Toys That Start With S

Toys That Start With S

Our post today takes a deep dive into the world of toys that start with S.

Toys are much more than mere objects to occupy a child’s time; they have significant psychological and developmental benefits. Through playing with toys, children learn everything from logical reasoning to social skills. By engaging in imaginative play, children can learn about the world around them and develop their creativity. Moreover, playing with toys improves a child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development, providing endless opportunities for growth and learning. Given their importance, toys should be chosen with care and consideration, as they can have a profound impact on a child’s development.

I knew that creating a complete list of toys would require a lot of attention to detail, so I started with the basics. I began by researching the most popular toys in each category and then expanded my search to include less well-known toys. Once I had a solid list of toys, I went through it with a fine-tooth comb and made sure that each toy was unique and offered something special to the list.

So, let’s begin exploring this list of toys starting with S!


111 Toys That Start With S

And here’s the list of toys that begin with S letter.

Sea Tails

Sea Tails is a collection of storytelling plush toys for kids aged 3 and above. Each plush toy comes with a beautifully illustrated hardback book that tells the story of the main character, encouraging children to read and interact with the toy. The plush toy is incredibly soft and cuddly, and is designed to perfectly match the character in the book.

See ‘n Say

See ‘n Say is a classic educational toy for preschoolers that teaches children about animals, letters, numbers, and more. When a child pulls the lever, the toy randomly selects an animal or activity and plays a corresponding sound – such as “the cow says moo”. Bright and colorful, See ‘n Say is a fun and interactive way for kids to learn.

Sock monkey

A sock monkey is a beloved stuffed animal made from a pair of socks. Traditionally, they have red lips, a red pom-pom on their hat, and button eyes. Sock monkeys are a timeless classic and are often passed down from generation to generation. They are handmade and unique, making each one special and one-of-a-kind.


Sindy is a popular fashion doll that was first introduced in the 1960s. She was marketed as Britain’s answer to the American Barbie doll, but quickly became a cultural icon in her own right. Sindy has evolved over the years, but still retains her signature blonde hair and chic clothing. She is a must-have for any doll collector.

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Show’N Tell

Show’N Tell is a vintage children’s toy that combines a record player and a filmstrip. Kids could listen to music or stories while following along with the filmstrip, which displayed pictures in time with the audio. Show’N Tell was the perfect way for children to learn and have fun at the same time, and is now a nostalgic classic.


Spyro is a popular video game character from the 1990s. He is a small, purple dragon who can fly and breathe fire. In the game, players take on the persona of Spyro, navigating through various levels and defeating enemies. Spyro has remained a fan-favorite character and has been featured in numerous sequels and spin-offs.


Spirograph is a classic drawing toy that allows children to create intricate designs using geometric shapes. The toy consists of a set of plastic gears and a series of pens, which work together to create mesmerizing patterns. Spirograph is easy to use and provides hours of creative and relaxing fun for kids and adults.


Skipper is a popular fashion doll from the Mattel brand, and was first introduced in the 1960s. She is Barbie’s younger sister and is marketed towards children who are too young to play with Barbie dolls. Skipper has evolved over the years and remains a popular collector’s item.

Sideshow Collectibles

Sideshow Collectibles produces highly-detailed and realistic figurines and statues of popular characters from film, television, and comic books. They are known for their attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and limited production runs, making them highly sought after by collectors. Sideshow Collectibles’ products are some of the most impressive and coveted collectibles on the market.

Stick puzzle

A stick puzzle is a challenging and addictive game that requires players to rearrange a set of sticks to create a new shape or pattern. The rules are simple, but the puzzles can be incredibly difficult to solve. They are a great way to exercise your brain and pass the time.

Super Ball

The Super Ball is a high-bouncing rubber ball that was first introduced in the 1960s. It is made of a special type of rubber that allows it to bounce incredibly high, up to several stories depending on the surface. Super Balls are a classic toy that have stood the test of time, providing endless fun for kids and adults alike.

Sweet Secrets

Sweet Secrets is a line of miniature dolls that were first introduced in the 1980s. Each doll is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and is designed to look like a piece of jewelry or accessory, such as a locket or bracelet. The dolls can be opened to reveal a tiny hidden compartment, making them both fashionable and fun.

Sports figurines

Sports figurines are highly-detailed and realistic representations of popular athletes and teams. They are made from a variety of materials, including plastic, resin, and metal, and are often limited edition. Sports fans and collectors alike love to display these figurines on shelves and desks, making them a great way to show off your team spirit.

Snow cone machine

A snow cone machine is a fun and easy way to make delicious treats at home. Simply add ice to the machine and turn it on, and the machine will shave the ice into a fine snow-like consistency. Add your favorite flavored syrup and enjoy! Snow cone machines are a must-have for any summer party or BBQ.

Silly Putty

Silly Putty is a pliable and squishy toy that was first introduced in the 1950s. It is made of a silicone-based compound that can stretch, bounce, and even copy images from newspapers and comic books. Silly Putty is an iconic toy that has been enjoyed by generations of children and adults alike.


Sorry! is a classic board game that has been a family favorite for generations. The game is easy to learn, but requires strategy and luck to win. Players move their colored pawns around the board, trying to reach home while avoiding their opponents’ pawns. Sorry! is a great way to spend a fun night in with family and friends.

Steel Monsters

These intricate and durable steel figures will delight any collector.

Squawkers McCaw

With advanced voice recognition technology, this playful parrot will repeat and respond to your voice commands.

Sneezing powder

Prank your friends with a pinch of this hilarious sneezing powder.

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The classic board game for all ages, perfect for sharpening your vocabulary and strategic skills.

Stickle Bricks

These interlocking building blocks will provide hours of creative fun for young children.

Scale models of the Bastille

Perfect for history buffs and collectors, these scale models accurately replicate the notorious French prison.

Sea Monkeys

These little creatures are actually brine shrimp, but they make for fascinating pets that you can grow and observe.


Decorate your notebooks, laptops, and water bottles with these trendy and colorful stickers.


The technique behind popular puppet shows such as Thunderbirds, a must-have for fans of classic sci-fi.

Stink bomb

A stinky and hilarious prank toy that will clear out any room in seconds.


A cute and cuddly Japanese plushie that comes in a variety of adorable sea creature designs.

Seven Bridges of Konigsberg

A fascinating math puzzle that challenges you to find a path that crosses each bridge only once.

Soap bubble

A timeless and simple toy that creates beautiful iridescent bubbles and endless entertainment.

Stretch Armstrong

This classic action figure stretches up to four times its original size, perfect for imaginative play.

Soccer robot

Practice your ball skills with this fun and futuristic toy that can kick and defend like a pro.

Slot cars

Create your own race track and compete against friends with these electric toy cars that zoom around the circuit.

Spot the difference

A challenging and fun game that requires a keen eye to find the differences between two seemingly identical pictures.

Silly Bandz

These colorful and stretchy rubber bracelets come in various shapes and designs and are a popular fashion trend.

Snake cube

A brain-bending wooden puzzle that can be transformed into over 40 different twisting shapes.

Stretch Screamers

These spooky monsters stretch and scream when you pull them, perfect for Halloween scares.


A gooey and satisfying sensory toy that can be stretched, squished, and molded into different shapes and colors.


These cute and collectible mini figures come in the shape of grocery store items and are a must-have for fans of cute toys.

Snow globe

Shake up this classic Christmas decoration and watch as the snow falls on a miniature winter wonderland.


A special throat device used in puppetry to create unique and distinctive character voices.

Sled kite

This fun and unique kite can be flown on snow or land and looks just like a miniature sled.

Slip ‘N Slide

Beat the summer heat with this classic water toy that lets you slide and splash in your own backyard.

Swim ring

Perfect for lazy days at the pool, these inflatable swim rings come in various fun colors and designs.

Spud gun

Load up this toy potato gun and launch potatoes across the room for a hilarious and harmless prank.

Smart toy

These interactive toys use advanced technology to recognize voices, learn games, and even respond to emotions.


These soft and squishy toys come in various cute and colorful designs and are perfect for stress relief.


A fun way to keep kids active while they try to hop over the rotating ball with this ankle game.

Spider Boom

A board game where players move spiders around the board to capture and outsmart their opponents.

Sophie the Giraffe

A classic teething toy with a soft and chewy texture, perfect for baby’s sore gums.

Squeaky toy

A simple but beloved toy that makes noise when squeezed, providing sensory stimulation for babies and pets.


A vintage device used to view two side-by-side images in 3D by adjusting lenses and focus.

Skipping rope

A timeless toy that encourages exercise and coordination, perfect for solo play or group activities.

Space hopper

A bouncy ball with a handle, great for outdoor play and races with friends.

Solar System model

A realistic depiction of the planets, moons, and sun in our celestial neighborhood, perfect for science projects or educational displays.


A classic playground staple that provides a thrilling ride for kids of all ages.


Collectible animal figurines with stunning detail and quality, great for imaginative play and displays.


Innovative kites designed to catch the wind and soar high in the sky, providing hours of fun for all ages.


An animation technique where moving objects or figures are filmed and their shadows are captured to create unique and mesmerizing visuals.

Sport kite

A dual-line kite designed for tricks and stunts, perfect for experienced flyers and enthusiasts.

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A retro electronic musical instrument with a unique sound created by touching a stylus to a metal keyboard.


A modular and customizable ball track system that allows for endless configurations and creative play.

Snake nut can

A classic prank toy where a fake snake pops out of a can, surprising and amusing unsuspecting victims.

Speak & Read

An educational toy designed to help children learn to read, featuring interactive games and quizzes.

Strawberry Shortcake

A beloved character from books and cartoons, now available as dolls and toys that capture her signature sweetness and style.

Shocking gum

A gag toy that delivers a mild electric shock when unsuspecting victims try to chew it.


Soft and cuddly plush toys in a variety of characters and designs, great for snuggling and collecting.


A unique pet that comes to life when added to a special habitat, growing and evolving over time.


A hand-held toy that makes a loud snapping noise when flicked, perfect for fidgety hands and stress relief.

Scratch building

A hobby where model kits and designs are created from scratch, using raw materials and precise craftsmanship.

Snap Circuits

An educational building set that teaches children about electronics and circuitry through hands-on experimentation.

Stave Puzzles

Artfully crafted puzzles with intricate designs and unique shapes, designed for expert puzzlers and collectors.


Adorable and quirky plush toys that sing and harmonize with each other, creating a fun and musical experience.

Soap-box cart

A homemade vehicle designed for racing down hills, built using wood, wheels, and creativity.


An app-controlled robot ball that can be programmed to perform a variety of functions, from racing to sensing its environment.


A remote-controlled robot that can take pictures and video, navigate around obstacles, and even dance to music.

Sifteo Cubes

Interactive gaming blocks that can be arranged in various configurations to create educational and entertaining games.

Slide whistle

A fun and easy instrument for kids to play and make music with.


A handheld game that allows kids to scan barcodes and battle with virtual creatures.

Smoking monkey

A classic wind-up toy that features a playful monkey smoking a pipe.


A challenging puzzle game that requires players to match up building pieces to create a city skyline.

Sylvanian Families

Adorable collectible animal figurines with their own unique homes and accessories.

Space Pets

Interactive pets that come with their own spaceship and require daily care and attention.

Speak & Math

An educational toy that teaches basic math skills through interactive games and quizzes.

Switch adapted toys

Toys that are designed for children with disabilities and can be activated through switches or buttons.


A futuristic action figure line that features robots battling for control of the galaxy.


A winter sport that involves skiing or snowboarding while being pulled by a kite.

Space derby

A space-themed pinewood derby kit that allows kids to design and build their own rocket-shaped cars.

Super City

A set of building blocks and play pieces that lets kids create their own sprawling superhero metropolis.

Stress ball

A malleable toy that can be squeezed and manipulated to relieve stress and tension.

Situation puzzle

A brain-bending puzzle game that requires players to solve a scenario using logic and critical thinking.


A classic toy that teaches balance and coordination by allowing kids to walk on raised platforms.

Salter Science

A science kit that comes with everything kids need to conduct experiments and learn about the world around them.


A popular mode of transportation for kids that allows them to cruise around in style.


Fuzzy, worm-like toys that can be manipulated to move and wiggle in different ways.


A classic toy that stretches and bounces down stairs, providing endless fascination for kids.

Super Yo-Yo

A high-performance yo-yo that can be used to perform impressive tricks and stunts.

Sport stacking

A competitive sport that involves stacking cups in a set pattern as quickly as possible.

Spencer Gifts

A popular gift store that sells a wide range of toys, gadgets, and novelty items.

Stick Horse

A simple toy that imitates riding a horse and encourages imaginative play.

Sawantwadi toys

Handmade wooden toys from India that are popular for their intricate designs and bright colors.

Swing Wing

A fun outdoor toy that allows kids to spin, swing, and twist through the air.


A classic electronic game that tests players’ memory skills by requiring them to remember a sequence of sounds and lights.


A fun and challenging puzzle game that requires players to maneuver a small egg through a maze of obstacles.

Shrinky Dinks

A craft kit that allows kids to create and customize small, shrunken plastic designs using a heat source.


A device that uses a small bit of radioactive material to create flashes of light, producing a unique visual effect.


Poseable action figures that can be assembled and customized with different accessories.

Speak & Spell

An educational toy that helps kids learn to spell and pronounce words with creative games and activities.

Spinning top

A classic toy that spins rapidly on a point, creating interesting visual patterns and sounds.

Sock puppet

A fun and creative craft that allows kids to make their own puppets using socks and other household materials.

Wrapping Up

And that’s our list of S toys.

When it came to compiling my list of toys, I approached it in a methodical way. I started by dividing the toys into categories and listing all of the ones I knew for each letter. From there, I went through each category and researched new toys that I wasn’t yet aware of. When it was all said and done, I was left with a list that felt complete and varied.

To sum up, toys are much more than just fun and games- they offer a plethora of educational and developmental benefits to kids of all ages. Through play, children learn to explore and experiment, develop their cognitive and motor skills, and enhance their communication and social abilities. Moreover, toys serve as great tools for bonding and interaction between children and parents, siblings, or peers. However, with the rapid advancement of technology and the rise of digital entertainment, the realm of toys is facing a new set of challenges and opportunities. It is up to the industry players to strike a balance between traditional and modern toys, keeping in mind the changing needs and preferences of today’s tech-savvy youngsters.

Hope this post on toys beginning with S alphabet has been useful to you!