature figures and accessories, popular in the 1990s.

Mori Chack

Mori Chack’s “Gloomy Bear” is a popular Japanese toy that is both cute and subversive.

Marapachi Dolls

These hand-painted wooden dolls from Tamil Nadu are a traditional part of South Indian culture.

Magic Slate

Magic Slate is a classic drawing toy that allows you to draw and erase without paper.

Mr. Bill

Mr. Bill is a beloved character from the classic sketch comedy show “Saturday Night Live.”


Marklin is a German company that produces high-quality model trains and accessories.

Mr. Monopoly

Mr. Monopoly, also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags, is the mascot for the board game “Monopoly.”


Majorette is a brand of diecast toy cars that are popular in Europe.

Mood ring

Mood rings change color based on your body temperature, supposedly reflecting your emotional state.

Miniature pioneering

Miniature pioneering is a hobby that involves building small-scale replicas of bridges, towers, and other structures.

Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head is a classic toy that lets you assemble a face using interchangeable parts.

Model horse

Model horses are realistic miniatures of horses that are used for collecting, showing, and even racing.

Military radio antenna kites

Military radio antenna kites were used in the early 1900s to help transmit signals over long distances.

Magnetic Poetry

Magnetic Poetry is a set of word magnets that can be arranged on a metal surface to create poems and phrases.

Military miniaturism

Military miniaturism is a hobby that involves creating realistic models of military vehicles, figures, and environments.

Momiji Dolls

Momiji Dolls are cute, collectible figures that come with little notes of inspiration and encouragement.

Miniature hydraulics

Miniature hydraulics is a branch of engineering that involves designing and building tiny hydraulic systems.

Minivac 601

The Minivac 601 is a vintage educational toy that teaches kids about computer programming.


Magna-Tiles are magnetic building blocks that can be used to create a variety of geometric structures.

Mechanical toy

Mechanical toys use springs, gears, and other mechanisms to move and perform tasks.

Mega Brands

Mega Brands produces a wide range of construction toys, including their popular line of Mega Bloks.

Matty Mattel

Matty Mattel is a vintage talking doll that was introduced in the 1960s.


Micromodels are a type of paper model kit that requires careful cutting and folding to assemble.

Mugen Puchipuchi

Mugen Puchipuchi is a Japanese keychain toy that simulates the sensation of popping bubble wrap.

Miniature food

Miniature food is a popular craft that involves making tiny replicas of food items, often using polymer clay.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of M toys.

I knew I wanted my list of toys to stand out, and to achieve this, I took a slightly different approach. Instead of grouping toys together by category, I opted to list them alphabetically. Starting with A and going all the way to Z, I meticulously curated each entry to make sure that each letter was represented by only the absolute best toy.

In conclusion, toys are not just objects to be played with, but symbols of childhood itself. Toys evoke nostalgia, creativity, and joy, becoming treasured memories that we carry with us throughout our lives. Toys are also powerful teaching tools, offering countless opportunities for learning and growth. From building blocks to board games, toys facilitate social, emotional, and cognitive development, bridging the gap between learning and fun. However, toys are not immune to the negative effects of commercialism, consumerism, and environmental degradation. Therefore, it is crucial for all stakeholders- parents, educators, manufacturers, and policymakers- to foster ethical and sustainable practices in the toy industry.

Hope this post on toys beginning with M alphabet has been useful to you!